70 Attractive Quotes – Law of Attraction Quotes


There are times in life when you feel so insecure about yourself, even if you are truly beautiful. These cute quotes are here to remind you of that. You need to remember that being beautiful is not just about your appearance but also your personality. Law of attraction quotes will help you let the real you shine, and you become more beautiful, but when you get afraid to show the world who you are, your light dims, and everything seems a whole less attractive.
Here are some attraction quotes that will keep on telling you how beautiful you are and tell you that you only need to be yourself and no one else to be the most beautiful person you can become.


If you think that you are fat just because you do not fit the image of being slim, stop. You are beautiful no matter what size of clothes you wear, do not let society tell you otherwise.


Do not let anyone make you feel inferior because you are a different person, a unique person who can show the world that she is proud of herself.


Do not be afraid to tell the world what your point of view on things are, no matter how eccentric they may seem, because all opinions that have been accepted were once eccentric as well.

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You can only become the person you choose to evolve, so be the best person you can be. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not beautiful.


When you believe in yourself, you become the person you are meant to be. So keep on telling yourself that you can do this because you genuinely can.


Sometimes, you need to put your mind to it, and you can do whatever it is that you genuinely want.


You are strong, fantastic, and excellent for waking up every day, looking in the mirror and knowing that you deserve the awesome life you are living.



When you choose to become what you truly want to be, you will keep on shining no matter how many trials you go through.


Outer beauty only matters for superficial people; the important thing is skin deep, those that can only be discovered once you get to know a person so much.


It is impossible to be beautiful in this world where everyone judges you by the way you look: no matter how thin you are, you still do not get to pass society’s standard, so you might as well forget about it.

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Just live your life and do the things you love because often, that is exactly what you need to feel good about yourself.


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You have to know this: they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the thing is that you are the beholder; you are the one who says if you are beautiful or not.


Find beauty in places you have never sought, in areas that no one has ever dared to search, inside ourselves.


Beauty is not something physical; it is more of an after-effect, the way your eyes twinkle when you are happy, the way you smile brightly, that is beauty.



You need to be brave; you need to show the world that nothing is ever going to make you fall, and that is beauty. There is beauty in being strong enough to tell the world that you will not just go with its flow.


There are far more important things than having a nice figure; you are a human being, you are not a doll, you are not someone made to look like a doll, let your voice be heard, let your beauty shine through and be recognized for it.


No matter what, how you feel is far more important than how you look, so forget about feeling sorry for yourself because it shows.


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Be more confident, radiate more of the ‘I can do this’ aura, and you will be far more beautiful than you already are.


Beauty is being comfortable in your skin and being able to tell the world, Hi, this is me, and it is all I’m ever going to be because I am fantastic.


Let the world be damned; you need not their judging eyes; all you need is to believe that you are beautiful, and you will see that most people are bound to agree with you.


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Beauty standards nowadays are ridiculous to the point that most of them are just unbelievable, that most are just impossible to achieve.


Do not ever define yourself by how you look because you are far greater than that; you are a human being, you have substance in you, you are substance, and you can be whoever you want to be.


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The moment you are happy and wear that happiness, you become far prettier than how you always have been.


Sometimes, being beautiful is just a matter of being confident in your skin and enjoying the way you look like.


You are the one who tells the world whether you are beautiful or not, so before anything else: learn to love yourself and appreciate the things you have.


There is a beauty in kindness, in giving things to people selflessly, without anything in return; there is a beauty that lies in generosity that no one else sees.

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Just be yourself, and you will find yourself happy; beauty is just a word, do not let it define who you are.


Keep in mind that you are beautiful, and you will always be beautiful because God made you, and He made you in His loving image.


People make mistakes; we are humans; after all, we are imperfect beings, which makes us alive. So instead of focusing on beauty, on images, focus on the other things that make you who you are.


Embrace how you look, learn to love the freckles on your face, the curve of your body, and you will feel beautiful no matter what other people will tell you.

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I hope that people know just how much it hurts when they criticize you based on how you look; they should not do this; they should not ruin other people.


When you accept the person you are, you become the person you have always wanted to be; you become a more beautiful person.


Let people know that it is okay; show them that no matter your size, you can still be beautiful as long as you become who you indeed are.


Tell yourself that it is okay not to be perfect; humans are beautiful because of their minor imperfections.


Be yourself, and you will see that your uniqueness will be your greatest asset in this world where everyone is trying to fit in with the trend.


Confidence and intelligence tend to make someone a whole lot more attractive than they already are.


Sometimes, the simplest things are the most beautiful.


If someone truly likes you, he will love you for who you are, not for how you look like.


The natural beauty is not in what she wears, not in her figure, but in her eyes, the doorway to her heart.


If you want other people to see that you are beautiful, you need to see it first.


Having wrinkles is not a sign of horror; it is a sign of experience, of weariness, and that means that you are trying, and they are a sign of loving your life.


The truth is that beauty is not in your appearance; it is in who you are when you are alone, in the person you become when the time of need comes.


Sometimes, you need to remind the world that you are beautiful, that you are fighting the flow of things and trying to make a change.


You are fantastic; you are unique; you are beautiful; you need to believe it to become it.


Remind yourself that beauty is not objective, it is always subjective, and before anyone else’s opinion, your voice is the first one who matters.


When you believe that you are beautiful and be proud of it, people start to see you as a lovely person.

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You are good, and I am not; that is called opposites attraction.


You need to be confident about yourself, flaunt what you have and make up for what you do not and go and show the world that you are beautiful in your own, unique way.


The only thing that imperfections become attractive is when their owner is trying to do their best to be happy with them.


The best thing in the world is when opposites attract.


Keep on being the person you are, love the person you are, and you will see the effect it has on other people when they know that you are comfortable with yourself.


Remove the negative things from your mind, tell yourself that doubts have no place in your heart; you just need to believe that you can become a beautiful person the moment you choose to be.


Just like happiness, being beautiful is a choice; it is a choice of being kind, being trustworthy, loving yourself, being confident and being you.


Forget about other people’s opinions; the only opinion that should matter is yours in the beauty talk. No matter how opposite it is.


The world is so vast that you may feel like a speck of dust in a desert but remember that without that dust, the desert would not be the same as it is.


To be attractive, you must be able to feel that way. Find a different type of them. Sometimes, opposites attract practising can be a good thing to try out.


Maybe you need to hear someone tell you that you are beautiful to believe it. So tonight, stand in front of your mirror and tell yourself that you are.


Your number 1 supporter should always be you; you are the ones who are going to carry your burdens, so you should be the happiest one when you feel that you are beautiful.


It may sound crazy, but to be beautiful, you need to forget what you look like and feel that you are.