60 True Romance Quotes

A romantic quote can make a huge difference and create an excellent impact on your special someone’s day. Nothing can make them any happier than receiving beautiful and romance quotes from you. Here is our list of handpicked romance quotes just for you and your special someone. Feel the romance as you read through our list of accurate romance quotes, and please feel free to share.

You are the only man I kissed, and I can’t breathe without you until now.

I do not want to sleep anymore, because finally at this very moment, the reality of my life is better than the dreams I have when I am asleep.

I cannot specify the exact time and exact place when I fell in love with you; I guess ours happened in a blink of an eye.

Our love story happened in a heartbeat.


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I love you in a way that I cannot put together the right words to describe it. All I know is that I love you.

Others believed that love is not eternal, but it is and will always be for both of us.

You are my home. Wherever you go, I will follow you.

I do not want to miss you. That is why I always want to be with you.

Our romance turns the dirt in our lives into golden pixie dust that brings magic to our hearts.

The whole planet conspires to help me in finding you. Now that I did, I have no plans of losing you in my life.

I want all of you. Every single day. All I want is just you.

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Your love freed me from all the heavy burdens and pain of my life.

You are the missing piece that I have been searching for to complete the puzzle of my life.

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I get unfortunate every time I entertain the thought of losing you in my life.

My love for you is like a wind. You cannot see it, but I always see to it that you will feel it.

To love is to accept that you will become vulnerable because you can’t fully experience love without being weak.

My heart is singing a song exclusively just for you.

I am not a poet, but this word keeps coming to my mind to say, You are my breath and my life.

Whenever I am kissing you, I can’t do and think of any other things.

Your heart sang a lovely song then my heart fell in love with you right away.

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I did not fall in love with you because my eyes said you are beautiful; I fell in love with you because my heart just did so.

Whenever I am with you, I feel safe and warm, and most of all, I feel loved.

I do not think that it is possible that someone else out there loves you as much as I do.

When two people are in love with each other, they unknowingly create another world only both of them can appreciate.

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I don’t think that I can afford to lose you in my life.

I will not get tired of telling the whole world how much I love you.

I admire you. I adore you. In short, I love you.

You make me happy and loved in a way that I never dreamed would be possible.

You are the only dream in my life that finally came true.


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Holding your hand is one of the things I love doing with you.

With you by my side, I am ready to explore the wonders of life.

I will cherish and treasure all the moments that we have until the day that I die.

I will hold your hands until the end of time, for I want you to be with me when that time comes.

You are like a meteor that shot across the dark sky, and suddenly you made everything very bright, and that includes my life.

I do not want us to part, but instead, I want us to be one at heart.

Thank you for giving me a true romance to living it with you.

Loving you might look like a mistake for others, but I will gladly do it all over again no matter what they say.

I love you at first sight, and I want you to be the last sight I will behold.

Our hearts are connected neither by ropes nor thread but with our love for each other. Love is pure, true romance.

I am ready to risk all and everything that I have for the sake of our future worth having.

You have become my soul. You are my only mate. You are my soul mate.

Love is not just a plain and mere feeling. It is a decision, a choice and a commitment.

You are the only one who loves me as much as you respect me.

I do not feel butterflies in my stomach whenever I am with you; instead, I think utmost tranquillity and peace.

You are the only one who makes my heart burst fiery flames of love.

The sight of you melted my heart like how butter melted in the fire.

In love, one must be ready to give everything at one point.

You can’t measure love. That is why there is no such thing as you love him more than he does.

If you are always expecting something to get out of love, you are not falling in love. Instead, you are investing.

I want to be with you until both our hair turns grey or white.

Time will come where we will hurt each other’s feelings, intentional or not, but I want us not to give up. I want us to hold into each other; you and I will conquer things together.

Life in this world will be meaningless if I do not get to spend it with you.

My version of the best night ever is watching our favourite movie while we cuddle on our couch because it is the simple moments that often count the most.

You are the reason why my world turned upside down -in a good way.

The simple things that you do for me make me fall in love with you over and over again each day of the year.

Our romance is everything that I have in this whole universe.

You are the perfect word that rhymes together with the poem of my life.

Whenever I tell you I love you, I am not saying because I have to. I am saying it because I want to, and I mean to.

My love for you is as deep as the deepest trench found on earth.

My soul longs for you as much as my heart does.

I am full of energy every day because your sweet love powers me.

My day will not be complete without me seeing you smile.

The act of loving you is driving me to the pit of madness.

Love is the only thing that any medicine cannot cure.

There is no prescription for two people who are both crazy in love with each other.

To have you in my life is like winning the jackpot in the lottery for a lifetime.

I want to let you know that you are the biggest miracle that heaven has sent me.

Your absence weighs heavier more than somebody else’s presence.

There are so many stars in the sky, but you are the only star that gives my eyes the greatest delight.

I want you to lock my heart and throw away the key because I do not want someone else to enter and stay in my heart but you.

If there is one decision that I have to make again, I will love you.

If I have two lifetimes, I will use both to love you.

I am giving you my precious heart, so please take care of it and keep it.

The longer the time I think of you, I always end up not finishing anything.

Love has no law. It has no rules. For love is a free-flowing thing like the water.

I can’t wait for the day to come where I can legally call you mine.

Your heart sings a melody. Only my heart can understand the message.

Even if I have two hearts, it will not be enough to bear all my love for you.

The day that you loved me, the whole world became mine.

If there is one more thing I want to do before my last breath, it is to kiss you.

We are not as rich as the other people, but it feels like I am the wealthiest man on earth with all your love.

I became stronger when your love touched my soul.

I do not need an umbrella under the rain when I am with you.

Your love is way warmer compared to the summer breeze.

I’d rather die than live another day of my life without you next to me.

I can afford to miss anything, but I can’t afford to ignore your kiss.

Because of you, I was reborn with a tangible goal in life.

You are an angel that God has given me. Whenever you speak to me, the sound of your voice soothes me.

We both have two separate souls, but we hearts that became one.

Each morning I look forward to spending the rest of my day with you.

I am good when I am alone, but I am much better when you are with me.

A day spent with you is worth decades of my previous dull and colourless life.

You are my heart’s desire that will never expire.

If I can pick a star every time, you make me feel loved, the night sky will be blank, for I will have all the stars in my hands.

Our love for each other is like an unbeatable force, for we can turn the universe inside out.

How magical it is when you didn’t touch my heart but my soul as well.

When you are ready to love, see that you are also prepared to get hurt and forgive.

The difference in our personalities is the force that holds our relationship together.