Dark Quotes

Dark is what most people are afraid of.
But it is the place where we can hide and hide our feelings.
Moreover, it is the place where no one can see us.
Darkness is not always for bad guys, monsters or ghosts.
It is also for lonely souls who could not find themselves in the light.
Here are the following quotes that will surely change our perspective of the darkness.

Just because you chose the dark path, it doesn’t mean you are lost and hopeless.

Even you’re in the dark, the truth in your heart and the purity in your eyes will shine above.

The darker it gets, the lighter it becomes for those who take every challenge as an opportunity.


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Life is a dark thing itself. We are the light of ourselves.

No matter how dark it is, there’s always a glint of light in the eyes of a fighter.

There is a torch of hope and courage in a path of a lonely, dark road.

If the sky gets darker and heavier, it means that opportunities will come pouring down.

We don’t need a beaming light to see it all. What’s on the surface always doesn’t there.

To see the light in the darkness is nothing but an optimistic, promising human being.

The sky may get darker. But it is full of a million stars that will shine everything magically.

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As your life gets tougher and darker, look above, and you can see hope.

Darkness is not all about bad things. Sometimes it is an escape place from reality.

Don’t always choose the bright path. For sometimes, too much brightness is blinding.

The darker the path is, the more you will see the reality of life.

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There’s no light and darkness in the eyes of a believer and a dreamer.

Every one of us has a dark side. But there’s always a person who will see the best in us.

The true essence of love is when you accept the dark flaws of the one you love.

Seeing beauty in life means you’re looking beyond the darkness of the world it possesses.

Someday, you’ll realize that life won’t be dark and bad forever.

There’s always light amid the dark. And that’s you, for you are my light ball.

Pains and struggles are the dark things in the world. Without them, there’s no light.

Let yourself shine the most in the world. Believe in yourself that you can change a thing.

You have to look deeper to find the darkness in the depth of your soul.

The flaws that make us imperfect will serve as a fire to light up the road of change.

There’s a success in the dark. There are failures and mistakes even the world is bright,

Even the brightest thing in the world doesn’t make a person satisfied.

Always choose the things that make you happy, even it takes a dark road to fulfil them.

We live in a bright world where everything prefers to live in a dark one.


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You don’t have to pretend to be happy to hide your dark, lonely world.

Stop colouring your life to be radiant and vibrant when in fact, it is pitch dark.

Dark is not always frightening. Not all bad things are from there.

Dark is where we hide our fears, our pain and our tears. It is a safe place for broken hearts.

For some, the dark is a haven. This is the place where no one could see you and judge you.

Hide your fears under your sheath and hide your tears under your pillow.

Come with me and don’t be afraid, for I will be your light in this darkness.

Don’t close your eyes. Don’t let darkness overpower your brightness.

The darker your life now is, the more precious your success afterwards.

What is the best escape plan in the darkness? Look above, and you can see the answer.

Nothing is permanent in this world. If there is darkness, there will always be brightness after.

If you have hope in your heart, you can see the light despite all the darkness.

Love is a fantastic feeling, for it could move the darkness away and let the light comes in.

Dark is where all monsters hide, but not all monsters are dangerous.

Don’t let your soul be trapped in the darkness. Freed it and let it fly in the sky.

You have to embrace the dark so you can feel the light afterwards. For life is always like that.

Your eyes are always dark and intense, but I know your heart is pure and innocent.

Darkness is not always for the strong ones but also the weak.

True love does not depend on darkness and obliviousness. It depends on what is right.

In the dark, we could find reasonable solutions too. For darkness is not always that bad.

Please don’t put out your fire; let it burn until you couldn’t hold it, for being in the dark is miserable.

You can see her true self in the dark. Darkness could hide many things, even the monsters.

I love the darkness, for this is the place where I could scream and cry with no one else’s care.

Even the night seems long and endless; remember that the sun will shine no matter what.

In life, the sunsets, and the moon goes up. No matter how long the night is, the sun will rise again.

Dark can also be blinding. We could not see what is real and what is not.

Darkness is always depicted as a dungeon of angry and lonely souls.

Don’t be too comfortable in the darkness, for there are always sharp eyes hiding in it.

Don’t lose yourself in the darkness. It could make you fall and can’t go back again.

In the mouth of the darkness, find a way to escape. Seek light before you get drowned.

Nobody wants to be in dim light. Nobody wants to be alone and to feel sad.

Cries are voiceless, and tears are invisible in the dark. That is why I prefer to be in that place.

The dark is my favourite place. This is where I could hide from the cruel world outside.

Darkness is my friend. It is the place where I could cry and scream freely.

Life is much darker when you let darkness control your life. Let light reach you.

The darker side of the road is not always that bad as long as you have anyone at your side.

My family serves as my light and strength on my stormy days. They let me feel alive.

Demons love the darkness, for this is the place of vulnerable souls and lonely hearts.

When darkness comes to life, don’t be afraid. It will turn to light tomorrow.

Death is scary, but it is not always black. It could be white, light or heaven.

The safe havens of the longing and helpless souls in darkness.

I could choose to live forever in the darkness, but the heavens won’t allow it.

If there is something good about darkness is that it could hide all your fears and pains.

Black represents darkness. Black represents me. Black represent my life.

No one wants to stay in the dim light. But how could we get out when it seems endless.

I wish I could escape the darkness; I wish I could see the light soon. But how that be?

In the darkness, you are invisible. No one could judge you, and no one could scare you.

Sundown means the end of the day and the night’s start, but it does not imply a lot of hope.

I was living in the shadows for a long time. I could say that it is much better in there.

Love makes each war end and each wound heal. Love gives light to the darkness.

My flame burns out. I could see the darkness, and I could not feel anything.

Darkness makes us numb and makes helpless, but it makes us strong and brave.

With all, I closed my eyes so I could not see anything. Then I feel safe.

The night seemed quiet, but I could hear the cries of the lonely souls wandering around.

I walked in the middle of the night to find myself. But what I found is you.

I found my soul wandering in the darkness. Ironically, I found myself smiling.

How could I get out of this darkness, of this misfortune, of this world?

I am afraid that I will disappear in the dusk forever. I am so scared no one will notice.

To go up the way there? You should pass the darkest road and successfully surpass it.

There is no easy way out. We could not escape everything, even the darkness.

What I like about the night are its quietness and calmness. It makes me feel safe and fine.

God created both good and bad. But we have a will to choose between the two.

It’s alright to trap in a lonely world. Happiness comes most unexpectedly.

Your life may be colourless. But after the rain, there’s always a rainbow on the surface,

Bad things don’t happen all the time. So does life. It won’t be bad forever.

There is always a beauty hiding beneath a dull surface. You have to find it.

Light won’t reappear on the surface without having a slight shade of dimness.

There is a time when the ray of the sun seems weary, dusky and don’t matter anymore.

Don’t be afraid to come out in your comfort zone and have a little taste of reality.

Living in a shell for a long time is depressing. Come out and let the light shine upon you.

When darkness turns to light, everything will be fine, and all troubles will end.

Don’t think that the sun will not come out, for it will never happen. It will never be.

I want to get out of the dark and feel the rays of the sun. But I couldn’t.

I found a tiny light in the middle of the dark. I found a tiny hope in nowhere.