Rain Quotes


Some people love the rain, while others do not.
See, the rain can bring a lot of things; it can be a nostalgic event when it rain, but on the other hand, it can also be happy.
Some people love to shower under the rain; some see the rain as a sign of blessing.
You can interpret the rain however you want; it is all up to you.
In the end, here are some rain quotes that should inspire you more.


Some people feel the rain while other people bask in it and enjoy it while it lasts.


Every single drop that falls into this lovely earth is a blessing indeed for the people in it today.


It fell heavily, but it is not with intention or meaning; it is just nature acting on its own.

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It showers, and so my soul is drenched, but why is it that I feel so alive just right after that?


I tell you they are not only drops of some water but rather it is the symbolism of the sky’s love.


The rain will get you wet for sure, but at the same time, it can also make you realize you’re alive.



The sky and the earth never get to meet each other, but they touch with the water from the sky.


God is perfect, and it helps people believe in hope for every rainbow right after a storm.


A little bit of drizzle ain’t no harm to anyone, but rather it is a bit of a miracle every time now.


I think the rain is the one responsible for the shape of stones along with mountains as well.


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Just a bit more, and the rivers could have been overflowing, but it poured down just right too.


Once it suddenly pours when you are having a parade, keep looking up, never look down.


Maybe it is a sign that you should look up and be proud of what you have done in your life.


There is no rainbow if no storm is what God has promised humanity once.


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Rain is good for the soil; it makes it more than suitable for planting veggies and animals just now.


After a good shower, there will come some fair weather; I am telling you to know.


They all say that sunshine brings forth happiness, but I beg to disagree for now too.



I feel sorry for those who think about the stormy days ahead of them instead of the sunshine.


The best thing that a person can do when it is already pouring is to enjoy the rain.


Do you want to know what is so lovely about the rain? Well, the best thing is that it is bound to stop.


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See, when the clouds start to come into this life, there is no longer a choice but to accept it too.


The snow is genuinely exhilarating, but in the end, it all turns into water and then suddenly is gone.


There are so many kinds of weather, and you get to pick which one of them you love the most.


No one wants to suffer or to have stormy weather, but we all go through rough times.


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I hope you are not mad at the rain, for the only way it can pour is downwards, nothing else.


You really can’t see one rainbow if you do not get to have a slight drizzle now and then.


I think that the rainy season is the perfect time to walk and bedrench a bit in the water for now.


Let the drops kiss you and beat on your head, let it sing you to sleep as you cuddle with me.

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I love the rain and the sound it makes when it tip taps on the roofs of my house, like music.


And I have to agree that it is indeed the cuddle weather we have all wanted to be in.


Being soaked is good sometimes, especially when it also goes through your insides right then.


It is an adventure to be with someone in a shower storm and remain strong too.


The windowpane and the rain is genuinely a fantastic combo that no one has noticed too.


Go and kiss the person you love right under the drops of water falling from the sky, romantic.


Learn to bend when the weather’s windy & to dance when it is raining hard enough to do so.


Stop waiting for things to pass and instead learn to deal with them, even dance under them for now.


Sure the rain ruins a lot of family picnics, but it saves crops as well, so who should mind it now?


The one thing you need now is patience to deal with the consequences of a good old storm.


Stop cursing the things that fall from above, for it is also the solution to the hunger problem now.


I was walking right under it, and it was falling so hard that no one could notice me crying.


I wanted to cry so hard, and it seemed the only solution was to walk under while it was raining.


The rain tends not to be delicate, but at least you know it is accurate; it is very soothing.


It was silent that I could only hear the dripping of the drops from the sky up to the ground then.


What it was is a blessing, a miracle in disguise from the Lord, our saviour; he gave it to us all.


The secret of nature is to redo the cycle repeatedly until we finally get to conserve it all.


Most of the time, the rain pours heavily without a care for the world, but sometimes it drizzles.


The mind and the heart might be torn, but the sky is also capable of being so decisive for now.


See, when you have that evil day, it sure feels as if the rain will keep you company.


I will never let you see how you are broken and how it hurts me to look at you now.


Let the rain touch your thirsty skin, and let it start to sing that lullaby song you genuinely love now.


I got my pride, so I would not let you see me cry, so would you meet me under the blue sky?


I know just the right way to hide all of this pain that I feel inside under the dark sky.


It pours, and I am kind of glad that it did so that I can hide all this hurting deep inside of me.


I wish that I get a chance to dance under it even once in this silly life of mine, you know it?


The rain is a big blessing from the Lord God. That is what I sincerely believe after all this time.


I sure felt like cuddling with someone since the weather permits me to, like a child.


Every book is a blessing to reflect on the outside; it feels nice to be here right now.


I know I am not much of a good person, but it feels nice to be under a gloomy sky.


May your sadness and sorrows be washed away as it pours from your head & away from you.


If there was no rain to bless the dried land, I bet life would not be as fun as it is right now too.


There are times when I yearn for those type of flowers that knows when to bend right then too.


Let your smile still be there even on that rainy day, and let your umbrella keep you safe now.


There is that period when the first drop comes down until it is pouring so hard like ever then.


Do not curse the rain from stopping your plans; maybe fate has decided you need a rest now.


The way that it seems to me, you have got to deal with a bit of drip if you want to see them all.


There is nothing better than to hear every single drop tip-tapping against my window pane.


Shout more and be more; there is more to this life than just letting the bad weather pass on.


Sometimes you have to go with the flow and stop going against it, which is what it means.


The rain brings you cold weather, the perfect one to cuddle with the one you love.


Whether it comes in tiny droplets or buckets, it is water all the same, so go and deal with it.


The truth is that there is more to this life than having things pour down but put up with it all.


What you need now is a good cup of coffee with a good book to read and relax for now.


There are many things that you can do to amuse yourself but gathering up memories is best.


I have always found the tip-tapping very calming indeed, and I wish you were here too.


The rain makes me feel old and fills me up with times that I reminisce, ancient good times at that.


Now, all that I wish is that you would be here with me to guide you every day.


There is no life without its pour, for it is the one that brings everything together, you see it?


I hope you realize how vital the drops are. They make everything in the world come to life.


It may not be that the rain feels us but rather that it is a vast thing that rotates and rotates.


The droplets of rain may not seem much, but the collective effect is truly damaging as well.


I believe that there is a reason for it to rain; it can do that when you are happy or sad for now.


Every drop of the rain is but another blessing to all of us here; that is but the truth.