Top 40 Never Settle for Less Quotes


Of all the people in this world, you should never forget to love yourself.
You deserve nothing other than the best; you should never settle for less.
It is your responsibility to try your best for yourself, to always leave something for you.
You can’t just give all your love to somebody else; allow yourself to indulge in something that would help you along the way; always try to retain some love for yourself.
When you are in the market and have bought something, never settle for less than what you paid for.
Here are some quotes that will help you realize that you should never settle for less.


You deserve something more than this, so darling, I want to remind you to never settle for less.


If you want it, fight for it, do all that you possibly can to get it because you can still be happy.


You are meant to be the main character, so stop settling for just a minor one in the story.

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You have a lot of potentials, so go and pursue what you want, do not belittle yourself, my dear.


Stop being just a chapter on someone else’s life, be the whole book, be full of other stories.


Maybe you just haven’t found it yet; you do not need to say it is not meant for you at all.



It’s just that you need to keep on looking, search for it until finally, you find what you want.


Stop trying to adjust yourself to things that will not be important later on in your life.


Accept yourself and learn to love yourself so that it becomes easier to overcome all the hurdles.


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Once you start settling for something less, you will always do it repeatedly, for sure.


Think about it this way: when you try your best, you should also get what you deserve.


You should know what you are genuinely worth because that is the only way to know who you are.


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Are you getting something less than you should be getting? Think again right now, my dear.


Stop settling for words that are thrown at you; they mean nothing at the end of time, baby.


If you believe in words over actions, you might as well throw yourself into a bottomless empty pit.


Do not forget yourself when you fall in love with someone. Keep some love for yourself too.


It would help if you were getting only the best of the best, you have done your part, let your prize come.


Do not rush things. Learn the art of waiting for the best things to come your way possibly, girl.


If something is meant for you, no matter how long and what way you choose, it’ll be yours.


Stop searching for her, do what you can now and improve yourself and become better, boy.


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Girl, what you need right now is some inspiration, something to persuade you to love yourself.


If you want success, what you do is try your best in what you are doing and strive harder.


You can be a lot more, stop being okay with good enough, demand more, demand better, girl.


If you have a dream, never stop until you achieve it; you deserve to be the best there is ever.


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At the right time, the right man will come to you; until then, stop lowering your standards.


You will find what you are looking for when you need to find them.


If you have done some hard work, you also have to reap significant benefits, that is it, dear.


Refuse to settle for something less than the best. You need to track it down and get it, honey.

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Stop dealing with people who do not deserve you. Start getting so much more, and you need to.


There is no need to rush things. Go ahead and take your time; you can do so much more, babe.


Keep living the life you are meant for, and you can have so much more than this right now.


Be the most awesome person you can ever become and live your life entirely you’re meant to.


If you want to settle, then you might as well pay for the best there ever is my Lil cutie pie.


For now, remember that you have something in you that is unique to you, don’t forget.


Go for the extraordinary, go for the special, the unique, and stand out from the crowd, girl.


You can do something more than this, so go for it, do this and be great.


Do not just be contented with the crumbs when you know you can bake the bread.


God has a bigger purpose for you more than you think, so stop trying to be someone else.


You need to be the average; you can become so much more than this, so go ahead and do it.


I always tell my kids that they should never settle for less because they are my treasure.


Those easy choices will never be correct; go ahead and do the hard thing, babe.


Stop seeking comfort because sometimes you need to go for the difficult one to be the best.


Demand only the best for people, especially when you know you deserve just that: the best.


If the path you are taking is the one with the least resistance, it might just not be the right one.


Choosing which way to go is hard, but I tell you never to go for the easiest one, dear.


Honey, forget all else and do not ever settle for something that you do not deserve love.


Do not forget how special you are; you are brighter than the moon and even the stars, baby.


You are the epitome of perfect, and that is also what you deserve: the most excellent of all, dear.


Stop being content with what you have and try to get so much more than what you have.


You can accomplish much more than this if you know how to fight for it. Indeed, I tell you.


Years from now, you need to make sure you choose the ones that won’t make you regret them at all.


If all things fail now, I hope you remember that I told you to never settle for less, ever.


It would help if you got what you paid for; it is hard-earned money; get the worth of what you spent.


If it matters to you, you will do your hardest to get it, no matter what, that’s how it is.


When it is close to your heart, you will do all that you can do to get it, so do just that.


It would be fantastic if you could get what you want; you could do your best to get it.


You do not need to seek the thorny path; you need to face it once it comes to your face.


Never settle for less, and then you will realize what you are worth; that is the truth of it.


If you can help it, do not settle for better but only stop searching once you see the best of life.


The funny thing is that when you try your best to do something, you sacrifice something else.


If you can get the best, why should you spend your life fitting in with the rest of the world?


Earning cash is never easy, so you might as well do your best to get what you need to get, girl.


Thou shall never settle for less even if it means that you will be alone your whole life, dear.


You can be more than you think if you follow your heart and believe in the impossible, baby.


God will never give you hurdles that you cannot handle, so believe in yourself and Him.


If life tries to stop you from getting something, it might be worth fighting for, honey bee.


And when the time comes when you have to choose, do not be taken for granted, boy.


Stop being the scapegoat of your friends, and finally, stand up for yourself this time, okay?


You should not be someone’s last choice; you deserve to be someone’s only option, baby.


May you always treasure yourself because that’s the only moment you’ll be happy.


Never settle for less when you buy something because you paid for it; get what you paid for.


Never settle for less; the first moment you do, you will always keep on doing it over and over.


I am reminding you never settle for less, or you will just be taken for granted all the time, girl.


With all your background, a person like you should never settle for less, fight for your right.


In this world, never settle for less, or you will also degrade yourself more than you know, boy.


Never settle for less, some things are just not meant for you, and that is okay; realize that’s okay.


If I told you that I would never settle for less, would you stop treating me the way that you do?


May you never settle for less because you have worked so hard for this. Stop doing it to you.


There are so many opportunities for you, so never settle for less, do not make yourself sorry.


I wish I am there for you to tell you to never settle for less, do not give things up.


Okay, isn’t okay; never settle for less; get the best you can ever get, whatever you can.


If you can grab the best there is, never settle for less; you deserve so much more, baby.


In this world where everything isn’t yours, never settle for less; get what you need.


If it seems that things are not going to be the way they are, do that; never settle for less!


If there is an opportunity to be the best, then take that moment to get it for you.