The 45 Love Sayings for Him

Love Sayings for Him: Some things are just so hard to tell him directly, your feelings are overflowing from your heart, but you find it so difficult to say it.
When times like this come, you want to yell it all out, but you are afraid your words might come unclear, might jumble in your tongue.
Worry not because here are some love sayings for him that will help you get it to him loud and clear, get your thoughts across to him with these sayings, and be a whole lot happier.

I love you until my very last breath, and I hope that you are fully aware of that, my love.

You make me feel alive again; you make me feel whole as if nothing will ever take you away.

I have been broken before, but because of you, I now know what it feels like to be whole once more.

Some days I think of you, and all I realize is how much I genuinely love you with everything I have.


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For me, you are the only person that I can ever love, that I will ever truly love with my heart.

You are the best kind of handsome, the one that knocks me off my feet every single time, love.

I hope you know just how much I genuinely love you, how crazy I am for you and how I need you.

Loving you is one of my life’s most outstanding achievements, to be able to hold a treasure in my hands.

Whenever you feel lonely, I want to remind you that I will always be here for you.

Just hold my hand and never let go; I will always be here; I will be your haven every day.

Please remember that I love you; you always have my heart with you wherever you may be.

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I keep reminding myself that you are going to be here soon, and that makes me stronger.

I want you to know how much I miss you, like you, and need to hold you now.

Another Word for Love

I love you sayings for him

You had me at my worst, and yet you stayed; I love you for that and everything else you do.

You make my heart beat faster every time I see you happy; let us never stop doing just that.

So if you want to know me more, just let me know, and I will answer all your questions.

Just tell me how much you love me, and I will do the same; I will lay all my secrets down.

There is nothing more left to say, only lips for kisses, only hands to be intertwined together.

I think you might have been the best decision I have ever made in my years of existence.

Thank you for always loving me unconditionally, no matter what I had done before.

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You accepted me when no one else would, and that is the reason why I love you so much more.

Love me even when the stars have grown cold, and I will love you until I have grown old.

There are days when I think of you, and all I can think of is how I miss you so much more.

I love you; I want to shout it to the whole world; I want to let everyone know how I feel for you.

Status Love

Your eyes are the brightest things I have ever since in my whole life, and I adore them so much.

Cute love sayings for him

The way your lips are red reminds me of strawberries, my favorite fruit; I’d love to kiss them.

Can we take a moment to appreciate what we have between us? This is the best feeling I had.

You make me happy, you make me feel all warm inside, and I still thank you for it all.

When things get rough, you stay there for me, and that is what I genuinely like about you, my dear.


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You are strong; you are mature enough to think of yourself and yet care for others; I like that.

I am still waiting for the day when you realize that I am one of the people who love you so.

I love you; indeed, unconditionally, I do not expect anything in return from you, just your love.

I love the way you smile; I love the way you laugh; I love the way you look; I love everything.

You are my happily ever after, my fairy tale story, the one that keeps making me complete.

There is not much I ask of you but to keep loving me like you do because it helps me.

I love you so much I am willing to lay all of it down for you; that is how much I genuinely love you.

I wish that we can finally be together forever, just like the old times, love.

There is not much left to ask because I love how you look at me whenever I talk to you.

I have always wanted you to know how much I really love you, how I genuinely feel for you, dear.

Out of all the people in this world, you will always and always be my favorite, my boy.

Please do not give up on me; I am so tired of people giving up on me, never really love me.

I hope you realize how much you love me and that it will be enough to make your stay.

Sweet sayings for him

Even if it is for yourself, I hope you somehow find a reason to be together with me still.

I want you to know that no matter how much time passes by, my feelings are unwavering.

My feelings for you are honest, and I am telling you that, and I hope you remember that.

Tell me how much you love me, and I will tell you how much I need you in my life, my love.

You are my love, the only one who has enough of me, who has me in the palm of his hands.

You had me at hello, and it just hurts me, so whenever you say goodbye to me, it does hurt.

You are one of the reasons I keep on waking up each morning, why I try my best for the day.

You are my inspiration, the one I think about when everything around me seems so dark.

You may not know, but you are my light; you are the one guiding me to the right path.

I hope you figure out that my feelings for you are honest and that you feel the same, somehow.

My heart will always be here for you, waiting for you to love me, someday soon, maybe.

I have this hope in my heart telling me that everything will be okay, just a little bit more.

When I am at a loss for words, I only think of you, and suddenly the magic comes rushing back.

You are my favorite type of person, you are too kind for your good, and I love that.

There are things about me that only you know about, and those are our secrets shared.

People who are together become stronger because of the love shared between the two of them.

If I tell you I love you, will you return it? Will you tell me just how much you truly love me too?

I am still waiting for the day when you will realize just how much you love me so.

Some days, I want to tell you that my love for you is like a river that would not stop flowing.

I think that I will keep on loving you even up to the last breath that I take until the day I die.

You are my favorite kind of dream; you make everything else seem a whole lot easier to get by.

I am telling you nothing will ever stop me from loving you because that is why I live.

There are no words to explain my feelings for you; I can’t even express them.

I want you to know how much I feel for you, how much I want to kiss and hold you tight.

There is no going back now, no more reason to feel insecure anymore, only to love you more.

I wanted you to know that there is no other person in this world that I will love more than you.

I love you, and I wanted you to know that I wanted you to be aware of my feelings for you.

I was scared that I would get hurt, afraid of getting left behind, but you saved me, my love.

In love sayings for him

You are the sweetest thing I had ever laid my eyes upon, and that is why I truly love you so.

There is no chance that I will ever stop loving you because I am solely yours, forever.

It is so hard in this world we live in to know who is telling the truth anymore.

I should have said this from the start; I wanted you to know how amazed I feel now.

You are the epitome of a guy, the one that beats all the others by at least a hundred points.

I never knew you could look like that like you care for what you do and how it happens.

You make me believe in fairytales again; that is what I like about you, my love.

If you promise me that you will never change, I promise I will keep on loving your forever.

There is no need to change; I will be here for you, loving you always.

I will be patient for you; I will wait for you, stay for you, and be here for you always.

Let me love you; let me show you that I genuinely care about you and how you feel.

I hope you know how much I care about you and how much I miss you right now.

I wish I were beside you, I wish I was the one with you right now, but times separate us.