Stand Strong Quotes


There are times when everyone is going to try and put you down just so they can have the last laugh, but you should stand firm and show them what you are capable of.
Stand firm so the rest of the world can see just what you are precisely made of.
You can do much more in this world; you have to give it your best to stand firm.
Here are some strong stand quotes that should help you be motivated to do what is right and stand firm with it.


Keep being who you are and stand firm with your beliefs; you will be just fine, my dear.


The most important thing right now is that you know you will get over this, be tough now.


Remember that you are not alone in this fight, the people who love you will stay with you.

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Stop hoping for the easy moments and instead hope for the hard times to pass through.


If you ever feel out of self-confidence, think that you can do even better the next time.


You will not make a mistake if you keep believing in yourself and stand firm all the time.



It is your strength that makes your life easier; challenges are meant to make you stronger.


You should expect problems, but you should also know that you can get over all of them.


With the help of positive thinking, you will be able to get through any hurdles you meet.


It takes so much effort to be stronger, but I can assure you that every step is worth it.


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It can be hard to stand firm at times, but love, you have to keep doing it.


Refuse to be weak through the hard times in your life; you can get over them, you can!


The worse the experience, the more challenging you get, so go on and promise yourself to be better.


You can choose to cry or to scream but promise yourself that you will be okay later on.


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You have to tell yourself that you can do it as long as you mind it.


Life will depend on your attitude towards it, so I hope you will stand firm!


Stop being afraid of the storms that will come to your life, adjust those sails, baby.



Do not let any obstacle in the world stop you from getting the things you want, my dear.


If you do not feel strong enough to break down the walls, climb over them then.


Stand firm for the things in front of you, and you will be alright; you can do it.


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Maybe being busy is the way you get through the hard times in your life, my dear friend.


You have to be challenging if you want to get out of that cage you seem trapped in.


Nothing will ever change when you do not want that; never let any event break you.


Surround yourself with people that will stand by you through tricky times; you’ll be okay.


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Stand firm, and eventually, all the problems you have now will disappear, one by one.


Be proud of yourself for all the little fights you win and know to be strong.


You go through hard times to ready yourself for the harder ones; you can do it all.


Just because you had a problematic circumstance should not stop you from growing further.

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You can reach farther heights, farther lands if you believe yourself, you can do it all.


Being able to stand firm would require some obstacles to go through, deal with that.


Listen to what your heart is saying, and you will be okay, believe this, you will be fine.


You are strong and very much invulnerable, but you are entitled to be weak for moments.


Everything you need to get over what you are going through is just inside you; believe it.


If you want to stay strong, what you can do is never stop fighting for a better life, dear.


It is the tough times that will help you to learn how to stand firm and build character.


You can’t make a person weak if he would not give up no matter what you try to do to him.


If you set your mind to something and do your absolute best, you will get to where you want.


Stay strong, help others, and you will develop enough strength to be just fine, believe me here.


Keep smiling all the time, and you will be just fine; it will benefit you forever just the same.


Trying to stand firm is not easy, but remaining weak is harder; think about it.


May you try to be thankful for the moments you have been before; you will be stronger.


You were given these moments so that you can become even stronger than you have been.


Grow out instead of growing in; show the world that you can make things better by yourself.


Sometimes, it feels like you are losing but do not give up, keep fighting until the very end.


Do not stress yourself but instead steel yourself until that becomes your normal: a hard shell.


When I tell you to stand firm, I mean that you need to keep fighting, to keep going.


You can change your life to be the way you want it to be and stop waiting for moments then.


The times that have taught you should never be complained about; train yourself instead.


Be strong enough that when others try to change your character, you will not succumb too.


The hardships that happen in your life makes you a whole lot better than before, dear.


Think about the good in life, what you are fighting for and then stand firm, friend.


You can become a whole lot stronger as long as you will keep believing in yourself too.


If you are in is not the place you want to be in, then change something.


The track you are on may not be the one you were planning, but it’s okay. You can get there.


Though problems may come your way, aim to let it make you only stronger, even better.


Stand firm and inspire the people who are looking at you and seeing your fight.


What will make you strong are the friends that will be there for you all the time?


May you learn to appreciate the very people who remain by your side through everything.


Believe that you can do the things you need to do, and you will be able to.


Do your job, and you will get to where you want to be no matter what happens to you.


If you do not stand firm for yourself, who will do that for you, I bet no one would.


It is okay to be hurt and go through pain; it is all part of being stronger.


There are just challenging moments that you have to go through, but it will be better after that.


Then again, maybe what you need has been right in front of you the whole time now, dear.


Just have fun. Though things may be hard right now, they will eventually pass as well.


I hope that you will find a great reason to stand firm when everything else is hard.


Life will be a big struggle but still, let it humble you to be as strong as you want.


Even when it seems like there is no hope left at all, I hope you find the courage to keep going.


Remember that person who never gave up in life; he is remembered even up until now.


You need to keep your balance, keep on moving until you finally achieve the things you want.


Believe in yourself and put your trust in those that you love, and you will stand firm.


The problems may stay longer, but I will do my absolute best to get through it, that’s for sure.


As long as you keep on pursuing the very dreams that you want, you will never give up.


If you decide on a particular life course, stick to it until you finally achieve what you want.


There will always be difficulties in this world, and you can’t help but try and do your best.


It requires not only strength but also courage to keep going when you keep on failing too.


Stand firm even though you do not know when the tough time is going to end.


Do not even dare to be discouraged; you do not lack anything; you can do anything you want.


Sometimes, the last key would open the lock that you want to open, so do not give up.


No matter how many times you will get knocked down, keep getting up, make that happen.


Do not let time rush you; accomplish what you can now and hope for a better tomorrow.


Whatever you do, time will pass you by, so make sure that it will be worth it in the end.


Stand firm through the rainy days, and you will be able to be okay on the sunny days.


The best possible thing you can do is trust yourself and be strong; you can do this.


Nothing can beat that person who does not want to give up; even life can’t do that.


The secret to having the best life is never letting life force you to give up on anything now.


No matter what, what you should do is keep going, keep fighting for better things.


The person who dreams big dreams would do everything he can to keep it ongoing.


Let your dreams be your inspiration to achieve greater heights; it is okay to fail at times.


Remember that it is the moments that you lose that will make things a whole lot better.