70+ Engagement Quotes and Sayings

When two people decide that they want to be together for the rest of their lives and want to get married, they first make an effort to be engaged.
This happens when one of the two lovers proposes to the other, and the period lasts until they finally get married.
If you have engaged or just engaged friends, here are some quotes to greet them and tell them how happy you are for them.

Congratulations on your engagement! I hope you two live a long and happy relationship!

You two are truly made for each other, and I am happy for you; I hope you stay happy!

I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life and the moment you said yes was the best.

When you asked me what I wanted to be, I said yours, and you kissed me like no tomorrow.


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You whispered not just into this ear of mine but deep into this heart that beats for only you.

I will never forget the day you told me that you wanted to spend the rest of forever with me.

Ever since the day we met, I knew that I would want to be with you all the time, for eternity.

You had me when I told you my name, and you said it; I love how it sounds to you.

It is not a chain that will keep us together but our love for each other, my dearest love.

The experiences that two people share form bonds that make them stay together.

If you ever get engaged, I hope it is with someone that will love you for your imperfections.

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Even though the two of you have so many differences, he loved you because of them.

Do not let go of her when you find a person who will love you despite your indifferences.

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I hope that the two of you continue loving each other so that you keep being happy.

It may look simple, but it is very difficult to keep on being happy and being together.

Love is something that must be felt by both hearts and reciprocated to each other, dears.

I hope that the two of you will be happy for the rest of your stay together, all the time, friend.

Once someone comes into your life and shows you what love is, you will know what it means.

I know how much you have prayed for her to come into your life, and nowhere she is for you.

Dearest friend, I am so happy for you because you have found the person you are meant for.

Heartfelt Quotes

I am glad to have witnessed your engagement; I will pray for your happy stay together.

No love feels like yours in this world, and I would say yes repeatedly.

You were that one that I would have fallen in love with at first sight if I was reincarnated, girl.

You are someone special to me, the one I would love to be mine for the rest of my life, dear.

Emotional Love Quotes

Will you marry and stay with me forever? That is how I am going to ask you to be mine, love.

I think that it is excellent that you have found someone you would want to keep annoying forever.

May you continue being happy in each other’s company for the rest of your lives, friends.

To both of you, I hope that you continue being each other’s happy endings, forever and ever.

What he saw in you is something that you never saw in yourself, which is why you match.


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I think that the both of you are a perfect match for each other. Congratulations, guys!

It was the flaws you had in you that I fell in love with and urged me to be engaged right then.

It was the way you smiled at me that had caught my heart, your eyes that shone so bright.

We must have been soulmates in the past, for we just clicked so quickly to be engaged so fast.

You are God’s promise to me, the one that I am truly meant to be with, now and forever.

Until death parts us, I promise that I will be with you, that I will stand with you always.

I think that both of you will make it through the test of time as long as you have respect.

The key to a long and lasting relationship is always to put the other ahead of yourself.

To be engaged is to wait again, just like you waited for him to come into your life finally.

Marriage is not easy, that is what I am telling you: it will never be easy, ever.

The key to being happy is never to stop making efforts for each other, even after marrying.

It was funny because I asked what wedding you wanted and you said the one that makes me yours and I was so happy about it.

One day, there will be someone to walk into your peaceful life and show you what love is.

When you finally realize that it was him you wanted to spend forever with, ask him.

If you wanted him to stay, then you would walk up to him and ask him to marry you.

There is nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy to marry her; we live in modern times now, you really can’t do anything about it.

When you get engaged with someone you want to get married to as soon as possible, that is love.

I hope that one day when you get engaged, it is with the person that matters to you, the one you truly love and not someone you are forced to be with.

Sure there will be trouble, but all you need to do is stay together and keep being one.

The happiest moment of my life was the moment you knelt on one and proposed to me.

I wanted you to have my heart so badly; I was willing to give it up so easily to you.

Why do people refuse the heart they are given and pursue someone else all the time? Why?

Engagement is practically trying to find someone with the same weirdness as you, dear.

It would have to be someone special to tell me that they love me and for me to stay.

I want you to grow old with me, to stay with me until I can no longer recognize anyone but you.

Marriage is not easy so never marry someone else for other reasons besides love.

I still believe that love is the answer, that love is the best thing that can happen to anyone.

He did not realize that she was all he ever wanted all along, and when he finally did, he immediately knelt on one knee and asked her to marry.

He did not know when it stopped being about himself and being all about her all the time.

You felt a connection with her that you had never felt with anyone else, and you loved that.

There was something about her that captivated your heart enough to ask her to marry you.

As long as you keep on treating each other with care, then you will be together for long.

Shower her with love, treat her right, show her how much you care, and she will stay with you.

No one can ever measure just how much love a heart can hold, but it cannot have my love.

I felt like love was bursting from inside of me, and I wanted to give it to someone like you.

Marriage is not a walk in the park; it needs hard work and lots of patience, dear.

Be grateful for the people who make you happy because they care for you like no one else.

Show the world that you love her, and she will genuinely love you for it; I assure that to you.

Every time you tell me you love me, I will plant a flower and have a whole garden.

You left me without much choice but to marry you because I love you so much, my love.

What is marriage but a compromise of two people loving each other enough to adjust?

There is not much that I want to share with you, but my love, that is true.

Every day we spend together, I find myself loving you more and more, my dear love.

True success in marriage is going through hard times with your spouse and surviving it unscathed.

What is a man without a woman to love and show him the wonders that love can do?

Engagement is more like getting to know if you want to marry someone for real.

No one can ever break the bond between two people who love one another.

During the engagement period, you must look for anything you cannot adjust to at all and if you find it, then cancel the marriage.

When you get engaged with someone, maintain your loyalty to that person because you love.

What did you ever get engaged for but because of love?

Engagement is trying to figure out each other’s quirks before the two of you get married.

Getting engaged is practically just a pretense before the marriage; you act like newlyweds, but you are not yet.

Ask yourself why you got engaged in the first place if there comes a time that you doubt it.

I cannot think of a reason not to ask you to marry me when I am filled with love for you.

To love you is to hold you in my arms, and now that I want to spend my eternity with you.

Let us be together for the rest of our lives; I will assure you that, starting from this engagement.

Love will keep us together; I believe it will, and I will think it always would.

If you tell me you love me, I might not believe you, but if you show me you do, then I will.