Wedding Sayings

A wedding is one of the most important days of the lives of the groom and the bride.
This is the start of the happy ever after.
When you attend a wedding, you want to say something to the people involved in the marriage.
Or if you are the one having the wedding, you have to be prepared on what to say.
Here are some wedding sayings you may wish to include in your speech or message to the bride, groom, or guests.

Your wedding day is one of those days you will never forget for the rest of your life.

I think that you, my bride, is the loveliest person and the kindest as well I have known ever.

Calling you excellent is an understatement to who you indeed are, and so I will love you now.


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This light shines in your eyes when you are happy, and I hope to God I put it.

I may be a bit selfish at times, but I hope you will stick with me through all my worsts.

Our wedding marks the beginning of our new lives, not on our own but with one to lean upon.

I would change little about you for you are my everything now; you are my world.

You changed me in ways I never thought was possible; you have made me someone better.

I admit I can be a bit insecure at times, but I promise I will try to change for your love.

You have never asked me to change, saying you love me for me and for that, I love you so.

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It will be forever etched in my memory, the day of our wedding when we finally became one.

As we grow older and older, we also keep on changing, but my love for you will never change.

Rain or shine, good or bad, happy or sad, I promise that I will always love you from now on.

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I know I can count on you to be there through it all, which is why I will always be with you.

There is no denying it, and my wedding was the best moment of my life, I believe it is.

Deciding to be with you forever is the best thing I have ever done, and I am just so happy about it now.

I know I can count on you, and that alone makes me so happy because you are here for me.

Through every season of this life of mine, you have been there, and I am thankful for that.

Sometimes, a wedding scares me to the bone, settling and forever being committed to one.

I think the best time to fall for someone is now and be true to yourself from then on.

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Let us take care of both of us, to be with people we want to listen to.

May your mornings always be pleasant as mine is, waking up beside the person I love always.

When the time comes that we cannot be together for a while, please keep me inside your heart.

The day I met you and our eyes locked on each other, I did hear those wedding bells.

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I shall meet you at the church, around the altar, you will know as I will be in white.

Weddings tend to make people feel stressed, but they can make people glow as well.

I wish that one day, when I wed the person I love, it will be for an entire lifetime, somehow.

I wish that we will always be together, no matter the challenges that we may face.


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Somehow, I knew it would end in a wedding, you and I, for we loved each other honestly.

I wanted you to be with me, even when your makeup is running down your lovely face, dear.

I still think you are beautiful even when you are crying but lovelier when you smile.

When you walked out of my life once, I realized I wanted to be with you for the rest of my life.

Without a doubt, our wedding is the most beautiful, most beautiful day of our lives.

You should be the most beautiful woman in this room, for this is your day; it is truly yours.

I am willing to spend the rest of this eternity if it means that I get to be with you right now.

I want to show you everything, to make you feel like you are the most special girl.

The best type of happiness in this world is when you finally wed the one person you love.

The best place to be at a wedding is next to the most beautiful woman in the world, my bride.

Keep love in your heart and never let it go; it is something that will keep growing on you now.

I think you should never get tired of the person you love, no matter how old you both get later.

Even when you’re looking old when your hair grows grey, I will still love you for who you are.

A wedding with you is probably the only correct decision I have ever made in this life I lived.

When you meet the one person you want to marry, I hope you will never let that person go.

Find someone you cannot simply live without and marry her, not the one you want to live with.

It should not matter if you do not think the same as long as you feel together in marriage.

We were practically married; the wedding was just a way for the two of us to make it official then.

The greatest thing you can do is be with each other through and through, as of right now.

If you believe in the love you share, you will be alright; you will be just fine.

For now, what I want is to be with you, even in the moments we do not speak for each other.

We loved each other a lot, all that was left was a wedding, so that was what we did, you and I.

When you find someone you can understand without any words to tell, you should marry him.

There is always tomorrow, but right now, your feelings should be said for it’ll bring you better.

Marriage is not just a simple affair, and you need dedication; you need and commitment as well.

I wish we had had our wedding earlier, so we could have had more time together, babe.

Join hands and hearts, and you will realize if the person is genuinely fit for you, I want you to know.

Be yourself on your special day and be beautiful; you can be both if you want to.

Be friends before you become husband & wife, and you will forever have a good relationship.

I love you, and you feel the same way, so what we did was seal it in with a wedding, dear.

Believe in the power of love, of the feelings you have for each other, and you will be just fine.

I am telling you now; everything is bound to get better; you will be okay, hang in there.

Should you genuinely love each other, you will somehow start working things out with each other.

When you marry the person you love, even more marriage will somehow blossom on it now.

My love, you are the only one for me, and I think that a wedding is the answer we want.

Never marry because of money; you should always try to match for love, all the time.

You will never walk alone again, you are my love, and I will never leave you, I promise you.

My arms will forever be open for you, be at home in it as I will try to become yours forever.

It is time that we take a wedding seriously. If you marry someone, stick with that person then.

There is not a good combination between a husband and wife, but you can work it out.

All weddings are but similar to each other, the form and ceremony, but marriages are not.

We are but two souls, but I think we have one heart, the same beat meant for us both.

The more time people spend planning a wedding, the less you pay planning the marriage.

I think the peak of a wedding is after it when you must prove yourself, your loyalty, your love.

Weddings are meant to be an event of a lifetime, so go ahead and invest it; you really should.

The union between the girl and boy in this marriage will give them both strength, believe it.

Look in the same direction, gaze towards it, and you will be just fine; believe it, and you will.

Some people ask what the secret of maintaining marriage after the wedding is, I say love.

Just believe in the power that love has, and you will be just fine; you will work it all out now.

The way you treat your husband or wife is how you should treat the person you love.

Marriage is but a puzzle that you must solve with the person that you are with right now.

I want to make sure that our wedding is something special, one that you would like to relive.

Our wedding will not fail; it will conquer all things because it will be vital.

Our wedding will work; I believe it will because we are strong, faithful, and loyal.

Some want a grandeur wedding, but I want to keep mine as robust and straightforward as possible.

A wedding must be the most special day of my life; I plan on keeping it that way, as I can.

Nothing gets better than this: a wedding by the beach filled with the people I love the most.

Somehow, a wedding changes things entirely, and it makes us feel better than we had before.