New Day Quotes


Every day is a brand new day to start anew; it is an opportunity to go out there and enjoy this life.
It is also a new chance to begin again, erase the mistakes of the past and be a better person.
You see, a new day is another excellent way to try to become a better person and do great things.
See a new day as that chance you have been waiting for in your life to bring forth something good to this world.
Here are some new day quotes to help you see it that way.


With every new day that comes along, there is strength, and there is courage, my dear.


Promise me that you will not give up but start over no matter what kind of mistake you make.


So today has ended but do not worry, you still have tomorrow to make things right again.

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Tomorrow is what makes today so exciting; the future is left unknown, that is why.


Every single day that you get up to each morning brings you thousands of new opportunities.


Every single morning that you get to wake up, I believe you thank Him for that new day too.



Maybe tomorrow, you will finally realize just how much you are truly worth and stop settling.


You can still achieve the things that you desire the most in this life, so do not worry, my dear.


Think of how privileged you are to think and enjoy this life and breathe as well.


Celebrate this new day by saying things of praise and love with a bright smile on your lips.


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I want to prove that you matter, that you can forget about the past and move forward.


You have to take care of things yourself, but do not worry; it will all work out by its end.


You need to concentrate because this might be the best day of your life, too.


Make this day the best one there ever was by trying your best in everything you do, girl.


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Every new day is another chance to write your story and head it in the direction you want.


I am sure that there is tomorrow; I seem to have messed up this day today. Good riddance.


On the other side of the story, I know that a new day will finally start on becoming right here.



I think I am lucky that things in life are meant to become just like this day here.


Make your story a good one, and do your best to try out a new one every new day that you get.


I want to be exact that things will work out the way they are meant to, never anything less.


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When the sun comes up, I know that I have another shot at this crazy thing called life.


Every page in this day would be written in your book of life to which you are the author.


Once a new day starts, I hope that you can dare to smile happily at everything in your life too.


The best thing is when you believe that every success of your story reflects on you too.


There are so many days each year, but then life is short, so you might want to try your best.


Each day may be another struggle, but you have to think about many things in this life now.


It sure feels like a new day, being able to wake up once more to the sound of your voice, baby.


I hope you have enough courage that you can face all the things that will bother you today.

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Your family ought to support you on each passing day that comes; you have to remind them.


You ought to greet the world good morning and then just let things go with a simple mind.


Every morning you get another blank page to the right your story on, go and do just that now.


I had to tell you, this morning when I woke up; I felt the change; it felt like a new day came.


I wish you would have all the strength and wisdom to write your diary the best way now.


There is darkness on the other side, but today you have the morning to make it all work.


Every day is but a new chance to try and make things work out between you and life.


Life is always rude, but it is never unforgiving; you can still make things work.


Every new day is but one more chance to change the story that is your life; go write it out.


If you try your best to dedicate things to yourself, you will realize their worth.


I want you to know that the best things in life will come free to us; believe that too.


Forget about all your yesterday; they do not matter any longer. Only today does, my dear.


When you start treating each new day like you do every new year, you might be a better one.


Let the past be on its own while your future takes care of tomorrow; focus on today.


Make this day the best day you can have so that you won’t have to worry about the next.


I am glad that there is still tomorrow because I can still try to make things right then.


I have to tell you that every new day is a sign that you are forgiven and start over again.


When you try your hardest to try and make things work out, you will then believe me here.


See, you can still start fresh and achieve the things you long for the most in this life.


You have that beautiful privilege of getting to be alive of having tomorrow to make it right.


I think what you should do is enjoy this life, think, breathe, and love everything.


Each new day is there for you to renew yourself and start to find your happiness too.


Thank you today, and yet look forward to tomorrow so you can fix all the mistakes you have.


But believe me that when you try your best, then the best really will come to you as well.


If you think about it, getting a new chance is just the best thing ever that can happen now.


Many opportunities have come and passed you by, but you can still search for them and go on.


The very next day is another new day, so start yourself anew and begin your life journey.


Just a new chance in life is good, but being your best is even better for today.


Today is done, but tomorrow is a perfect reason not to give up and redo things.


Brand new days like this might be the reason why you really should try your best in all of it.


I think it is nice to be the person you have always wanted to be, do you believe me here?


A good life is good because you know there will be another new day to look forward to then.


My advice to you is to take risks when you think they are required; stop playing safe.


You should try your best too, in all the things you do for that is the way life is.


Today is but another new day, and you are the one who shapes it; you decide what to do to it.


Yesterday has ended and today is another day; make this one yours and start what you want.


I think it is nice that a new day has yet to come, do you not think that way as well, my dear?


There is another time when you can do more than what you think and today is that chance.


Do not let other people shape your new day due to fear or ignorance, step up to it by now.


Make things right by trying out today, try new things and start to do your very best as well.


The offer stands that you get a lot of new things by trying your very best in all that you do.


As long as you do things right, you will get the things that you most desire, believe me here.


I want you to know that every day you get is precious, so do not waste it.


Today is undoubtedly a great new day to start over and redo things that you did wrong previously.


May you learn to use your time wisely to not waste so much on the wrong things.


Life is meant to be lived, so forget about yesterday’s mistakes and do your best now.


It is such a lovely day to laugh and enjoy this life, so I suggest that you do a happy birthday.


Do you not think that it matters that you should try to concentrate on what you have for today.


A new day is a sign that you can get things right this time around, so you might as well try.


I am glad that I am here today, but I messed up real good yesterday; I am happy too.


To be with you was but a dream back then, but now here I am, we are happy now.


It is an excellent thing that there are so many tomorrows that I can be who I am now.


There is no point in hiding things that are not meant for you; you are fantastic, you know?


Some things are for you; some are not; that is just how things are, for now, baby.


I wanted to ask you about so many things, but I do not get the opportunity to, my darling.