35+ True Love Status

All relationships go through struggles, but only strong and made of true love can overcome them.
Under is a list of heartfelt and honest quotes to help you express your true love more creatively and artfully.

Love is sweeter and genuine when I am with you.

Our love does not fill my heart; it overflows through my soul.

You are my King, and for that, I always got your back because I am your Queen.

I am here while you are at your best and will always be here through your worst.


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From head to toe, inside and out, you are the love of my life.

Holding you close and seeing you smile are things I will never get tired of.

So many reasons why I love you; even the stars are not enough to outshine you.

60 Quotes About Love

You can let go of my hand, but you will always have my heart.

Love can come and go, but true love only comes once and from the very beginning of us; I know you are the true love of my heart.

No words are needed, just one look and everything is perfect.

I will fall in love with you today and every day.

Cute Love Status

All your flaws are the best things I love about you.

True love is giving without taking anything in return.

You will meet a lot of people but only the one who truly loves you will stay.

Accurate Love Quotes for Him

Even in our fights, I have never tried to stop thinking about you.

When love is easy, it is not valid.

You are my strength and weakness. My joy and my pain. My love forever and always.

If fairy tales are true, ours is best out of the blue.

Someone you like may leave, but someone who loves you will stay.

I never knew the meaning of true love until the day you stole my heart away.

Heartfelt Quotes

When you are broken and continues to love and forgive, that is true love.

You and I may change, but I know our love will stay the same.

My true love is where I will always come back to you and your heart.

True love is not a problem to be solved but a situation to fall with an imperfect person perfectly.

Quotes About Life and Love

Good love is the one the burns you within and makes you feel complete.

You are the only one person to do all the things you do and make me feel.

It is true when pain and joy fill your heart but letting go is not an option.

Loving you is growing old and dying beside you.

To love is strong and to be loved gives you courage.


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No matter what we go through, my love will always be natural for you.

Like the sun and the moon, day or night, you shine so brightly in my heart.

True love is forgiving though you never receive an apology.

Only the kindest heart will know what true love is. And the bravest one will have it.

There are billions of people in this world, but my feet led me to you because God knows my heart belongs only to you.

Life’s battle, but true love will be our most formidable armour.

Love can hurt and break you, but only true love can mend your broken heart.

True love is waiting patiently for the rainbow after the rain.

I will risk all I have, even my heart, to see your sweet smile.

Yesterday I fell, today I love, and tomorrow I will continue to love you.

My dreams came true when I found you.

True love is giving all that you have and taking what is rightfully yours.

I saw the future the day I met you.

Nothing compares to the completeness I feel when I am with you.

Rain or shine, I will be there when you want me to.

There is nothing I can’t reach with you holding my hand and loving my heart.

Love is kind and honest.

True love is the naked truth behind every lies the eyes can see.

Time doesn’t matter as long as we are together.

You can forget about everything and everybody but not the one who took your heart away from you.

My soul is yours like yours destined to be mine.

God created us with two hearts but only beat for one.

You will meet thousands of people in your life, but only one person is enough to complete the missing piece in your life.

Real love can cure any dying heart.

Time and distance may break us apart, but our love will keep us connected and embrace our hearts.

My soul and heart is yours to infinity and beyond.

Thousands of words can tell you how much I love you, but only our hearts will understand.

The depth of the ocean is nothing compared to my admiration for you.

Only real love will make you feel contented and complete.

Our brain knows a lot, but only our hearts can tell if it is true love.

Love can be defined in many theories, but I only believe in one, you.

Life without you is like the night sky without the moon.

I fell for you. I ache for you. And will always love you.

Like the bees and the flowers, we are connected.

True love is wanting the person, not what he only has.

Living without you is like a book with nothing written on it, empty.

You are the sun that brightens my day, and the moon lights the darkness of my night.

If loving you means dying, I will give you my last breath.

There is nothing more accurate than a Godly relationship.

Only real love doesn’t have an ending.

I may die sooner than you, but remember, my love will always be with you.

You gave meaning to my life; you are my day and night, my everything.

I was looking for love; I never knew it was you; I am yearning for all this time.

No physical contact is required, just one look, and I am all yours.

My heart will stop beating the time yours will.

I have seen many people, but I never saw true love till I found you.

Only real love can wait for the right time.

I could lose all the things I have, but not you, for you are my everything.

You are a question I can never decipher, even if it takes all my life.

For better or for worse, I will stand by you.

I am your eyes, ears, mouth, arms, and legs; everything I have is yours.

Only true love can warm a frozen heart, burn a sleeping soul, and bring a dying person to life.

If there is one thing I don’t want to lose, it is you.

Loving you and knowing that you love me too is the greatest news I have heard in my whole life.

When you fall, only true love can catch you.

Love may make or break you, but true love will always mend you.

Our story will never end, for ours is so true to end.

All my smiles are because of you, my true love.

I don’t know the reasons, but I fell deeply in love with you.

I may never get to see the sun, but your love always warms my heart.

I will hold you forever for you, my love, my hope and my life.

Like the trees around us, I will stand tall and proud to have you in my heart.

You are a treasure that can never be pawned, for your love is priceless of them all.

You can hate me for a moment, but I will never stop loving you.

I will cross the globe, swim oceans, walk through deserts and storms to be with you.

Everything about you is so unique that I thank the Lord every day for creating you.

Only real love can make you clueless and brilliant at the same time.

My peace will always be where you are.

Home is where my heart belongs, you.

The fire of our love lights our path to a bright destination for both of us.

No other place in this world that I want to be but in your arms and beside you.

True love can only be felt within our souls.

Life is a battle only true love can win.

We are made as different persons but whole as one.

Only real love can fill the missing puzzle in our hearts.

If there is one person in my heart, it is only you.

I could care for hundreds of people, but I can just one particular person.

With just a blink of an eye, I found my resting place inside your heart.

You are the first person I think of and the last one I will love.

There is no goodbye in true love.

Your heart is the most beautiful place on this earth I have been to.

Like a garden full of flowers, my love for you blooms with every breathe you do.

I have seven words for you; I can’t imagine my life without you.

Stay and never go away; that’s the only thing I wish you to do.

I give you my heart and my soul as long as you’ll love me today and forever so.

No matter how far you are, the fire that burns deep in us will never die.

My love for you has no end nor a new beginning.

Your smile holds all the stars in my night.

I can fall every day with one person, that is you.

There is nothing more I could ask for because I already have you.

Sometimes you must let go to know what it is worth.

There is no explanation why I love you, but it will always be true.

We may fall, but our love is our strength may it be yesterday, tomorrow or forever.

With you, I am safe, happy, contented like I hold the world in my hands.

No matter what you say or do, I will always love you.