Grace Quotes


It is through the grace of God that we are here on earth living the way we are.
We should always be thankful for his grace that allows us to do the things we do and gives us the compassion and kindness to become who and what we need to become.
Here are some quotes about His grace and how you must give it back to other people to repay the grace that He has given you.


We are all being saved from the pit through God’s grace and our faith in Him.


Now that the light is there, we must follow it and save ourselves from the pit, lady.


We do things for him, and that alone should mean something already to you.

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In the way, you praise Him, the way you do things in His name that matters a lot.


If you have repented for your sin, that is enough to keep you going; keep doing more.


I think one of the essential things in this life would be to remain faithful every time.



Grace is the one that makes you feel you are lucky to be alive, and you should be thankful.


Search the scriptures for the thing you need to know, and you will find the answer hidden in it.


Sometimes, the thing you least expect to find is what you will see in the bible on every page.


The best thing about grace is that it is given gratis, which comes to everyone, even the evil ones.


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We are all but human, and there are times when we get weak because we are, pray.


He is the one who makes us strong so that we can keep fighting, to keep on moving along.


The best way to thank His spirit is to do good deeds, to preserve what He has started already.


A spirit called grace from the heavens above would light you up, indeed, girl.


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Give back by sharing what you have, by letting generosity rule over you, head over your life.


Though we have failed many times, He is still there, waiting to be uncovered, to be known.


When you discover how unique His word is, you will rejoice forever in getting to read them.



If you want to thank God for all He has done, you won’t ever finish your prayers.


Somewhere in there, grace would help us all in finding the things that we deserve to have.


And when you get something extraordinary in your life, it is grace that you go to thank for everything.


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It knows that there is something bigger than you out there that gives you a lot of hope.


Indeed, it has been one incredible journey, but you are the best there is because it was with him.


It is your responsibility to keep going, find it in you to enjoy the light of the day, go for it.


Because our Lord has grace and compassion, we get to live our lives the way we want them to.


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I think the real purpose of this life is to give back what we have in the ways we know how to.


For now, you can focus on your relationship with other people and be good to them.


Knowing that there is another tomorrow and you’ll have the strength to face it gives you joy.


We are all lucky that we are under the grace of our God, and so we must live life indiscretion.


I am so happy that I can become whoever I want to be because He guides me throughout.


Nothing surprises me now, for I know everything is done within His plans for me.


I want the world to know how proud I am to say that He is with me in everything that I do.

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We are given grace not because we did good deeds but for us to do some of it.


The thing is that I delight knowing that I am following Him and His purpose in something I do.


For now, I can enjoy life because I know He will be right behind me to support me in it all.


I think that we are all lucky to have something that we can cherish in our lives.


We must celebrate even the most minor accomplishments that we have, for nothing can be better.


It is grace that lets people experience love, that makes even the unlovable feel lovely indeed.


Let the little things you do bring you happiness, for everything is done with His passion, still.


If you learn to celebrate the small things, you will be surprised about the big things in life.


I am aware of what I have and that they are all but gifts from the people I have met in this life.


The good thing is that grace comes into each of our souls and in the world that we live in, dear.


The only thing that is free in this world we live in is the grace that is given to us by God, love.


The world is lucky indeed to have such a kind creator, one who knows how to forgive.


I have sinned, as we all have, but the bottom line is that we are all forgiven through our faith.


We only have to put all our trust in God, and instantly we get saved because He forgives easily.


The moment that grace moves in, every ounce of guilt starts moving out of our bodies.


There can be no better saviour than God, the selfless Almighty who gave His loving son to us.


I am thankful for every gift that I was given in the form of a person; that is the truth now.


What I am seeking can only be given freely, forgiveness and love, and He has it all.


You should focus on what is given to you, not what you will need shortly, darling.


Those that have sin can still be forgiven because of the grace of our Lord; it is that she ignores.


Be forgiving, for you have been forgiven a lot of times as well, do not hold grudges still, honey.


May you let the truth do its job but also learn when to forgive and accept some things.


Repent for the sins that you have done and take responsibility for the consequences ahead.


You should have grace in your every move as that is the way every lady should be, my dear.


Even when you feel powerless, may you not fear, for He will never leave you all by yourself.


He is the guidance that every person needs, someone to hold their hand and lead the way.


You need the right direction, and He will pull you right onto the right path for you.


When you have that grace in dancing, you become a better dancer at the end of it.


You won’t realize it now, but the things that He does for you make you what you are.


We matter because He makes us have some significance in the world we live in; that’s about it.


To repay the sacrifice that He made, what we can do is to live in peace and smile.


I hope that somehow grace will touch you and make you feel a whole lot more welcome.


The good thing about grace is that it is all around us, available for use every day.


We will face some difficulties in this life, but through Him, we can get past them.


Everything is a test of endurance, how long you can last; forever if He is with me, for so long.


He will give you strength when you ask for the answer, to have the patience to think about it.


You have the key within you, and you only have to think about yourself and what you know now.


It is the grace of our Lord that will guide you to do the right things, choose the right ones.


His kindness gives us hope that we still have something to look forward to shortly.


And every time that you close your eyes, dream of the place you want to see tomorrow soon.


There is no better time to be grateful to Him than right now. Go ahead and pray to Him now.


As adults, we must be the ones to inspire the younger people to devote themselves to God.


We need to be grateful that we no longer need to worry about tomorrow because there is grace.


He is the One, the Almighty, the father and creator of earth and may He have mercy on us.


To trust Him and His plans for us is the best we can do right now, and so we must do just it.


I wish I could have as much grace as a prima ballerina does; I sure hope so that I do.


Give Him everything that you have, do not hesitate on giving something to Him that you need.


Offer the things you do for Him, and you will be just fine. You will be just okay.


There is not much you can do now but start repenting for the sins you have committed now.


Through His grace, He has forgiven you, and now you must somewhat repay His kindness, girl.


Today, you can be a brand new person, indeed, someone you have never expected to be, love.


It is God’s grace that has each one of us covered to be who we need to become, dear.


May the divine grace makes people who sin like me be thankful for His existence alone, sis.


We are all given grace from Him, and in return, we must spread His word, share His stories.


Our responsibility is to send the grace he gives us forward, to pay his kindness in return.