Top 35 Love Status Sayings

Love is a feeling that no one in this world can fully explain.
If it is made up by our mind or felt by our heart.
Here is some love status to help you reach out or express your feelings to your special someone.

They say my life is perfect. I say it is because of you.

Whenever I think of you, my heart beats faster, aches easier, and I live longer.

No matter what life throws at us, I will always love you.

My love and my life turned into one, and it is you.


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You are my dream that came true.

Awake or asleep, I will always be with you.

Life is a battle, but I will be your shield to protect you.

60 Quotes About Love

You and I will someday be with each other and will grow old together.

I don’t know if it is faith or destiny that lead me to you. All I know is I have no control falling for you.

Now and forever, the times I want to be with you.

Looking in your eyes down to your lips is like living and dying at the same time.

Cute Love Status

I can’t stop loving you, and nobody can force me to.

You own my heart; please don’t break it.

I never knew love like this existed until I met you.

Love Messages

Through good days and bad days, my love for you will always stay the same.

My love, affection and attention are all yours, for you have my heart.

My mind can’t keep you out of my thoughts, and I can’t keep myself from falling for you.

Love me today and forever, or do not love me at all.

My teacher never taught me that the heart is responsible for love.

Take my heart for my mouth can’t say what I feel for you.

Flower Quotes

To love gives you strength and to be loved gives you courage.

I may not be your first, but I want to be your last.

Love is something that words can never explain.

Someone you loved broke you, not love itself.

Memories Quotes

Fall for someone who wants and waits for you.

Love is a risk and can cost everything.

You will meet plenty of cowards before the right person says I Love You.

Love is perfection beyond imperfection.

Staying loyal is far from breaking your own heart.


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Never let someone keep you from loving the right person.

You will never know if it is love unless you’ve been broken.

Don’t fall for words. Trust actions.

Love is more profound than oceans and higher than the sky.

Love conquers all battles of life.

Happiness and pain are both parts of love.

Falling in love is easy; staying in love is a choice.

Love is being happy for someone though you are no longer part of his happiness.

Love makes the world go round.

Happiness is loving yourself.

If the ending is not happy, then it is not the end of love.

Letting go is the hardest way of loving.

My kind of heaven is a place for only me and you.

Love is simple; people make it complicated.

I had been struggling for life until I met you.

I die every day to live a day with you.

If I could only stop time whenever I’m with you, the whole world would never move again.

Looks are deceiving the heart is more worth living.

I lost my soul because I gave it to you.

Live life like it is your last day and love like you never loved before.

You are the reason my heart overflows with love.

Never give up on someone you love.

Live with no fear and love without regret.

My heart skips a beat whenever I catch a glimpse of you.

I heard the angels sing when you call my name.

You and I are meant to be for love are flowing within our heart and soul.

Love is forgiving someone without any apology.

Jesus is love, and He is forever.

Faith makes us more robust, and love keeps us together.

You know you are in love with the right person when your happiness is his happiness.

Don’t lose the moon while counting the stars.

I’d rather lose an argument with you than lose you.

Love keeps us alive.

We are bound to be together, today and forever.

Never beg for someone’s attention, for it comes with love.

Know your worth and never settle for less.

Only love can melt a frozen heart.

Everyone we meet is meant to be. To either break us or love us.

The smiles and tears are signs that you can love.

Love yourself, for it is something you don’t owe anybody but you.

Love is you and me.

Stop chasing the dim lights and start focusing on the bright side.

Overcoming your fears is love itself.

Cheating is for the weak. Staying faithful is for love.

I would stay awake to watch you sleep and die every day to see you smile.

Love comes with pain, but it is all worth it with someone willing to wait.

The sun will always shine after the rain, just like happiness after all the pain.

Never get tired of love, for it is why we are made.

Love is God. When you are with Him, you are never alone.

Keep your faith strong and your love unconditional.

Love every flaw of him just like you love all his perfection.

Distance does not matter as long as our hearts belong to each other.

Every relationship goes through a struggle, but only strong ones make it through.

Love is not about how long we’ve been together; it is about how far we are willing to be together.

Love without respect and honesty is not loved.

Romance is a part of love because love is life itself.

This world is full of temptations; only the good ones are in for love.

Nobody could tell me how I should feel for you because my heart beats only for you.

The way the sunshine is nothing compared to the light you put in my darkness.

You will meet a few cowards before the right one comes and show you what love is.

Thank you for giving my life meaning.

You are the reason for all my success and the motivation for my failures.

The way your eyes shines so bright is the light that warms my life.

I will never give up on you because you are my dream come true.

Roses are red; violets are blue, three words for a lovely lady like you, I love you.

I never thought life could get any better till I found you.

No wonder the sky is coloured blue, for you are all the colours of my world.

The world isn’t perfect because, to me, perfection is you.

Love is a game that only the kind-hearted ones win.

I will never see life the same ever again and know it is because of you.

My happiness is with you, for I love you.

Today, tomorrow and forever are the times I want to be with you.

No candy can compare to the sweetness you put into my life.

If I have to wait thousand years, I will. My love will grow stronger through those years.

Your touch, your eyes, your smile are the things I want to memorize.

Someday we will not only make memories but history.

Someday we will never have to say goodbye.

My only dream is to grow old with you.

Our flame would burn the brightest, and our love will be the toughest.

Since the day I met you, my world began to be full of love.

No matter how people see us, the only thing that matters to me is you.

If I fight and argue with you, it only means I love you too much to lose you.

Sometimes tears would have to be shed to know how beautiful every happy moment we had.

Someone will take away all the pain and fill you with love.

All the stars will shine bright on the day you meet the right guy.

Never go away because you will take my heart away.

With you dreaming is as good as reality.

No one will ever come close to the joy you bring me.

We meet people for a reason. Some to teach a lesson and some to be a part of our life.

Not all relationship ends happily; sometimes, you have to let go to ease the pain of loving the wrong person.

When one door closes, another one opens.

Letting go is loving from a distance.

You are the stars to my night and the sun of my life.

Like flowers in the wild, my love for you will never die.

Trust is a glass, never break it, or you would be wounded.

Love with your heart but take your brain with you.

Lust is for the weak, and love is for the great.

Keep shining, for love is overflowing inside you.

I will never let you go, for my life will end the time I will do so.

My heart beats only for one person, and that is you.

My love for you is like an abstract, crazy but still a work of art.

No song can describe how my heart dances when I am with you.

You are the apple to my pie and the straw to my berry.

Like my favourite dessert, you are the sweetest.

Forever’s not enough to be with you.

I love you to the moon and back, always and forever.

With you, life is a wonderland.

Sugar and spice that’s what our love is made of.

Be honest with me or be fake with someone else.

Hold me close and never teach me how to walk away from you.

You are the right to my left, the up to my down and the love of my life.

That day will come when I can hold you in my arms and stay there forever.

I thank God every day, for He gave me the love of my life, you.

Life without you is like a day without the sun.