Top 35 Quotes about Time and Love

As they say, time is essential for love because if you love someone, you should allocate plenty of time for that person.
Time is considered essential when keeping a romantic relationship alive and last long.
So here are some quotes on how these two are related.

Some people say you will only fall in love once in your life. But I believe this cannot be true in my case, for every time I would look into your eyes, I fall for you over and over again.

I am forever grateful that you come into my life. Thank you for the fantastic things you have done in my life. I’m sorry if I sometimes forget to tell you how I feel. Please know that I will forever love you no matter what.

There are so many reasons why I have fallen for you. But I guess the main reason I love you is that you have taught me, supported me and encouraged me to reach for my dreams no matter what.


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I would rather spend the entire day being with you if I could. The special moments I have shared with you are so much precious than my life itself.

Love is like a fruit that’s in season all the time, bearing fruits within reach of every hand.

Words might be boring, but please know that I always have butterflies in my stomach. Over time I hear you say I love you.

If you judge people, then you will have no time to love them.

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Every moment without you in my life is like a moment of precious time that’s lost.

When I am with you, I can forget all of the problems I have. Time will surely standstill with you, and there is no one else I would rather be in.

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If someone is sweet to you, you can never expect the person to be lovely to you at all times. Remember, even the most adorable candies come with expiration dates.

I love you in infinite times and infinite forms, and I promise to love you always.

Lovers are just like your favourite pair of blue jeans. It gets better with time.

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Always find time for love because you only live once.

Each time I would say I love you, please know that I meant it more than I told you the last time.

I cannot drink and eat. The pleasures of love are fled away. There used to be a good time. But now that these great moments are gone, life is no longer worth living.

A successful marriage will require that you fall in love so many times with the same person.

The random kisses on my forehead and your silly jokes make me laugh so hard. These things mean the world to me, and I will never stop loving you until the end of my life.

Regardless of how much time I will spend with you, I honestly cannot get enough of you. I will love you forever, and I want you to know that I need you every single day of my life.

I know there are plenty of other people out there, but I never want anyone else. I want you, and I will never get tired of loving you.

Forever might be such a long time, but I would not mind spending a lifetime of forever with you by my side.

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Love is like space and time measured with heart.

I love you so much that any moment spent without you would be such an agony.

There will come a day when you meet that someone, and you just want to make that person smile for the rest of your life.

It’s a sad reality, but we have the right love, only it happened at the wrong time.

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True love will never die. It will only get stronger as time goes by.

The time you spend with your true love is a time that’s never wasted.

If I reach and hold the star each time you make me smile, the entire sky will be a palm in my hand.

Time will have no meaning if you are in love.


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Love is not an alarm clock. You cannot make it ring at a particular time when it is appropriate and convenient. Love can only be contained between two people until the day comes that you realize that it should never be there.

Love is just like a river. It flows never-ending, but it gets greater as time goes by.

Love will require several years of hard work. In the end, it is worth it.

Ever since time started, people have recognized their true love through the light sparkles in their eyes.

True love is just so startling that it tends to leave less time for anything else.

I love you, and I hope you will choose to stay with me forever. I am so in love with you, and I want to continue loving you until eternity.

Meeting you is like hearing my favourite song for the first time and knowing that it will become my favourite.

The most powerful symptom of love is the tenderness that it becomes at those times that’s almost insupportable.

Love is not materially assisted by an active imagination and a warm service. It has a long memory and will thrive for a considerable amount of time in a very slight and sparing amount of food.

If a man is in love, he will endure more difficulties and submit himself to anything.

There are so many forms of love as there are in a moment’s of time.

You are the only one I will choose to spend my entire life with.

You undoubtedly make my day whenever I see you, and I believe that is what true love is all about.

I love you, and you are my most favourite of all time in the history of love.

I exactly don’t know where I stand in him, and I do not even know what I am in him. All I know is that I want to stay with him and no one else whenever I think about him.

Those moments I spend with you are so precious, and I love every minute we are with each other.

Time is slow for people who wait for true love. But it is swift for those who are scared of love. On the other hand, time is very long for people who lament, and it’s very short for those who celebrate. However, for people who choose to stay in love, time is indeed eternal.

In our life, we tend to fall in love with the most unexpected person and at the most unexpected time.

Time has a beautiful way of showing us what matters.

There’s only one thing that’s more precious than time, and that is whom we choose to spend it on.

There is no one busy in this world. It is all about priorities. You should always find time for people important in your life.

One of the most challenging decisions you will ever make is choosing whether to stay or walk away.

I love you so much, and nothing can ever change what I feel for you. I can never ask for anything but your love because I cannot imagine life without you by my side.

Love should always be a full-time job, never a part-time. It should not sometimes be and will not just depend on your most convenient time.

Love will make time pass by quickly while time makes love pass by slowly.

Do not spend your time with someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate your love. Time is precious, so always remember that.

Do you know why despite all, I am still here all this time? It’s because if love is true, it will not mind waiting.

The best gift you can ever give to your loved one is quality time. If you do, you are giving them something that you can never get back.

It may just sound simple, but sometimes, time is just hard to give.

Time cannot be measured using the clock but by the moment that it creates.

Remember that quality time is more valuable than any material thing in this world. You can always earn more money, but you can never get more time.

Forever maybe a long while, but I would not mind spending the rest of my life with you by my side.

If you matter to someone, that person will always find ways to be with you. There will not be any excuses, lies and no broken promises.

Finally, I have found someone I hate leaving. I have found the person I can never get enough of and someone who will accept me for who I am.

The moment you fall in love, it will change your life forever. No matter how hard you will try, the feeling will never fade away.

Others will only talk to you during their free time. But if someone loves you, they will free up some of their time to speak to you.

You should find love only when you are ready and not when you are feeling lonely.

Sometimes, your heart will need time to accept what your mind is already aware of.

Time has a fantastic way of revealing to us what matters in life.

If you love life, do not waste time. Remember that time is what life is made of.

Time flies, but memories will last until forever.

I still remember those moments when I prayed for the person that I have now.

Do not ever give up on finding your one true love. Remember, great things will always take a while to come.

The best feeling in the world is when someone finally appreciates everything about you that others have taken for granted for such a long time.