35+ Singing Quotes


Singing is one of the things that people do when they are alone or when they want to relax.
Through singing, one can express themselves and find a medium to finally be able to tell the world what they have in mind, what they are feeling, and what they want to say.
Singing is a form of therapy in that sense.
You can do many things when you are singing, and you can pour your heart out and tell even the person you love that you love them through singing.
Here are some quotes about singing to help with that.


I wish that I could keep singing my heart until all people would finally hear what I say.


Your voice is beautiful so let everyone hear you out; let them be mesmerized as I am.


One day you will find a song that will fit everything that you have ever wanted to tell us all.

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You can make your lyrics and tell your story through it as you try to sing it out.


Sometimes, singing is the only thing I can do to help the pain finally subside, even just a bit.


You can change someone’s life today, and you can tell him that someone feels what he is feeling.



I think it is the most beautiful thing in the world to tell a story through songs.


Indeed, it is lovely to give the gift of a song to the people I love the most here.


Maybe singing would help you out to finally shine; perhaps you should let it do that as well.


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We can be a duo, you and I, we can show people what they have been missing all along, girl.


As long as you have the will you can show people, you can let them hear you out right now.


The thing is that you cannot lie when you produce those melodies; you can’t fake happiness.


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Singing with all that you have can sometimes be the one thing that will save you, somehow.


I do not know when it must have been, but one song saved my life; it kept me back then.


I am represented well by the songs that I chose to sing; it is my life. They are my life.



We are unaware, but songs have long been going around us through hymns and the right notes.


You will not know it, but even your life story is somehow lyrical if you take a closer look now.


It can help you out, singing, so that you will adequately let your emotions out, dear.


Come now, we should all go singing along with our friends and feel all the joy in this world.


Every word of every time you have sung to me is reverberating inside of my head right now.


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You were presented with this gift because He knew you would put it up for good use, dear.


I know you will share this talent with the world because they deserve to hear you just as well.


I hope you will use this voice of yours to inspire more people from here on forward.


Singing is something you do for the benefit of those who are listening to you; remember that.


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Keep moving forward and let people hear the voice you have inside of you; they need it.


If you can shed some light in dark places by letting your voice out, I hope you choose to do so.


I can only wish you would always think of others before yourself; that is enough for me.


If I have taught you anything, I hope you remember to share your blessings with other people.

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And when the time comes when your singing voice is heard, I hope you will get famous.


I think you have just the right timbre to go ahead and keep humming the melody of your heart.


I wish you would remember how it felt when you first performed on the stage, head held high.


Your singing voice is fantastic, and I have to commend you on your incredible talent.


May the stars always be in your favour whenever you find yourself needing to perform to them.


Now I know why they tend to do carpool when travelling; it makes the trip less lonely.


I have found the answers to the lyrics I have made. Indeed things do happen for the right reasons.


So keep on singing, whatever you want, know that I will always support you here.


Maybe it is an escape for me, something I do to forget everything I know of.


And at that moment, when I open my mouth, my soul escapes; I am no longer here on this planet.


They say I can’t speak directly to you, so I hope you listen to me now.


For now, your singing is so excellent that I hope you will never change; I trust you a lot.


And in singing, I can finally tell the ones I love just how much I genuinely love them, and it matters.


It takes a lot of work to perfect your vocals, but I believe that it will be so much worth it.


Every time you practice your vocal, it shows how you will perform in front of us.


I will be your number one fan, that is for sure, for I love everything about you; that is the truth.


The only thing better than telling my story is that I can do it in a code in lyrics.


The one thing that matters the most right now is singing to the ones that I care for; that’s it.


I can tell one thing, but the rest of the world can interpret another; I think that is the best thing.


I am no longer here, I am but a shell filled by Him with the talent to colour the world bit brighter.


It takes a lot of practice, but it is my most prized instrument, my throat, vocal cords.


The best thing you can do for the people who matter to you make them feel important.


If I can keep singing like this, I gladly would, but there are still obstacles somehow.


The best right now is to toughen things out, practice until you finally master it again.


It is simple, just like a game, practise your breathing, then practice some more, that’s it.


What do I do when it seems that singing is not enough to do what I have longed to.


I hope I have enough music in me to tell you that this voice of mine will carry your light, dad.


You have taught me all that I know now, and I owe it all to you, the fame and everything else.


I will meet people who will not like me in this life, but it does not matter; talent shines too.


I will keep on challenging myself until I get better and become the best singer I can be.


Singing is way better than dancing, and there are some times when words matter a lot in life.


I have long wanted to be a singer, one of those popular ones on TV; I never tried, though.


If I can be a singer, even when I am only by myself, that is enough popularity for me now.


And though it may seem hard, I think I want to try it, being a singer, to show who I am.


Just appreciate how a person is singing for you, for he left his heart vulnerable for it.


There has been this side of me that I am just getting to know, and I like it as of today too.


I feel fantastic, like this is a real blessing, being able to feel this way, to be this person I am.


The music is inside me, and it is pounding in my heart, wanting to get out, I’ll show it to them.


If you truly matter to someone, he will be singing with his heart and soul with everything.


There have been people who doubted me, and I will erase their fears with the song of my heart.


This heart of mine is beating to a particular beat, and I will show it to everyone here.


I bet singing is a way for you to express yourself when you are going through tough times.


It is music that has kept me hoping, that has kept me alive after so long, and so I will do it.


I will pursue what I want even when others tell me to give up and not continue it.


Somehow, singing soothes my soul, taking away all the fear that I am feeling in my body.


If I believe I can, then I might as well be halfway through it; I can do this, I’ll show everyone.


It does not matter what colour or race, or age you are; music will unite us all, eventually.


In the end, what matters is the moments we choose to be right over to be wrong above all.


What do I do when singing calms me down when every single nerve in my body panics now?


If today was your last day on earth, I hope you do something that you love above all else.


Now, I hope you have realized that you love music more than you think you do.


And it is only through singing, and I can tell you that I love you a lot, so let me be, babe.


For now, I hope you remember the way I am singing to you, and I might not be able to do it again.


I can tell you that I care even with my eyes closed through singing, so please listen to me.