55 Sweet Memory Quotes


Memories are priceless; no amount of money can bring them back. That is why they are often treasured and cherished. We compiled some beautiful memory quotes that you can use to journey down memory lane. Enjoy reading, and feel free to share this list with people you know who will also be happy to read quotes like this.


Growing up means that you have to learn and experience how to let go and forget the things you were used to and move on with items you haven’t undergone yet.


The memories with him that were sealed inside my heart keep me going to live this miserable life of mine.


How I miss doing these things with you, all I can do now is to pretend that you are here with me.


Every memory that I had with you is worth remembering.

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If my happy memories are convertible to cash, then I must be a billionaire now.


Good memories are best to be cherished with both eyes closed.


Some memories were being kept not because they needed to be cherished but because they reminded oneself of the lesson it had given before.



We can keep the lovely memories in life, but we also have to focus on moving on.


I remember when I was still a kid; I was carefree and thrilled. All the memories that I had back then made me want to go back to that time again.


Memory is one way of holding into things that you do not want to part with, something that somehow made you happy at some point.


Some things are meant to be remembered. That is the reason why God gave us memories.


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Old memories give us a roller coaster of emotions wherein we do not know that we can feel it in the first place.


Old memories paired with new hopes are a perfect combination in life.


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In our memory, things that are dear to us are being magnified.


How ironic it is wherein the most harrowing memories to forget are the painful ones.


They are growing old means the memories outweigh the dreams.



I do not want to be sober because that is when traumatic memories rush back in.


Some scents can trigger lots of memories to come back all at once.


I want to reset my memory and start with a clean slate; in that way, I have a chance to store sound and beautiful memories instead of the dark ones that I currently have.


Our memory is like a net, all the good things come out in its holes, and the sad stuff remains trapped inside, so keep in mind not to trust it.


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Beautiful memories make our life more bearable.


Every child is very eager to grow up while adults keep on remembering their childhood memories.


A simple photo can bring back lots of memory including those that were not taken on the picture.


Sometimes we need to look at the past to refresh the present and to have a better vision for the future.


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Our memory creates its beautiful garden within.


Some music can give us varied emotions not because of its lyrics or melody but because of its memory.


Some memories can’t be triggered by the heart, but the ears can.


Losing memory is like losing a precious jewel that you have taken care of your whole life.


Some things and happenings happen so fast that even our memory does not have time to catch it at all.

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Memory is the foundation of all wisdom known to man.


How I wish I place some stones while making those memories so just like Hansel, I can trace it back in time.


A memory of sadness is a dangerous dose of a drug that can lead to fatality.


The sadder and more unbearable the memory is, the more it becomes deeply rooted.


Memory often breeds in the melancholy of the heart.


Memory is like a fart; once created, it will follow you everywhere you go.


We remember anything in the first place, but our brain chooses not to most of the time.


Memory is a work of miracle.


The brain can store all the memories without reaching its size limit. The only catch is, we have no control whether a memory will be kept forever or thrown in a second it happens.


Reruns are the best thing about having a terrible memory.


We seem to remember some things, but in reality, it never happened.


That awkward moment when you remember something funny, then smile or laugh unknowingly, then suddenly, all eyes are set on you as if you committed a heinous crime.


Our memory has only two buttons on it, rewind and play.


Our memories keep us company no matter how long we live.


Memories are the only ones that we can harvest repeatedly.


Losing an entire memory is much better than forgetting half of it because the other missing half will make you restless.


People said not to look back on the past, but reminiscing the past is my favourite hobby.


A memory is like a thread. It keeps us connected to the moment.


Our memories are there to accompany us until death.


It is so depressing to have a person who used to be the love of your life but is now just a faint memory of your yesterday.


We are a ghost in someone else’s mind. We start to fade until we disappear entirely from their thoughts.


Memories become memories for a particular unknown reason until the reason reveals itself in time.


What we thought was our dream is a memory trying to be remembered once and for all.


Memories come back in any form and are triggered by anything random.


No need to chase on lost memories because they return on their own will once you turn back on them.


Sad memories can either make a person more painful or remind the person of its lesson.


They said that memories could be stored forever, but no one warned us about memory thieves- Alzheimer’s disease and amnesia.


The heart remembers what the brain chooses to forget.


Every time I think that our tiny brain can hold tons of memories and continue to accommodate more, I am always in awe.


If the memory has a gender, most definitely that it is a woman.


Memory works in partnership with time.


You really can’t fully say goodbye to a person as long as the memory of them continue to linger on.


The fact that we have memories is what makes us superior to animals.


Memory is one of the foundations of our humanity.


Life will be dull and bland without memories.


The moment we lose our memories is also the moment when we stop being humans.


Losing memory is like losing one’s self. You start not to exist. You become no one.


Mistakes are worth remembering but not repeating.


I would rather die than lose all my memories. My memories are what makes me, me.


Our memories contribute to our whole individuality.


We can’t remember what exactly happened. What we remember is the only thing that happened.


Our brain archives our memories into different categories, just like how an archivist libraries things.


A man’s memory is a man’s diary.


The next best thing about having a great moment is the recollection of it in the future.


Memory is a gift from the heavens above.


Sometimes, the brightest memories fade the fastest.


To live a peaceful life, we must make peace and reconcile with our memories.


We can control our lives, but our memory is an exemption.


Try to remember and relive the moment, not the day it happened.


Some people need to be educated on what the difference between imagination and memory is.


Memories like to play hide and seek with us, especially at moments we need them the most.


The gust of the wind can blow memories.


We need our memories, we might not be aware of them, but somehow we genuinely need them.


Our memory is not just storage; it is also a movie house that plays what happens.


Memories are the medium and way of our past experiences.


My sad memories haunt me now and then, but in return, I haunt them when I want to recall the happy one.


As long as the memory lives, the past will never be dead.


It is a mystery while women’s memory lasts longer than men’s.


If you do not want to forget important events such as your wife’s birthday, try forgetting it once, and you will see what I mean.


One way of preserving our experiences is by reliving the memory linked with them.


Things that were hard to carry are sweet to recall.


You do not entirely die as long as you are still living in someone else’s heart.


Happy things do not last unless they become memories.


If you miss someone, try opening the chest of memories.


The smell makes us remember things we do not even know we experienced before.


Memories only fall asleep, but they will never die.


Our memory keeps things for us. We may forget, but it will not.


Memory is second sight.


If one has poor memory, the conscience is probably crystal clear.


I wish there were a permanent way to erase memories so they don’t disguise themselves as nightmares every night I sleep.


The memory has two main offices, the collection department and the distribution department.


Adulthood is when the memories of childhood slowly fade away.


Returning memories can cut open a healed heart in a second.


Memories can smooth out the rough edges of our life’s biography.


Recalling sad times will most definitely make you miserable, but remembering happy times can make you even more painful.


I remembered happy thoughts while alone is like torture for the heart.


The weather is only cold for those people without warm memories.


Memory is built over time and stored through a lifetime.