30+ Sayings About Loving Someone

Love is an innocent feeling; it lifts souls, makes people happy, and brings joy into the world.
It is also a ray of hope, especially in times of darkness. It is the light at the end of the tunnel.
The best thing about loving a person is that you do not expect anything in return; you want to be able to look at the person, touch them if possible, and get close to them as much as you can. Love is fantastic that way, and to express yourself and let that person know how much you love them.
Here are some quotes just for you.

There he was, so full of confidence and determination, so bright, and that is why I love him.

When she held my hand during my worst, it was moments like this that I began to fall for her.

She was like the water I had long yearned for in this desert, and I could not get enough of her.

It’s like I can stare at him all day long and do nothing but just that and love him even more.


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When you fall in love with someone, you will realize just how much risk it is to do so.

Once you get there, that person will seem like the whole world to you, as if she is the only one.

There were times when seeing her smile made my day, and keeping her happy was my life.

Loving someone is like holding on to an elastic band, knowing that you might get hurt, but you continue doing it nonetheless.

I was not sure if he loved me back, but I truly love him with all my heart, and that is enough.

If there were one thing I could do, I would pour out all of these feelings in my heart to you.

I wish you could hear what my heart is telling you, Don’t go. I love you. Please stay.

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There is this feeling lingering in my chest ever since the first moment that our hands touched.

And I get all warm inside whenever I am with you, and I know that this love is true.

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I often wish that someday I would impart all of my love for you and make you happy.

If only loving you were that easy, I would have done so from the start, but it certainly is not.

Love is never easy, it will break you apart, but I will go through all that if you love me.

Ever since I had started loving someone, everything in my life has felt so happy and bright.

There is a certain feeling in knowing that the person you love says he loves you back.

I loved him, every little thing about him, each flaw, his dimples, and everything in between.

If I could, I would keep you in a box and wrap you for only me to see because you are beautiful.

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The moment our eyes caught each other, a feeling built up here in my chest; that was love.

Loving you was hard; it was full of challenges, but one thing is for sure: it was worth it.

Sometimes, I still wish he would see all the efforts I put in so that he’d somehow notice me.

There are days when I tell him to look at me and see my love for him overflowing.

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Some days, I do not even know what the difference between loving and hating truly is.

If there were a chance to be able to see him again, I’d give up the whole world to do that.

I had long lost any hope that he might come back, then suddenly he showed out of nowhere.

Is it not crazy the way people suddenly change once they realize that they are genuinely in love?

My heart is beating wildly in my chest, and I know that it is because of how much I love you so.


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It is hard to love someone who does not love you in return, it hurts, and you can’t do anything.

Maybe next time, I will be a better decision-maker and think before falling in love.

Who would have thought that I would fall for someone who is so out of my reach?

Loving someone is such a tricky thing, especially when the feeling is not being reciprocated.

I never thought that loving would be way harder than math; at least math has an answer.

The thing about love is that it defies all laws of the universe, so be careful about loving someone.

Loving someone was like drinking a cup of hot tea; it looks delicious, but it brings you pain.

Eventually, it would all come down to being loved by someone or loving someone.

When you love someone, you give that person the power to crush your heart and stomp on it.

You know that they might break your heart, but you give it anyway because that is love.

When you love someone, you trust that person to the point that they can hurt you willingly.

Loving somebody becomes a phenomenon of being affected by emotions that they feel.

Sometimes I still wonder what it could feel to fall for a person so much?

The innocent person that I once was, so happy.

What could the reason be that he left me even when I told him that I loved him so much.

I loved every word that came out of his mouth, and then everything changed, and the terms became blades that cut through me every time.

Being beside you was the best thing that ever happened to me, and I love you so much because of it.

Once you fall hard for love, there is no turning back. So be wise and think about it thoroughly.

Love is the answer to every question in this world, and to love is never wrong.

How can I begin to hate someone that I have suddenly fallen in love with all of my heart?

Loving somebody is like jumping off a 20 story building; you keep waiting for the ground.

Why is it that when you love someone, everything that they do matters to you so much?

If I could fly across the world to see you, I would because that is how much I am willing to take to show my love for you.

When you love somebody, you want to know everything about that person, to unravel him.

There is no such thing as half-hearted love; you either love him or you do not love him at all.

Some people love so many persons as if love is just another word in the dictionary.

I hope you find someone that is worth your love, that will appreciate how wonderful you are.

And when you find that person you will love for the rest of your life, do not forget me.

I would write all the poems in the world that I could, and they would all be about you.

No matter what you say or what you do, my love for you will always be true.

Sometimes I wonder if I can ever be good enough for you, and I keep on wondering.

I love you, I love the way you smile and the way you kiss me, and I believe in this love we have.

There is nothing else I would change about him because that is the way I have come to love him.

You see, when you begin to love somebody, you forget about everything else; you do not care about looking like a fool.

I still hope you would love me back; I guess this is what loving someone else feels like.

Love is giving him the power to hurt you, giving him consent to ruin you in any way he wants.

Indeed, loving someone makes you stupid; it makes you give all your control to that person.

Ever since I started loving you, all my words have lost their meaning; your name is the only one who still has.

You made me feel as if I was the best person in the world, and for that, I started loving you.

Loving someone is to want that person to look at you all the time, every single day.

It was the way her eyes mesmerized me in a way only she could have ever done that I love her.

She had saved me from darkness; she had pulled me out of the vast nowhere I was already in.

She found me when I was lost when I did know who I was, and she loved me even then.

She saw me at my worst, and still, she treated me the same as she always did, and that is when I started loving her.

Loving him is like being the air itself; he knows I am there, but it seems that he cannot see me.

I tried so hard to get him to love me, but little did I know that a sibling is all that he sees me as.

Loving someone else hurts; sometimes, the pain is unbearable, and I want to sleep forever.

There are moments that I wish I never fell in love with someone, then maybe I would still be.

I did not know that loving someone so much could result in self-destruction on my part.

Loving someone means that you devote yourself to that person, every fiber of your soul.

What does it mean to love someone when that person does not even know you exist?

When you love someone, you know all about them, even the tiniest details of their life.

Loving someone who does not love you back is like trying to mix water with oil.

When the one you love decides to love you back, love becomes the most beautiful thing in the world.

I do not know what fate will bring us, but I tell you I will love you all the same forever.