Remembrance Quotes

Memories, good or bad, are the ones that cannot be stolen and changed.
We hold on to our memories for so long so that we can remember the past, our loved ones and our old selves.
Remembrance makes us remember precious memories and moments.
It also causes us to look forward and to move on.
To help us reminisce the past, recall every moment, and express our feelings about it, here are the following quotes.

We might be miles away; my heart will remember you, and our memories will be cherished.

Let’s create memories, enjoy this moment and let this day be our best friend day.

Flowers may die, photos may fade, chocolates may rot, but my heart will always beat for you.


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Like the wind, you will always feel me, and like the sun, I will shine brightly for you.

I cried as I remembered how we talked all night until the sun went up again.

If you think you’re being crazy sometimes, believe it is a remembrance of your childhood.

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Shower your love and kindness to everyone, for this will serve as your remembrance to them.

Move on with your life and think of the past as a remembrance of your childish and innocent days.

If I went, I would like to be the wind so you could feel me and I could always be with you.

Those smiles and laughs are my treasures, and those eyes and lips are my pleasures.

Friends come and go, but true friends stay. They are for keeps and should be remembered.

Photographs tell us the old days and the old moments, but the memories made are always new.

Looking back at the past is to refresh the mind and to have a good reason to move on.

Keep this box where all my hugs and kisses are kept, for they are your remembrance.

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The mind might forget, but the heart won’t; the photos might fade, but the feelings won’t.

What is the best remembrance a friend could have? Loyalty and honesty.

Death is the end of the human body, but memories will always be remembered and cherished.

The past serves as a foundation of the future, but it should not be repeated and imitated.

Life is uncertain, so make each day precious. Make a remembrance for there’s no the next time.

Do what you can do now for tomorrow does not come always. Sometimes, it is now or never.

We have different paths, different routes and different journeys, but we all have the same end.

Take my heart as a remembrance so you cannot forget me even we’re miles and miles apart.

It is easy to create memories with anyone, but to forget them is hard, for it takes a long time.

Death is heart aching, but love makes moments left precious that no one could ever steal.

If I could choose a thing to as my remembrance from you, it is your sweet kisses.

Your voice is the music in my ears, the melody of my guitar and the symphony of my life.

I could say I already moved on, for I could laugh at the painful remembrance of the past.

Transform every pain and grief to remembrance, for it could make everything acceptable.


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As I looked back at the past, I saw the remembrance of my old self that made me strong.

Social media is a form of remembrance, but the memories spent together are the best of all.

Medals are the best remembrance for students, but the support of the parents is the best gift.

Each day with you is a remembrance, for they should not be forgotten and wasted.

Parents give us a vital remembrance which are from our grandparents- WISDOM.

I used to go to places where I grew up for the remembrance of my childhood years.

The accurate remembrance of our parents is seen in our actions and how we live our life.

A genuine act of love, even negligible, is more appreciated and remembered than a big fake one.

Our life is like a song- even it ends, the melody will remain and be remembered.

Love is a form of remembrance that should not be wasted nor played; thus should care.

Family is God’s remembrance for us. Thus, we should appreciate and love them more.

The past is something we look upon and remember but not copied and get affected by it.

Death is a thief that comes least unexpected, it may steal the body, but the memories won’t.

All I have is our memories and our pictures. They will be my keepsake, and I will never lose.

You will always be in my heart, and your memories will not be forgotten. See you again, friend.

The best remembrance you could give to me is our friendship, for your love is like no other.

The memories of you continue to linger in my mind and always peeking at my eyes.

People who gave us so many reasons to remember them is very hard to let go and forget.

When I’m gone, please think of me as a sun and a start that never stops shining for you.

Our life is a story with a beginning and end, but the most exciting part is between.

The memory may fade, but the memories created will never vanish and always be in the heart.

I don’t need any remembrance because you are all I need, and wherever you’ll go, I’ll follow.

Forgetting you is not easy for you. Give me so many reasons to remember you.

You are a perfect remembrance of my past, but I will never lose you again, unlike the others.

You might be gone but will not be forgotten, you may not return, but my heart will wait.

Memories of the past are for keepsake-they should be an inspiration, not a hindrance.

Your presence keeps me alive, and now you are gone. I am currently a walking dead.

I miss you every day, minute, and second of my life; I will never forget you.

I don’t stop thinking about you, and I don’t stop talking about you, for you are my true love.

Memories of your loved ones, even the bitter ones, are better than having nothing.

Since the day you left, my soul has grieved, my heart misses you, and my eyes won’t stop leaking.

We mourn not because you are gone but because we missed you so much.

I won’t say goodbye, for you are always in my heart- no minute or seconds that I forget you.

Remember that I am always with you; I am the sun that always shines and the star that gleam.

When you are sad, I will come like rain- I will cry with you so that you won’t feel alone.

I don’t go away; I am always beside you- may be unseen and unheard, but I am always near.

Every time I see your smile, my day brightens. I will take that as a remembrance.

When I die, I want to be the sun, the moon, the rain, the wind so I can be with you forever.

When you miss me, look inside your heart- our lovelies are there forever that no one could take.

When all is gone, memories are the only thing left; they will not be faded or be stolen.

Love is a universal remembrance; it is the best of all; it is the best gift to be received.

When everything goes wrong, peek at happy memories, and everything will be ok.

Value each moment before it becomes a memory; value each memory before it fades.

Memories of the past keep on haunting me, and I can’t ignore them, for they are the only thing left.

Memories are like fruits; when one becomes rot, it could turn the whole bad.

The memories of you fill my mind and my soul like the stars that filled the night sky.

Remembrance is like a good perfume- its fragrance continue to linger and lasts.

You are my remembrance from God- you are always on my mind and in my heart.

All memories last, even the bad and small ones, even the painful and the gloomy ones.

Childhood friends are the best remembrance of the past; first memories are created with them.

Old music is timeless-the remembrance of the legends of the past that still affects the present.

Memories with our loved ones keep the lonely and dying heart alive and beating.

Remembrance reminds us of the memories of the past, the friendship created, and the joy shared.

Inheritance is not the best gift a father could give; it is the values and his wisdom.

Mothers give us many remembrances- from the time of our birth until their last day on earth.

Memories may fade but do not vanish forever; they will always remain and won’t be stolen.

We have the same starting line and same finish line but what matters is the path between.

The story of us is my only treasure of this life- I will forever cherish and value it.

My diary is my memory; I always carry it all the time, wherever I will go, whoever I will meet.

Memories make us sad and happy, make us laugh and cry. It is confusing, but it is damn true.

The camera is used to capture moments and memories. It also captures one’s heart and soul.

Take care of all the remembrances, for we cannot recreate them if we lose them.

I wish I could keep our memories in a bottle so when I miss you; I will open it.

The years are not what matters- the memories are, for life does not last, but memories do.

Remembering is not what I always do, for memories is not always good.

Sometimes forgetting is better than remembering, for it could stop the pain.

Save all our memories, save all our moments for in the future we will need them.

The memory is the guardian of all precious moments, the good and the bad ones too.

We hold on to our memories for so long because it is the only thing that does not change.