40+ Sympathy Quotes


There will be times when you want to tell someone you care about them to sympathize with what they are going through. During these moments, if you cannot think of the right thing to say, these Sympathy Quotes will help you.


I will be there for you, no matter what happens; I will understand you, again and again.


Even after you are no longer part of this earth, my love for you will stay alive.


The people who genuinely love us will never leave us; they will keep on being in our hearts.


You will keep on living, even after you leave this world, as long as someone loves you.

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The best thing to give to the people, who are lost, is not grieving them but sending them gratitude.


Keep on remembering, and those you have lost will never be gone.


The grief you feel will be gone the moment you accept the love from other people.



Sometimes, it just takes a candle to start cracking the darkness that is surrounding you.


I would love to be the flame that will guide you on your way if you let me.


Three things that your loved one leaves you with even when they are gone are: hope, faith and love.


Death is hard to accept, like a heartache that will never heal but keep holding on to your memories, for they are like keepsakes that no one can ever steal.


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When memories are all that remains, I promise you that I will never forget.


I will cherish every moment that I have with you because I know what grief feels like.


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While planting our memories, the past, I seemed to have watered them with my tears.


I will be your star when your world seems so dark because I love you.


You had numbered days with him, and you knew that the only thing to hold on to now was the memories you made together.



The unfinished memories may hurt, but eventually, with time, they will feel better.


It will hurt because it is fresh, but sooner or later, the wound will heal, and you will feel alive once more.


Death is inevitable, a process we must all learn to accept and live by.


Sometimes, there is no choice but to embrace the pain and let it be the fuel for the journey up ahead.


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In my tears, I let you know how much I miss you now that you are gone.


We both miss him, so let us be there for each other because he cannot be there for us anymore.


It may feel like your world has fallen apart, but you are strong, so pick up the pieces and build them again.


Eventually, everything will feel better, I know because I have been through that, and yet here I am.


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Losing someone will always hurt like the first time, but that is the way it has to be.


Maybe deep in your soul, you know just how much you want to follow him, but all is not lost.


Be a kid at heart, cry your eyes out when someone dies, but learn to stop the tears and put your chin up.


He made us all happy, and now that he is gone, I know he wants to see us happy still.


For every tear that will flow out of your eyes, your pain will slowly be washed away.

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When the person you love leaves you with nothing but memories, you learn to turn those memories into treasures.


There are days when it will feel as if the world has stolen the people we love, but all we can do is to continue to love them so that they will be remembered.


The body is nothing but a vessel; rest assured that his soul is still with you.


When he is but dust, all you can do is hold on to my hand, and I will be here for you.


The moment he meets death, he will turn into an angel to watch over you.


The world did not end; tomorrow, everything will feel better again.


Maybe he just bid you goodnight, for a very long time, until the day you meet him again.


When you can only meet them in your dreams, but hold on, I am still here.


I am giving you all my prayers and all my love because I know you need them now.


I will lend you my shoulder now that it matters the most to you.


If you need anything at all, do not hesitate to contact me and I will be there.


I know you miss his kisses and how he held your hand, but I am still here for you.


It is not their death that hurts, but the memories that remind you of what you once shared.


Seashells are reminders that all people who pass away leave something beautiful to remember them by.


Sometimes, a bath and a glass of wine are the only things to lessen the pain.


Losing someone hurts, but imagine what you will feel if you never met them.


I would never say goodbye to you because I will still love you no matter where you go.


Some people leave a mark in our hearts, and it hurts to see them go, but we need to be brave at times.


There will be moments that you will need to heal, and I will be there to watch you grow.


Maybe he is gone because he is done serving his life’s purpose, be happy for him.


He would not like to see you sad, so try your best to smile whenever you remember him.


You need to learn to dance under the rain instead of waiting for that storm to pass you by.


It may feel like the light has been turned off, but keep looking, and you will find it again.


Grief may be the price that love asks from us.


Give out sympathy to other people, and you will feel like you need less.


Just embrace the pain you feel and let it help you in your journey to come.


For peculiar moments in our lives, there are no words to be told, so I’ll hug you tight.


We will keep praying for you and hope that you will see the light at the end of this tunnel.


We are sorry for the loss that you have experienced.


Death will consistently hurt every single time, and then it numbs you for a moment.


I hope you know that you are surrounded by love and that you need not face this alone.


I wish that I could help you heal and that you can achieve peace within your soul.


During these difficult times, now that we are always here for you.


Giving you my condolences and hoping it gives you some comfort to ease your loss.


If you ever need a hand, make a call, and I will be there in an instant.


It is during times of loss that you must remain strong.


I can feel your sadness all the way here, and I want you to know I think the same.


We will remember him by the things he did, and for the person he is.


We care for you more than you think we do, so as you go through this, let us help you.


There is comfort in knowing you are not the only one in grief.


Grief is a heavy burden to carry alone; let me help you.


The feeling of love that we once shared with the people that left us are never really gone.


There is something that will always feel shattered once you lose your mother.


Eventually, we will all turn into dust, so we might as well make the most out of it.


Tell them you love them so that even if they are gone, you will not regret anything.


Do the things you feel like you need to do now, not to touch any regrets later.


Remorse is one of the worst things that you could feel when someone dies.


Whenever you speak of her, please do not do it with tears, for she is someone who once made you happy.


Please light a candle for her each time you go home so that she knows she is remembered.


When a lovely thing dies, it is not gone; it just goes through another form of loveliness.


You think you will not live another day after you lose him, but there are still reasons.


Your memory will never leave my mind, even after every other one is gone.


You are still the last person I think about each time I go to sleep.


It feels like it is still too early for you to be taken away like there are still too many words left for us to say.


I will never forget you; by the way, you make me smile even when I am in a slump.


You were worth waiting for, and now, I cannot believe that you are no longer mine to hold.


Maybe someday, we will meet again, on this earth or in the heaven above.


I believe in reincarnation, that someday, someone you know will be someone you no longer know and that no one dies.


Sometimes, it is far easier to forget than to remember because it just hurts you to do so.


The agony is so vast that I cannot withstand it at times.


I have loved you so much that I cannot even believe that you are now gone.


It is so hard to go on without you here by my side, but I must, and so I shall.


Our love is more significant than this grief, so I know that I will overcome this.


And there are still days that I hope you are still here beside me.


My life is not the same without you, and it will never be.


I will always be here for you, even a long time after everything you love is gone.


Maybe there is heaven here on earth, and perhaps I will find them someday.