Top 30 Feeling Left Out Quotes


There will be moments that will leave you feeling left out, maybe because you feel like you do not fit in the crowd, or maybe your group of friends has decided to go ahead and leave you because they did not like something you have done.
There are many reasons you might feel left out but do not worry because one of these days, you will finally realize that it is okay and get over that feeling.
Here are some quotes about feeling left out that might help you overcome that sense of loneliness.


There are times when the ones you love the most will make you feel like you are all alone.


When you feel left out, always remember that I will always be there for you, still, baby.


I am afraid of waking up one morning and seeing that you are no longer there at all.

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Stand up for those that get marginalized, those that are not being treated fairly by society.


And all I ever really wanted was to have someone I could hold on to when things get rough.


It was never my opinion to go somewhere far away, and I want to belong right here, right now.



The chances we never took got the best of us, that’s for sure, it is a bit sad really.


And that moment when you are feeling left out, calm down, you still have yourself, yes you do.


I no longer want to be that person who is so vulnerable that others decide to leave him.


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I will be on the side of the oppressed, of those trying to be accepted in this society.


I want people to love other people so that no one feels like they are left behind.


I want you to realize that you’re not alone. You carry in your heart memories of those you love.


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Maybe no one would want to help you; in that case, you can do it on your own; you’ve got this.


It is okay to be alone or to feel that way, and it will make you stronger in the long run of things.


There are times when solitude made the best man out of all the people in the world.



Do not worry about feeling left out; as long as you love yourself enough, you will survive this.


For now, what you need to think about is that being an outcast is fine. Stand for your beliefs.


It is okay to be alone, to stand on your own than to keep on leaning on others for help.


And the truth is that people get tired too, get bored, and get annoyed with waiting alone.


Once you get over that feeling left out moment, you get used to it, you get numb to it even.


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I want to burst apart and produce people like me, who’d understand what it is like now.


I thought being alone was the worst, but it’s with people who make you feel that way.


The worst thing in this life is being stuck with people who you know cannot withstand you.


And for now, you should surrender; this is no longer your fight but of all that was oppressed.


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Sometimes, when you feel left out, all you need to do is think about your family.


If you want to know yourself better, you might as well isolate yourself from people at times.


Who you are with friends and family is different when alone; try to get to know that.


When you want people happy, you forget yourself, and in the end, you get left behind, sadly.

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The family will never see you feeling left out, and they will always try to make you think you are loved.


It sucks not being able to be the one to be with you, and I know how you must be feeling right now.


I forgot that you only remember me when you require something that I have.


I watched in pain as my friends regrouped themselves, leaving me all alone with no one at all.


There will come a time in life when you will have to choose to let go or to stay, be happy, girl.


You are appreciated here, so forget that you feel left out; you belong here, you’ll do okay.


I am so used to being left alone that I have gotten used to feeling like I don’t even exist now.


When you get to be the second choice all the time, you learn not to make yourself a priority.


I have long been the backup plan, which others go to when they do not have anyone else.


It sucks being the one who is always the next choice, never the first one; I feel so unimportant.


I know you are feeling left out, I have been there before, but you will get through this.


How do people get through this loneliness & pain of being alone and all on their own?


The thing is that no matter what, things will work out. Eventually, it will be okay, believe that.


I have a lot to say, but I chose not to say a word because you won’t believe it anyway.


You may be feeling left out right now, but there will come a time when you will finally fit in.


You left me feeling as if it was my fault when you are the one who did the wrong things, boy.


How could you choose her over me when I was the one who was there for you all along, boy?


It hurts, being the unwanted one, the one who no one cares for; it does pain a lot.


And maybe it is okay to be feeling left out; after all, we need to be alone at times, we do.


I am no longer going to beg people for attention; let them be; if they want me, they’d be here.


You decide who is worth your tears, and those who are not should be kicked out of your life.


I was rejected a lot of times, but something good came out from them, so it is better.


Feeling left out might be a good thing when you want some solitude, so relax a bit.


I wanted to belong somewhere with people I care for, but I don’t belong anywhere at all.


How sad it is to feel like a gourd that is waiting to be emptied and also waiting to be filled.


You cannot exist in two universes. You might as well try to make this one the best there will be.


It will be hard to decide on things, you will be lied to and talk about, but it will all pass.


And there are times when you will be feeling left out. That’s normal; remind yourself it’s okay.


It is regrettable when you know that there is a place on this earth where you don’t belong.


I will be with myself now and until the day I will die. That is a promise I made to myself.


I thought that we would work out fine ago, but you make me feel so damn alone here.


When a bad thing happens in your life, you must decide to help make you more robust today.


I know that feeling left out sucks, but it is a good experience for the soul; it reminds you to be kind.


And as they all say, what wouldn’t kill you now would not make sense even the next day too.


I am used to being blamed, and it is just too sad that we can have worked it out then.


I am used to being the one cancelled on, the one who is always there but always forgotten.


Stick by me, and I assure you that you won’t ever be feeling left out; I promise you that today.


I know what it is like to be forgotten by the most important person to you now.


Being ignored is a typical situation for me, so I have decided to let it be; I do not care.


Please do not feel wrong about things about me, and they are all themselves. Now I want to feel good too.


Remember that I love you whenever you feel left out; I will always be here, babe.


The thing is that my standards and expectations are too high for anyone to reach them now.


I want to keep things to myself, but I know someday I will be forced to speak them all out too.


Some things get the most of the blame, and those that barely survive, even one bit.


Dear, I hope you will never have to go through that feeling left out phase, that you will be just fine.


I know I am far from perfect, but at least I tried to be, though it has never worked out.


The family are people who would never make you feel you are alone wherever you may be.


This is given to you because you are the most fantastic ninja this academy has on it right now.


When you feel left out, come to me, and I will make you forget everything else, darling.


I wonder if there will be a difference if they make you realize you are not that one at all too.


I think tears are why it is so hard to stick to the place, and you’ll be just fine too.


I hope you will be fine in the years to come, and I see you are a handsome young one as well.


I wish you were here with me right now, but something is happening inside of me too.


Do not worry about feeling left out; it is but of the mind, be stronger willed than usual.


You’ll get over it, that feeling left out thing, you are stronger than you are, my darling boy.