45+ Positive Attitude Sayings


If you want to succeed in life, you must face it head-on with an attitude to win.
There is no more significant measure of personality than to judge a person based on their attitude. It determines how much you are willing to fight against the circumstances that life will be throwing at your face.
Here are some of the attitude quotes that might help you understand it more:


What use is your pretty face if you got a bad attitude?


Always have a backup plan; after all, you cannot just leave it at Plan A; there are around 26 letters in the alphabet, maximizing their usage.


I may not be the perfect person in the world, but at the very least, I am original.


My personality is who I am; my attitude, however, is based on you.

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Treat me right, and I’ll treat you better than you have ever expected me to.


I am not fat, just a little bit easier to see and harder to kidnap.


A lot of people has told me that drinking alcohol will slowly kill me. I told them, Sure, I’m not in any hurry.


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Keep in mind that you are one-of-a-kind, just like how everyone else is unique in their way.


It’s the little things that matter, in the end.


You try to live well your whole life, be the goody two shoes you are, and then you commit one tiny mistake, and they all judge you by that.


I am not a book, so don’t you dare judge me by my looks.


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I am more than what you see; I have so much more in store inside of me.


I tried to become someone else, but in the end, I guess I liked myself better.


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Being best at something is not up to your skills; it also involves your attitude towards your work.


Do you want to double your money? It is very easy; all you need to do is fold it in half and then put it back to where you got it from.


Not all your problems can be solved using your positive attitude, but it will be worth it in the end.



Wherever you may go, no matter how far, you need to bring an attitude that will make you shine like the sun.


There is no point in sulking; tears cannot hear your scars, so you might as well smile and do something more worthwhile.


Do not mind the things they try to take away from you; those do not count; what you try to make out of what is left of you is what truly matters.


When you do things with love and passion, it becomes easier.


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Love your work, and you would only see it as a hobby.


There will always be something to look forward to each day that passes by, even if not every day is full of rainbows and unicorns.


Happiness is a choice; you hold the key to becoming what you want to be.


If there is something that does not suit your taste, find a way to change it. If you have tried and still haven’t changed it, you may need to change your perspective.


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The effect of pain can vary from breaking you to starting a new life; you decide which one you take on.


Do not be jealous of what you do not have, and learn to see the good in what you do have.


Attitude is not if the glass is half empty or half full but rather seeing that the glass is full, half with water and half with air.


If you accept your defeat and learn from the mistakes that caused it, it will taste as sweet as coming out as the winner.


Once you try to see things positively, you will know that life gets more valuable, if not easier.

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It would help if you learned that every situation you are going to be faced with are only opportunities to prove your strength and skills, so you might as well smile for it.


You cannot stop the wind, but you can learn where it blows and bends when necessary.


The secret of life is to fall for so many times but to keep standing up and going until you reach your goals and dreams.


Appreciate the little things in life because most of the great things do come from tiny packages.


Maybe or maybe not, but at least you gave it a shot, and for what it’s worth, that is already good enough.


Always look for that rainbow after the rain, and you will see that the gold is truly at the end of it.


Stop dwelling on what might happen if you did things the other way around; just focus on what you have now and the choices you need to make.


Focus on your purpose in life, and you will see that all you have been doing so far is trying to lead you to it.


If you keep on looking down at your feet, you are never going to get anywhere at all.


Keep looking forward because the future is just a few seconds away from you.


Stand up for what you believe in no matter what other people might think of you. It is better to be opinionated than a self-serving coward.


Never back down because the moment you do, everything you have worked so hard for until now will crumble to dust.


Finding excellent work is not complicated; finding the right attitude towards it is.


Do not tell me my handwriting is terrible; it just so happened that I have a font of my own.


A bright outlook in life can surpass the bad things that happen in your life.


Things always fall into their rightful place; all you need to do is wait.


If you cannot take me for who I am when I am on my worst, then you indeed do not deserve me the moment that I am on my best.


Life is too short to keep holding on to maybes, and what if’s to make them happen.


Do the things you want to do because, in the end, you will be remembered for the things you have done, not the ones you wanted to do but never did.


A lot of people say that attitude is very contagious; is yours worth it?


You have to keep your head up high and remember that life is just a big play where you are just another actor.


Stop waiting for the right time and do it now.


The best of your friends are the ones you can go on without communicating with each other for a very long time, but the moment you meet again, there are no gaps.


No hate, just love; keep that as your motto, and you will see that this world is still as peaceful as it was before.


Whenever you feel sad, look in the mirror and see how ugly you look when you frown.


Smiling is not so hard, make a habit of it and later on, you will adopt it and keep on doing it without any reason.


People think I’m a crazy bitch, but in reality, I’m just an introvert with dry humour.


If you think your friends are backstabbing you and talking behind your back, what you need to do is to leave them.


Don’t you dare take me for granted because I would not give a second thought and just you behind?


In this world full of cheaters, liars and thieves, the only advantage you can get is to be so full of attitude that you annoy them whenever you are around.


If you are honest, then the people around you will be frank with you as well.


The right attitude combined with a good heart is the key to solving life’s mystery.


Eat well, drink well and live well and you will see yourself happy even when you are old and wrinkled.


As long as you have not wronged anyone, there is nothing that you should be ashamed of.


If the friends you tend to find are the ones that you can deem not worth your time, then you might as well be alone.


One of the best reasons to have a best friend is that someone notices that you are lying when you say I’m okay.


Never allow anyone to tell you who you are because you can only define that thing.


Your attitude towards life and the things that are happening around you will be the one to decide how far you will go.


When life decides to throw you lemons, eat the lemons and enjoy them.


Make every second count, and indeed, there would not be a day you would forget.


The best way to live life is to keep on pushing yourself to your limits and forgetting that you had one in the first place.


Let in some sunshine in your mind, and you will see that all the good things you are looking for are pretty much just around you.


Face the sun and look at the bright side, go under the rain and let it wash away all your pain.


Winners are not born; they are made.


As long as you believe you can do it, then you can make it happen.


Often, achieving something is just a matter of working hard until you are about to give up.


The moment you stop trying can practically be translated to the moment you die.


The line between the bright side of things and the dark side is practically a thread that you forget there are grey areas in everything else. Do not let yourself see the world in black and white and widen your horizons.


Once you have grasped the genuine concept of attitude is the moment you can open your wings and fly.


Live for today because tomorrow is too far away, and the past is already written in stone.