My Heart is Broken Quotes


We have all been there- having a broken heart. Having a broken heart is one of the most painful experiences one can have in his lifetime. Some people even tend to lose themselves in the process of having a broken heart, thus sometimes resulting in unfortunate fatalities. But having your heart broken is also a reminder that we are just humans; we are prone to love and heartaches.
We have listed here quotes for a broken heart which will reflect what it feels like to have a broken heart, and it will also help you move on with life little by little.


Do not allow yourself to be an option because you deserve to be the priority.


Love causes a broken heart, but a broken heart is can only be healed alone by love.


All heartbreaks are painful indeed, but keep in mind that heartbreaks will all be forgotten someday.


The painful the heartache is, the deeper the love is.

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I already did everything that I could, but how come you keep coming back for her?


What does she have that I don’t and what does she can that I can’t?


The unexpected heartbreaks are the most painful to bear.



How I wish I were a child again because a wound in the knee is easier to heal than a broken and shattered heart.


How can you continue to live when you already gave your heart to the person you love, but he chose to kill it?


You will not know how deep your love is for a person until the moment of your separation.


Some people can’t differentiate the difference between love and commitment.


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You can’t simultaneously hate and forget a person or a thing. If you want to forget, just simply quit hating because hatred makes you remember it more.


Heartbreaks are just like winter, cold and freezing. But just like winter, it will soon pass and will give its way to spring- a new life, a new love.


All you need is love.


Holding to your hatred is like allowing someone you detest to live expenses-free in your head.


We can endure the trials and obstacles in a relationship, but at the end of it, we will always remain unprepared no matter how prepared we are.


A wound in a body leaves a scar when it is completely healed, but the wound made to the heart won’t wholly heal no matter how long time passes by.



There are countless ways on how to lose someone you beloved.


Can a heart become broken in a right or perfect way?


Some heartache creates a crack in the heart; some leave a wound that will not heal, but some sufferings leave the heart lifeless.


Why do I still care for you when I am supposed to be forgetting you?


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Sometimes we cannot see new opportunities for our hearts because we spend too much time thinking pitifully at the ones who ended already.


You can’t save yourself from a sinking ship if you continue to stay on it. Likewise, in love and heartaches, you can only protect yourself once you learn to let go.


When a heart burns, it leaves the smell of pain of the heartbreak in the air.


What happened in the past can’t hurt you anymore unless you let it do so.


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In love, you cannot give things that you do not have.


Love can sometimes become so magical, but too much magic means it is only a trick or an illusion.


Some hearts need to be broken first so that something more precious can go through.


My nightmare became a reality the moment you broke up with me and left me all alone.


The world will not stop spinning, no matter how broken your heart is.

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The previous heartaches and pains in my life tainted my once positive perspective towards love.


You cannot pull yourself up if you keep one of your feet buried in the grave of heartbreaks.


Not all people who are sweet to each other are lovers. Some of those people are happy with each other’s company but can’t be together for some reason.


Sometimes, following your heart away from someone you hold dear will help you find your new self.


They said that love is priceless, but we pay for love with sorrow and grief in some cases.


May this candle that I will set alight shed some brightness to our long-dead relationship.


All these sugars in the store, but how come you still became bitter to me?


A love that came too suddenly and rapidly died the quickest.


We don’t question things when we are in love, but once we become broken-hearted, all left are unanswered questions.


The person we love the most is also the same person who will hurt us the most.


My heart was so warm when I gave it to him, but then he gave it back to me as cold and frozen as ice.


Heartbreaks often come together with regret, and that is why it becomes so unbearable.


The heart was created searching for its other half, but little did it know that it would be broken in the process.


My heart will never be whole and the same again, but I have to believe that I will be alright someday.


The reason why I always have a cold is that the previous one whom I loved turned my heart into ice.


Heartbreak hurts one hundred times more unbearable than physical pain.


The pain starts as soon as you love someone, not for you, even if you already know it beforehand.


Once you imprisoned yourself inside the pains of the past, no one can ever get you out but yourself alone.


It is much better to break someone else’s bones because at least it can be repaired in a hospital rather than breaking a heart, for its healing lies in uncertainty.


No matter how good you in putting things back together, you can never mend a broken heart.


A heart can be easily broken in the blink of an eye; the trust built through the years collapses instantly.


A bird will not be able to fly with a broken pair of wings. A man will not be able to love with a broken heart.


That throbbing pain in your heart when you see someone you used to love.


Tears are not a sign of weakness; they indicate that you are just a mere human being who fell in love and got seriously hurt.


In love, a happy ever after is never guaranteed.


How I wish there were a heart back guaranteed once you fall in love and get hurt.


That agonizing moment when your better half becomes a stranger in your life.


A stranger who becomes your partner is a dream come true, but a partner who becomes a stranger is a nightmare.


The problem is not that she does not love you anymore; the problem is that you love her still.


The sweetest revenge for a broken heart is moving on and making you happy even without him.


We can’t blame those people who chose to end their lives because of a broken heart; their pain might look bearable and tolerable to us, but we do not have any idea how much pain and suffering can they endure.


When you are about to fall in love, prepare yourself as well in getting broken.


Too much in life will also cause too much pain, and love is never an exemption.


We will never know the real meaning of love if our hearts were made unbreakable.


The warmest love ends the coldest. What can be more painful than that?


There are so many different ways in hiding the pain of a broken heart; you can fake a smile on your face, pretend to be happy or hold back the tears.


Some people create a significant impact in our lives that once we lose them, we do not know who we are anymore and where to start.


In love, all people have a price to pay. You may not know it at the start, but you will soon realize it at the end.


Before technology, when you break up with someone, few people will only know. Nowadays, everyone has been notified of your break up- thanks to Facebook.


Before, there were only four types of relationship status. There is single, engaged, married and in a relationship with. Now things must have gone harder because it isn’t very easy was added.


Everybody will hurt us at some point in our lives; it is up to us who are the ones worth bearing the pain for.


I am having a hard time remembering how to forget you completely.


If my love life is a movie, my story must be in the tragic category.


It is better to hear the hurtful words than to be left with no comments at all.


Which one is easier to do? Forgetting or forgiving? Is it possible to do both?


Until now, I am still unsure whether he loved me because he needed me or he needed me because he loves me.


Physics already warned us that each action has an equal and opposite repercussion, but we all seem to forget this when it comes to love.


Do not chase people who left you behind because in the first place, if they were meant to stay, they should have never left.


How I wish that the heart could forget faster than the brain, in that way, heartache will not last a long time.


The rain can mask the tears of the pain of the broken heart.


You cry to sleep at night because of him, but the question is, is he worth it?


It is much better not to have a theme song because if you go your separate ways, a piece will not make you remember any memories.


What is the point of loving someone who also loves someone else?


You can never say you fall in love without experiencing the pain of a broken heart.


A sun must set for us to see the beauty of the moon and stars; it works the same way in love.