60 Feeling Lonely Quotes


There will be times when you feel sad when you feel blue, and it might hurt you so much, but you have to keep on moving on. Feeling lonely quotes are here for you when it does not do much, but letting it all out and knowing that someone out there understands exactly what you are going true is very special indeed. So read through these specially written lonely quotes that might relate to whatever you are going through right now and feel a whole lot better.


I keep my smile on all the time so that no one will figure out just how sad and lonely I am inside.


I hate to let go of the important people to me, but they always seem to be one step ahead and leave me without notice.


Sometimes, I want to know that I am at least important to someone.

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True enough, being lonely is one of the most challenging things a person can go through in life.


The loneliest people in the world are those with kind hearts who always seem to smile and pretend that they are fine.


Is it too much to ask to be happy without expecting a moment of sadness to follow it?


Being lonely is not being alone; you can be in a big crowd of people and still feel lonely despite it.



It hurts so much that you want to cry, but you keep it all inside and cry without tears since you do not want anyone else to see it.


Behind all my fake smiles is a lonely heart waiting for someone to cheer me up.


The worst part about being lonely is when I feel like I do even like myself anymore.


I will never forget going through my depression stage where it seems that anxiety is my only friend and loneliness is the only one I can rely on.


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Someday, I want to be comfortable being alone so that I do not get all that lonely anymore.


It is still better to be lonely than be hurt by people you trust the most.


Hang on to the pain, for someday, you will see that the pain you are going through is the same one that will help you become a stronger person.


It may sound crazy, but laughing heals the mind.



I want someone to reach out their hand to me and tell me that everything will be fine.


Maybe cutting is not the solution, but crying is not either, so I keep on doing the two until my body becomes numb enough to the pain that I keep on feeling here in my heart.


The worst part of being lonely is when people figure it out, and then you get a pity party.


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There is nothing good in pleasing other people because, in the end, you would not get to do it anymore.


Your heart is one of the most important parts of yourself so never give it to someone who does not know how to take care of it.


There are times when it just seems so much easier to keep on pretending that everything is alright rather than admit to yourself that it is killing you.


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It is so hard to stay alone, but it is better than being blamed, envied, hated and hurt.


The fact that the very people who were once so close to me are now the ones that keep on acting like strangers.


One of the loneliest moments of someone’s life: when you are watching your world fall apart, and you cannot seem to do anything about it at all.


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Maybe the worst part of holding on to the memories you have is not the pain that comes with it but rather the loneliness within it; this is because memories need to be told, to be shared with someone else.


We are all the same inside; we share the same loneliness and dying because of it, so why not be with someone?


Loneliness is so cruel; it makes a person feel like they are all by themself.

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So you shut your eyes to the world because no one sees you anyway; you learn to shut your mouth because no one listens and stop reaching out because no one wants to hold your hand.


There is this hole in my heart where you used to be, and it feels like I am walking around aimlessly because you left me for someone else.


Is she better than I ever was? I do not know what I did not have for you to have left me because of her when I love you more than she ever will.


It feels so lonely to realize that no one in this world will ever care about me the way you used to.


Maybe I am not sad; perhaps I feel lonely because all the friends around me are just there. After all, they need something from me.


Most of the time, it seems that loneliness is my only friend.


I listen to sad songs whenever I am sorry, and then it just makes me sadder than ever.


Do you know what hurts? The truth, but only for a short while, but lies are worse for they broke a lifetime long.


Sometimes tears are not because you are weak, but if you have just been far too strong for far too long, you need an escape.


Sleep is an escape from the reality that seems to kill me from the inside.


Do you want to know my greatest pain? Love you when I know that I will never have you.


It feels so lonely not to know myself anymore.


Loneliness is scary, but it is the only company that I have.


Most of the rich tend to be lonely, for it is true that money cannot buy everything, especially happiness.


You need to understand that being lonely and alone are two different things that are far from each other.


Being lonely is inevitable; it is a stage in life that almost all people go through, so do not be afraid.


We used to be so close we almost treated each other as siblings, so why did I wake up one day to find that we went from there to being strangers?


There are moments when it feels like the whole world can come crashing down your shoulders any time soon, and you cannot do anything about it.


Being alone is scary, but if no one can inflict pain on you, maybe it is much better that way.

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Being lonely is one of the worst feelings in the world.


I wouldn’t say I like that moment when all my anger suddenly turns into sad tears.


If you plan on making me cry, then you better be responsible enough to wipe my tears away.


The past will only keep making me sad, so I plan to never bring it again with me.


I can’t let you go because without you, I hate everything about being lonely.


I think that there is no point in crying, especially since the moment you left me alone.


I never gave up; I just wanted to rest a bit and see if you even cared about me just a bit.


Sometimes, I think the pain I feel is a big reminder that I am still alive.


Keep telling yourself constantly to be kind because you do not know what people are going through; they might be fighting battles even worse than you.


I hate it most when some people tell me they miss me, but they do not even do anything to get in touch with me; they like to feel guilty about it.


And then suddenly, my whole world crumbled to pieces, and you were not there to help me pick it up.


I feel so broken, and I do not know what I should do about it.


I do not see the point in screaming as I know that no one will listen anyway.


Don’t you dare judge me from how you see me because you do not know the real me, and you never will?


It feels so sad to see the people you know become the people you used to know.


And then there are times when you will see that life is bound to end anyway, so why not make it earlier.


It hurts, my heart does, but I guess I must be thankful to it for you because it has made me stronger.


One day someone will come to prove to you that all that came before him are just boys, whereas he is a man.


I want you to know that I am still here waiting for the day that you will come back and tell me that you still do love me even after all the years we were far apart from each other.


I am telling you I can make you happy if you give me the chance to do so.

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Without you, I am just feeling sad and lonely.


I feel sad that it is over, but I am happy for the memories we got to create.


I do not want to cry over you because I know you would not cry over me.


Do you want to know what hurts? Knowing you will never love me the way I love you and that the pain I feel will always be twice the pain you do.


If you did love me, why does it feel like you did not?


It is way easier to tell myself that I do not care than admit to people that leaving you killed me.


I wish that someday, you realize the importance of what you have let go of.


The worst feeling in this world is being ignored by the person you treasure the most in this world.


It feels sad that I am the only one left crying, and then I passed you by with your new friends, laughing as if we never happened.


Can you promise me that you will be happy, she said to me and then let me go.


Seeing you happy with someone else is better if you are not satisfied with me.


I will keep telling myself that we never happened, and maybe I’ll get used to it.