Lonely Quotes


There are so many reasons for a person to be lonely.
On the other hand, sometimes, you get lonely for no reason alone; you just feel that way.
It is hard at times to know whether someone is lonely unless you ask them and that alone is hard.
You can’t guess someone’s feelings, but you do know what it feels like to feel lonely.
If you are feeling lonely or someone you know is feeling that way, here are some quotes about being lonely that you might relate to.


You can get lonely too, even when everyone is all around you. That is the saddest part of it.


There are times when I feel so alone that I do not know whom I should go to & tell, you know.


Where should I go when everyone tells me to leave and be by myself, it feels melancholic?

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I hope you do not feel like you are the only one in this world; I am still here, you know?


When you feel blue, all you need is someone to cheer you up and be with you, my dear.


I feel lonely whenever I am in the middle of a crowd, and I know I can’t tell anyone.



It may feel a tiny bit alone to be by yourself, but sometimes, it is just a matter of perspective.


This may not be that much, but I hope you feel a little bit better by yourself.


I understand you, and that is what matters the most, right, that someone does, girl.


I will be holding your hand whenever you feel that you are not enough, for you are with me.


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Even parties can get you lonely when you do not have anyone you can talk to; you know that?


You need a friend to be with you, not to feel like you are all alone.


I know that you smile to keep people from knowing how sad you feel on the inside now.


Letting people go is no easy feat, but you need to when they affect how you feel, dear.


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Sometimes, the people who matter most to you leave you and do not notice it now.


The saddest part of being lonely is knowing that you should not be because life moves on, too.


I want to understand you, the things you are going through, let me do that, please let me.



I wish that someone would let me feel important. I feel so useless most of the time.


I tried so hard not to be lonely any longer since you left me, but I just can’t, girl.


The hardest thing a person can go through is that you feel so alone with no one else.


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Why is it that the kindest hearts are the ones that pretend to be happy when they are so not?


I wonder if it is too much to ask to be happy without knowing there is sadness next.


The moment that I get to move on is when I stop being lonely all because you left me alone.


I feel so damn alone even among the crowd like I am just by myself and with no one else.


Despite being with many people, there are times when I do not feel happy, like I’m all alone.


I wanted to cry so foully from the beginning, but how do you cry without all the tears now.


I hate feeling lonely, being sad and crying all by myself in the room and wherever I tend to go.


There is but a heart inside of my chest that is but just waiting for someone to cheer it up too.

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The worst part of feeling sad is that I do not even know who I am any longer, boy.


I will never forget the people who made me feel so damn sad when I was falling apart.


How do I stop being lonely when my world slowly breaks apart the day we break up?


Anxiety is the thing that kills you; I believe that, but there is nothing else that I can rely on.


Maybe one day I will learn how to be comfortable with being by myself; I hope so now.


Being hurt by the people you love is that you most, and you feel so sad.


Sometimes, it feels like being lonely is just a part of me, as if that is what defines who I am.


Do not let go of the pain that you feel so that you might become stronger one day, my friend.


I hope that laughing may someday heal the pain inside me, that it heals me just fine.


I feel so numb at times, as if I do not feel anything; the pain inside my heart is just too much.


When I let you go, I decided that I would not be lonely; I should have known better than that.


I wish I could have someone to hold me tight at night when I feel so alone by myself.


You took my happiness with you the moment you walked away from me, leaving me lonely.


The scary part about feeling sad and alone is that they will pity you when others find out.


I do not want pity from anyone, so I do not tell them how alone I feel.


Some days, I do not know where to start with life; it feels like I am all by myself in the world.


I did not want to be lonely like this, but now here I am, all alone and feeling so damn unhappy.


And at the end of this, you will learn how to be strong even when you are all by yourself, kid.


What is easy is being with a crowd, but when you are all on your own, it is the courage to do so.


There was a phase in my life when I thought being alone was the worst thing; I guess it was not.


How can someone make you lonely when all this time you thought you controlled your emotions?


I think that you should also take the time to go and enjoy yourself just the same, do you agree?


I believe that you should stop standing with those who do not value you, trust me, on it.


You are smiling outside, but deep inside of you, all you want to do is to cry and be alone.


It is lonely when you are alone because yourself is no longer in enough company.


And in the end, you wanted to talk a lot but ended up being quiet, that is the saddest thing.


Stop pretending you are happy when you know yourself that you are not; just be truthful now.


Be strong enough and know that God has plans for you, so trust in Him, do that for yourself.


I will play the saddest songs on my playlist and then just shut the whole world off.


All those times I was so happy, I guess I was masking that I was too lonely alone.


It is hard to be alone in the world, especially in life, but there are times to be alone.


I break down a little each time when I am all by myself, but I try my best to carry on then.


The world is all smiles and laughter, but me, I’m all tears and meltdowns; that is the sad truth.


Some people do not show it, but you know how lonely they are when you look into their eyes.


Being lonely is dangerous, for you do not know what to do when you stop.


I believe that having my time is very healthy indeed as we need to know ourselves too.


It would help if you learned about yourself more so you know how to deal with your problems alone.


And you do not see me falling apart, but the longest part is that you do not even see me at all.


How do you start knowing that you are lonely and not just a bit tired of everything else, girl?


Being single is not the end; maybe you are meant for it, you are vital to do so, proud of you.


Start getting accustomed to the things around you and settle for your feelings just as well.


There are days when I feel like no one is by my side, and honestly, those times hurt very much.


Sad, lonely, feeling down, erase these words from your mind & start a new fight with youth!


I am sick of playing games all by myself, things keep messing up with me, and it’s just sad.


You cannot always be strong, my dear; it is also okay to cry, do not bottle it all up within you.


And I get sad when I stop the illusions that I am making inside my head; that is the unfortunate part.


I do not want to be lonely, but sometimes it feels like that; I just am, you know that, girl?


Some days I wonder if I was really made to be alone, and I often surprise myself at that.


There are steps and phases in this life where we need to be by ourselves; that is its truth.


Even when I do not feel anything, it is okay; the hard part is not trusting anyone.


Lonely is another term for unhappy, for not being satisfied with the things you have right now.


Are you feeling lonely, or do you feel unsatisfied with the things going on with your life?


I do not think that anyone is lonely; they are mostly just a bit unhappy with life.


You cannot have everything you want in this world, which may be why you are truly lonely.