Second Chance Quotes

Not everybody deserves a second chance; most people often take things for granted.
But do not worry, there comes a time in life when you have just got to give it your all and maybe this is the day to do just that.
For the people trying their best to do what they can, you might as well do your best to deserve that second chance.
When you make a mistake, it is not guaranteed you will get a second chance, but you deal with the consequence.
Here are some quotes about the second chance that will help you understand it better now.

There is no second chance in this life, so all you get left with is feeling remorseful.

This is what I believe; you should give life another try; just because you failed once, it’s not over.

There are so many secrets that you should know about, but I promised others not to tell you too.

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You can let things go, you know, but then you would not get another shot at this, I tell you.

We are people, so we tend to make mistakes, then we hope for a second chance from others.

I believe this is what I think; when you are given another chance, you have to try even better.

Every second of your life, you are given another energy to make the most out of it then.

If you keep on repeating the same mistakes, what is the point in trying over and over then?

If you ever get that second chance in this life, I hope that you go and do it all for your sake.

There are times when life will give you a second chance, but you need to make it this time.

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You deserve a second chance in this life, so try your best to remind yourself it’ll be okay.

Keep your thoughts to yourself but do enjoy the things that you have. Try again when you must.

God will never refuse you when you ask Him for another chance; He is far generous for that.

Everything you may want He will give to you, so do not hesitate to ask, my dear.

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Make things work once you are given a second chance; not every day you get one.

If you still have your breath with you, then you still have the chance to make things better too.

There is no point to think you won’t get another shot at life, but you must try your best.

If someone is kind enough to give you another shot, be grateful not to ask for another one.

Maybe it is what you do on that second chance that matters the most over the very first one.

People make mistakes, and I believe that they need to be punished as well now.

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I know they should be forgiven, but first, they must atone for the mistakes that they have made.

You made a mistake; then you were punished for it; I hope you get a chance to redeem yourself.

We are bound to make mistakes, that is by far more every day, but we must be given another try.

When it comes to Him, you would never run out of a second chance, for He is very forgiving.

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Of course, we all might need another chance to prove ourselves, right? Do you agree as well?

Everyone someone wants to start over but does not believe that another day is one to try now.

Do try again; I hope that you do and that you believe that you can still do more by now then.

Every morning that you get to wake up is another second chance given to you.

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See, you have to have drafts until you get to the final version. That is the way it is with life too.

In real life, you do not always get the chances you need; that is the truth about it too, girl.

You might not ever get another shot at it, but there will be changes close to that now.

They call it tomorrow; I call it a new beginning to this life that I am now living in.

Keep fighting and keep believing that some days things will work out for the better.

People usually take their second chance for granted that they’re not given another one again.

Sometimes you make mistakes so unredeemable you forget about trying over again, my dear.

Go ahead, gamble and take risks as long as you know all the consequences that follow it too.

If you were not given a second chance, I hope that you still live your life fully.

You might as well try it and go for it. Else how would you know if you should be in it?

Every moment of your life is as good as any other chance you will want to get in life.

I hope that we are given two chances in life and a lot of them to prove things right.

A second chance might come your way, one way or another, but you have to take it rightly too.

Indeed you might have made a mistake, but it is not unforgivable, so go ahead and try again.

And when you are once more given a chance to try, I hope you give it your all this time too.

You call it a failure; I call it a lesson; you just have to give it another try; that’s the way it is.

In the case that you would not get the chance to try again, at least you did give it your best.

Like trains, second chances arrive, but when you do not grab it, they depart quickly.

Do not let this be your final blow. Oh, there is much more to life than what you think now too.

The way things are looking seems like you won’t try again, but I sure hope you will too.

Do take advantage of every opportunity that you get to be presented with; I wish you would.

You were given a second chance in this life because there is something that you must still do now.

Every chance you get is a gift that is meant to be received and also meant to be given.

As opportunities are snuffed out, they multiply and spread like wild, wildfire, girl.

Some want to dance but remains seated; I hope you push your way through it.

See, do not wait for the opportunity to come knocking at your door, be the one to knock on his.

I hope that when you are given a second chance, you will recognize the trick this time around.

You are the one who decides who will enter your life and who leaves, do decide wisely now.

Take chances, and do not forget that it is okay to make mistakes; they are a part of your life.

Pain helps you grow up, so do not hesitate to hurt at moments like this one.

A second chance will not mean a single thing as long as you did not learn at all from before.

You know what? The reason why you fail is so you can practice being braver as well, my girl.

I think there is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone make their comeback in life.

See, it is not that good to watch someone fail, but it is really good when you watch them get up.

You should work harder than ever to prove yourself worthy of your second chance, my dear.

Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, I hope you will genuinely make that comeback, girl.

You get your dreams once you give it your all, once you try your best to get what you want.

You may need to fail at times to get used to the pain, so you try and try again as well.

Thankful is what you are for the second chance given to you; I hope you won’t need the third.

There is nothing more exciting than being able to see someone fail and try again and succeed.

Those problems back then are no longer here, so do not throw your chance away and try more.

No matter how broken and hurt you might be, I hope you will enjoy this life and fix it.

Even if you are hurt and feel defeated, I hope that you will try your very best in life.

I hope that you will give out a second chance to other people who deserve it.

When you are confused about what to do, I suggest you pick the bolder choice indeed, my dear.

You may have tasted defeat by now, but I hope it did not discourage you from trying again.

What you deserve is a second chance at life, an opportunity to try again, to keep ongoing.

You can fall at times, but I won’t let you stay down; you deserve better than that girl.

Sometimes when you give out a second chance, you give them another chance to hurt you.

As long as you are still alive, I suggest that you try your best, that you give it one more shot.

There will always be another try, another opportunity to be the best in this life, girl.

Never be afraid of things in this life; I suggest you do what you can do the most, now.

Make your life the best that it can be, far from what you expected but you’ll love too.

You indeed have another chance at this life, so make it all the more worth it by trying too.

When you wake up tomorrow, you will realize that everything did happen to please you.

This may not be the best time, but you are worth every chance is given today.