The 60 Struggle Quotes


In our lives, we are bound to struggle as much as we breathe because we want to pursue something better; we want to be great people that will leave a mark on other people’s lives, on the world.
In that sense, it is okay to find somehow these quotes you can relate to so that you can keep on struggling even when you want to give it all up.


It would help if you struggled as hard as possible to survive this life; that is how it is meant.


You want to be part of my success, but you were not there for me during my struggles.


I wish I could silently endure all these sufferings and wait because there is a better life.


The most difficult struggle in this world is to become more than you are meant to become.

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It is easy to be the same; what is hard is to be different and unique.


The hardest thing to struggle from in this world is to be something more than the average man.


The problem with people is we do not want to deal with simple things and go on complicated.


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Let us all stop being so complicated for a moment and keep on struggling for the better.


Once upon a time, I struggled for the rights of the people, but they forgot all about me later.


You are struggling to keep your love for your partner alive, but he isn’t; what’s the point?


The whole nation needs to start struggling if they want to see some change in the world.


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One day, you will realize that you have loved me all along, that I was worth the struggle.


When you realize that I was worth struggling for, I will be long gone by your side, then.


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You will regret never struggling for me; believe me when I say that it is the truth.


When the time comes that you feel like there is no reason to struggle, you need to wake up.


You might find something worth struggling for if you just let your mind wander far.



Maybe it is the journey that matters, all the years of struggling instead of the end.


The goal is to be the best person you can become, even after all the struggles in your life.


Today is a great day to start struggling for your goals and all you want to achieve in life.


You need to set some priorities, which is the best to aim for and struggle for and live it.


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You know what? The best feeling in life is to achieve the things that you have struggled for.


Life, the long journey, is but just a struggle you need to pass; you need to get over it.


One day, all the struggle will bring forth a result that you have never expected to see, ever.


Sure, it may be okay to struggle on your own but if you know, working together is better.


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Keep on struggling with all the things in your life until you finally achieve what you want.


I hope you remember how to be kind to people because we are all struggling on our own.


Every accomplishment in your life is worth it because of all the struggles you have done.

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The point is that success will never precede struggle even in the dictionary, you know that?


Just struggle to be the best person you can be, and believe me when I say it will be worth it.


You will get the strength you desire together with growth by struggling to get there today.


It is the struggle that will please you once you finally get the victory you have been longing for.


Although it might be slow, you will eventually get there, so keep on struggling, okay?


I believe in you; I will be here with you through all the struggles in your life; stay with me.


I will never let you go; I will help you with what you are struggling about; tell me.


Do not stop struggling even if you do not see any progress; you will be happy later.


Later, you will realize that it took you so long to get there, but you did because you struggled.


What you need to do is to keep on struggling no matter how many challenges come.


Even after achieving one of your goals, you need to struggle to go and get the other.


Freedom is being able to struggle without forcing yourself but because you want to.


Stop struggling to live, work for the things that you need to do, and you will get there.


Change is indeed inevitable, and you need to struggle to get the one you desire the most.


If you want to know, I will tell you that struggling is also a strength you might like.


You will summarize the struggles that you came across with, kid.


Kid, you just need to figure out the rest of the story by struggling to get to that exact part.


Live your life by struggling to fight for it; you need to be alive, work to get to the top.


Forget the status quo; struggle to make a difference in this stagnant world that we live in.


I wanted to tell you that I am what I am because I struggled my way to be right here now.


There are things in life worth all the struggles, and you are one of them, my dear.


It is better to lose some of the battles in life rather than be defeated by not struggling for them.


Creativity is but the way someone tries to struggle on being uniform, on being the same.


You will grow as a person as you try to struggle over your problems and overcome all of them.


I am afraid of not being good enough, so I keep on struggling to feel myself, to feel what I need.


I wanted to be that person you think is worth all the struggle you have done in life.


It may seem overrated but believe me when I tell you that it is hard to struggle.


You were the one reason I kept on struggling even when I wanted to let go and sleep.


I want to be the person that you struggled for or maybe to work with, somehow.


I need to start encouraging myself that I should be struggling instead of letting it all go.


Later on, when I look back at this moment, I know I will be grateful because I struggled for it.


I will thank myself later for this is what they all say, and I hope they are right about it.


Why is it so hard to be the person I wish to become? Why do I have to struggle so much for it?


I do not even want to know what the right thing is, just the things worth struggling for.


Someday, along the way to my dreams, I will find the person who will struggle beside me.


I want someone who knows how hard it is to struggle and will support me at all costs for it.


I will be the person who will push you to keep on struggling if you just let me in your heart.


Let me show you how hard it is to struggle for what I think is correct but that I do it anyway.


You will tell me that you need me in so many ways, and I will struggle to prove that is right.


I want to tell you that I love you, but in reality, I am still struggling deep inside me if I say it.


Struggling is a sign that you are doing something that is genuinely right if you believe me.


Will you trust me when I tell you that all you need to do is a struggle, and life will follow suit?


I wanted to show the world who I have become, what struggling has made out of me.


I am now a stronger person; I know how to struggle with my weaknesses until they fall out.


Most of the weakness that we have is just bad habits that need to be broken apart.


One day I will realize that things are so much better when you struggle to get them.


Struggling makes the day a whole lot happier than before, so much more exciting.


There are days when all I want to do is keep on struggling for the fantastic art.


I wonder which one is for me, why I am still here, and what I did to deserve those.


If I could show you one product of struggles, you would want to struggle right now.


I will keep on struggling and fighting for the things that I have long believed in.


Will you let me love you the way the sun refuses to shine when it is a rainy day?


I wanted to show you that struggling is the best thing that a person can do for me right now.


You just wanted to struggle your way out while I tried to squirm myself in every open space.


I want to be with you, to see you struggling so hard even when you cannot see it anymore.


You said love would be hard to forget, and after all the struggles that my love life went, I honestly believe this and try to forget.


If I can forget the past, all of them, I will have a better and happier future than what I do.


You are meant for the bigger screen, to become a person with more struggles but still happy.


Who would have known that it was you I have long been waiting for all along, the only one.


Was I fated for you? This doesn’t seem right; I wanted to struggle to get to where you are.