Troubled Relationship Quotes


Relationships are important to a person’s life. They help a person feel a sense of belongingness and love. However, not all relationships are perfectly happy and at peace. Sometimes relationships are being tested to make it stronger. Below you can find quotes about troubled relationship. Read them and be advised. …More

Words of Encouragement for a Friend


Friends are very dear to us. We’re so close to our friends that we treat them as family. We are there for them during good and bad times. We laugh and cry together. But indeed, not all times are blue skies and sunshine and one of your friends might be going through something in life. What you can do for your friends is give them nice words of encouragement that you can find in our collection. Here are our well-written words of encouragement for a friend that you can use. …More

60+ Safety quotes


Quotes are a good way to make sure that your employees are going to focus on their safety. So use them wisely, display them on places where it is very easy to see them, the common place, the bulletin board, the memos or any other employee letter. You can also hold conferences and meetings where safety would be the main topic of the day. Find meaningful quotes that your employees will surely get easily and remember just as easily as well. Encourage them to protect themselves from harm and to be mindful of the consequences of the actions that they make. …More

Miscarriage Quotes


When an expecting mother experiences a miscarriage, it’s the most painful and heartbreaking time of her life. Every baby deserves to see the beauty of life and mothers spend time preparing for her little one and buying clothes, toys, blankets, bottles, and everything her baby needs, and it’s just an overwhelming experience to lose a baby. So if you’re a mom who’s experienced a miscarriage or someone who wants to comfort a brokenhearted mother after her miscarriage, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are miscarriage quotes that can totally touch a mother’s heart. …More

Happy anniversary quotes

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Celebrating a happy anniversary with your partner tells how great and how strong you’ve been together. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for decades already or for just five years. What matters is you two are in love and facing trials together come what may. Anniversaries are important as it is the day you recall happy memories you’ve made throughout the past year. So let your partner know every anniversary how much you love them. Not only does expressing love make the bond grow stronger, but it also makes the heart grow warmer. So here is our heartfelt collection of happy anniversary quotes about happy wedding anniversaries, happy wedding anniversaries for him/her and happy wedding anniversary for husband and wife. …More

62 Short inspirational quotes


Sometimes you want to give an advice that will surely be in the mind of the person you are talking to or the people you are giving a speech to, giving them a short but inspirational quote will truly make them remember you and your talk. It is very important to make a lasting impression on them. To do just that, one of the best ways would be to insert a short inspirational quote that will make them feel that you do care for them. Keeping it as meaningful as possible but still a short inspirational saying will make a mark on their minds. Short inspirational quotes are quite easy to understand and have something in them that relates to the listeners or the readers. If you want to make an article that will surely leave your readers wanting for more, use short inspirational quotes. Here is some example of short inspirational quotes that you might want to try out to achieve your goal. …More

Mother Son Quotes


Mothers hold a very special place in her son’s life. Her love and affection greatly contributes to his upbringing that’s why she dedicates all her efforts to his success and happiness. It’s very important to show mothers how much we appreciate them because we all know that we can’t repay the great things she’s done for the family. So here are mother son quotes that can help you tell your mother how much she means to you. …More

80+ Thursday quotes


The day before Friday, right before people goes all jolly and whoopy. There are so many ways to celebrate a Thursday, to hangout somewhere nice with your friends or with your family. You can also just hang around your room and have some night in with your comfort foods such as ice cream, chips and more or watch a movie or have a movie marathon. How you spend your Thursday is up to you but you need to realize how lucky you are to spend another Thursday again especially if you are going through it with a breeze. Here are some quotes regarding Thursday that you might just relate with, have fun and enjoy browsing through all of them. …More

Platonic Love Quotes


There are many kinds of love and one of them is platonic love, the peaceful and uncertain kind of love. When you want someone to be in your life though not in a sexual or romantic way, then that’s platonic love. It’s selfless, innocent and honest. A lot of people treasure platonic love snoo if you have someone whom you share this kind of love with, then these quotes are totally for you. Here are some relatable quotes about platonic love. …More

Romantic Quotes for Him


Finding the guy who loves you as much as you do is hard sometimes, so when you do find him, you’ll certainly consider yourself lucky. Show your man how much you love him through browsing our collection of romantic quotes for you husband or boyfriend. Your man might not be showy about his feelings, but if he hears or reads these romantic quotes from you, it’ll surely melt his heart and make him want to kiss you passionately. Read our romantic quotes and be inspired. …More

52 Trust issues quotes


One of the most important things in this world is to have trust in whatever relationship that you have between a person, may it be friendship, family, love, personal or even business. It is important to build it with trust because without that as a foundation, your relationship will easily crumble. It takes a lot of time to build that and to maintain it because it is all about maintaining the right character. To not have any trust issues with your friend or loved ones is also very important. In that note, here are some quotes about trust issues that you might relate to or some trust issues that you might find very useful. …More

Starting Over Quotes


Some relationships or marriages don’t really work out. People have their reasons, but whatever it is, it’s quote sad even if the couple deliberately made such decisions. However, not all breakups are sad. It might actually be a pretty good decision for people who are just not happy anymore. Here are compilations of quotes that can help you start over a relationship. …More

Step Daughter Quotes


Being a step parent to someone’s daughter may be a challenge, but it’s one of the most beautiful relationships there is because it’s not easy loving someone’s else’s child. You haven’t been there since your step daughter’s childhood, thus making it hard for your step daughter to easily trust you and love you back. But once you establish a peaceful and mutual relationship with your daughter, then it’s one of the most fulfilling things you get to experience.
Often times, step parents need heart-warming words of motivation because not all step daughters easily reciprocate love and trust with her new parent, so we have written step daughter quotes that step parents can use to express and feel love for their step daughter. …More

60+ Long Distance Friendship quotes


Long distance friendship are those that can get stronger from the miles that they are apart, where there is never anything that can prevent you from being friends. Long distance friendship is hard and very challenging but something that everyone should learn how to keep. It is with long distance friendship that we may somehow find someone who is the right person for us. It is with long distance friendship that we learn what faith really is. It sure sucks at time, long distance friendship, that is, especially when you just cannot be there for your friend when she needs you the most but somehow, you can be there for her because the reality nowadays offers lots of ways of communication. Keeping a long distance friendship at this moment is a bit easier than before. Here are some long distance friendship quotes that you may like. …More

Love Quotes for Your Boyfriend


Show your boyfriend how much you love and appreciate him through words. I know letters, texts and quotes are too traditional but they always work. Actions do speak louder than words, but words are actually also effective in showing your partner how much he means to you. It’s like music to his ears. Here’s a collection of quotes you can choose from that can help you express your unconditional love for your boyfriend. We have cute love quotes, cheesy love quotes and even quotes for teenagers experiencing young love. …More

65 Losing friends quotes and moving on


Losing friends is a very hard experience in both parts, may it be because of an argument, something, maybe a person or whatever it is. It is not great to go through part of losing friends because friends are lifelines for every person, someone to depend to when everything goes wrong. Losing friends can be very traumatizing, makes you feel like you can no longer make friends because of the risk of actually losing friends. May it be fast, slowly or at the right phase, losing friends is something that someone should never have to go through. Nevertheless, you will never have to go through the losing friends phase if you find real friends on your own. Here are some quotes about losing friends that might help you. …More

Missing Someone Quotes


Missing someone is hard and it makes you feel melancholic. Yearning for one’s presence is simply genuine and pure and you can’t help feeling sad about it, sometimes missing someone just makes you want to cry. Below is our collection of missing someone quotes where you can relate to it. Read them and you might either feel a bit better or a lot more emotional. …More

Cute 60 Sisterhood Quotes to Bond with Love


There is a quote in sisterhood that you must never let your sibling down in any way possible. There are so many ways that you can let her down but as much as you can the sisterhood rules say that you should not. There are so many more codes to sisterhood that is still unknown to people who does not have a sister. Here are some of the codes about sisterhood that you should know about and some more about having a sister that just proves that the sisterhood codes are for real. Enjoy these quotes and I hope you have a nice time with your sister and sisterhood! …More

Party Quotes


A party is one of the best events to socialize and interact with people. Whether you’re partying with your close friends or with strangers, chances are you are going to have one of the best times of your life. Below is our collection of party motivational quotes, quotes about party with best friends, and funny party quotes that you can relate with. So check out the quotes and you might find yourself using any of them as your Instagram or Facebook photo captions after joining a sick party. …More

Graduation Quotes for Daughter


Graduation day is a very memorable day for both the parent and the daughter. It brings a roller coaster of emotions and it’s the best time to celebrate achievements. This is also the time when the daughter who is graduating recollects memories of her good times and struggles towards reaching for her diploma. …More