Short Quotes about Strength


It is very important to be strong during the hard times; that is the objective measure of your strength: the most challenging times of your life.
It is tough yet understanding the weaker people than you, giving and lending your strength to them.
It is being able to know that they need you and when they need your help.
Strength is letting go of the person you love because you know they would be happy if you do.
There is so much strength inside a lot of people that they do not see in themselves.
Here are some short quotes about strength that out to let you know.


I think that you should find your strength inside of yourself, struggle to search for it.


I love people who are in distress but can still think of other people ahead of themselves.


By being brave enough to take risks that no one else wants to take, you will be stronger too.

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It is the heart that should be strong if you want something to happen in this life.


When you pursue things you are genuinely passionate about, you need to be vital for struggles.


There are people in this world that will lend you their strength when you least expect to.



Whatever the challenge you face, I hope you find a way to get through it.


Life is going to push you down a slippery slope, be sure to come right back up with a smile.


Deep inside of you, a sleeping princess dares to be the best you can be.


Claw your way up the world like you know you are meant to live in it; that is the key to it.


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I hope you will find the strength that you need to find the courage that you have inside.


It is through continuous effort that you will unlock good things to get achieve your potential.


When the world breaks you, I just hope that you come back as a stronger, mended person too.


In broken places, some people sometimes come off a little bit better than before.


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Make your stand here; make sure you plant those feet on the ground firmly too.


With every new morning, you will have new strength to go through the day as well.


They say if it would not kill you, it ought to make you stronger; well, you ought to b braver.



The risks that you take may somehow be all the reasons why you should keep living.


You have it within you, the strength that you need to continue, to go on in the journey of life.


Whatever seems to be the problem, whether bad or worse, do what you can to overcome it.


Difficulties are meant to be overcome, so do your best to do just that, my dear.


The experiences that you go through are what makes you the person you are, a lot stronger.


Give thanks to the God who has made you stronger, better and a wonderful person indeed.


To reach for the stars and your dreams, you must first find your strength, baby.


The world may be cruel, but if you keep fighting, you will be just okay.


I want you to know that you never have to be sorry for anything you have done.


You have a big heart; we can all see that; show it to everyone, do not be afraid.


Showing your emotions is not a sign of weakness; for all that matters, it is being strong.

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I think strength is in being patient enough to bow down to some hurdles in this life.


People can tell you that you are not good enough; never let them do that.


Show everyone in the world that you can do better things indeed.


Your scars are nothing to be ashamed of; they are battles you had won.


The pain in your heart means that you had tried, and there is nothing shameful about it.


You get your strength through all the bad things that happen to you that you pass through.


I know you were hurt before, but you came out a lot stronger because of it; that matters too.


Your scars are proof that you are way stronger than what had hurt you then.


A real man would find his strength when he needs to, no matter how hard it seems.


What you should do is to believe that you can when everyone else says that you can’t.


The real winner here is you, so you need to remember that you can do it.


Strength is accompanied by growth, so keep on struggling with a lot of effort in here now.


There are two types of strength: the physical and that which is within you.


Beauty is in your eyes; look in the mirror and see that strong is indeed beautiful.


As long as you dare to go on with life, you will be just fine indeed.


You see, there is the dignity that comes along with being strong.


When you are too strong for far too long, you can get tired; just rest do not give up.


Beauty is hard to come by but being courageous takes being strong; I know you are.


Strength is very important if you want to live a long and happy life, indeed.


You laugh without any trace of fear, and that is what makes you even stronger, baby.


Alone, she stood like a mountain, as if nothing could ever break her down.


She put up walls around here and proved to anyone that no one would break them.


If you want to boost your strength, do the things that you love to do the most in the world.


What a shame it is for a woman reaching adulthood without realizing her true potential.


Women, you are capable of many things; you just need to realize them for what they are.


Your body is capable of many great things; you only need to see what your strong points are.


I know how much you build up other people, but you should try it on yourself at times too.


You will get through whatever you are going through; I hope you have the strength to do so.


You seem so beautiful to me. I wonder at times if you are hurting like I am.


This year, promise yourself that you will be kinder, stronger, braver and more this year.


Be more than what the world is expecting of you because you know that you can do better.


The beauty of each morning is that you get a reset button on what you should be doing.


I see your strength oozing out of your very pores; I know you’ll get what you want in the end.


Be fiercely strong, show the world what it is missing if you were not there on it.


Yes, there will be suffering, but it will sprout your strength and eventually grow from there.


The power had always been inside of you; all you needed was time to learn it.


If you stay strong, eventually, everything will be just fine as well.


Make people wonder what you have inside of you to keep you on smiling as well.


Be brave, whether in your spirit or your soul, let the real you come out of the dark now.


A strong person can come out of any downfall in this crazy thing that is life.


The strength within you will be your guide to get to the places you need to be in.


The measure of a real hero is his capability to love and his empathy to other people.


You can throw me and let the wolves get a good taste; I will come back being the leader.


Life has so many ways to test you; I hope you pick the proper fight then.


When everything is happening all at once to you, I hope you have the courage to keep going.


You are alive simply because you survived, and you should keep on staying as well.


Remind yourself that strength is your greatest hope when it comes down to winning.


When you find out how to be strong from all the pain you had been in, you’ll be okay.


I know there are so many reasons why it would not work out, but there is one reason it will.


Take a bet on the risks that you can take, be true to yourself, you will be just fine, girl.


Bad things can happen to you, but it will be okay if you never let it redirect the path you take.


You may not be able to choose what happens to you but how you react changes everything.


Well, there is strength in teamwork too, in being united against a common goal.


Maybe the truth is that you never really know if you are strong until you need to be.


The world is going to break you inside and out, be strong enough to come out stronger.


You were created to spread some happiness and inspire other people at the same time.


When you collaborate with people, it just adds up to your strength; that is the truth of it.


The easiest thing in the world would be to give up when all is falling apart, be stronger.


Do it the hard way; it is okay, you can do it, you will be just fine now.


With the right amount of strength, a lot of great things are just bound to happen.


No one can genuinely save you but yourself, so find your inner strength.


Walk that path meant for you with great strength, and you will be just fine too.


Maybe your source of strength is your family, or perhaps it is all the pain you had been through.


Have faith, and you will get the things that you want and the strength that you need.