Lust Quotes


Simply put, lust is the desire you feel for someone, wanting to have something to do with them, which has nothing to do with romance.
Sometimes, lust is enough, but mostly, love is better.
However, as much as you want to say you are in love, you can be in lust as well.
You can just be physically attracted to someone, in lust and not in love with what makes them the person they are.
Here are some lust quotes to help you understand more about lust and share it with the world, how you think desire feels and how you should be dealing with passion.


The more you think about lust, the less you will find romantic love on different levels.


If you are set on finding your true love, I suggest you try to stop desire from taking over you.


There should be a fine line between getting what you want and simply taking it so fast, girl.

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I think it is poison to a relationship, letting it take over you in the grand scheme of things.


It is one thing to let your blood take over your body without heeding your heart or head.


I am a firm believer that lust has nothing to do with romance or even the kick of it, right?



Do not let your desire be the one to control you and instead, be the one to control your desire.


Of course, you feel something about that person; you’re alive and kicking, but tone it down.


There is more to this than you think; you need to realize what is truly reasonable.


Well, may it be lust or love, you have to start somewhere anyway, so why not try anything?


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There is a difference between wanting someone, their body, and wanting to be with someone.


When all you want to do is lie down with a person and tumble in bed, it is not love, know that.


There are some things in life that you must not ever let take control of you and desire’s one.


In the course of true love, which is to say that there is not a single ounce of lust altogether on it.


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You think you like that person, but it is solely physical attraction, and that is truly a sad thing.


It is forbidden to think of another woman’s body while in bed with your wife, man.


What you need to do is to pick the obvious choice, to send the feelings of desire far, far away.



Lust may not be the best foundation to build a relationship on, but it sure is nice to act on it.


And one day, you will realize the difference between love and lust and see it for what it is, girl.


It is like you are craving something such as salt when you are dying because of thirst, boy.


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There is nothing weaker but more poisonous than lusting on someone so bad it ruins you up.


Do not let it ruin you, do not let some things in this world prevent you from getting there, girl.


In the end, you only have yourself to trust to stop every wrong thing from happening to you.


I can see the lust in your eyes as you stare into mine like you are trying to undress me now.


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You must take charge of what you can, and if it means turning away from some company, do it.


Remember your vow of chastity when you are being pulled by desire and tempted by it so.


If you can strengthen your mind, you can also improve your body; try building it up.


What do I do then? How do I figure it out if I am in lust or I want things like love?


I think those who can say no when a woman seduces them is truly amazing. I think so.


You have within you a beast waiting to be unleashed, and you should keep it all locked up.


Some things are bought by desire, and pain is one of them you do not want to.


There is no escaping it when once lust has taken hold of you until the right woman comes.

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It will corrupt your body and your mind, so you need to focus on the matters on hand.


Do not let it defile your thoughts and action and remain correctly okay; that’s about it.


I know you are all but burning in it, but you must promise me you would try to cool down.


There is so much negativity around the word lust when people are into it all the time.


It is in moments when you try to be quiet about it that you begin to think of something else.


Distract yourself from other thoughts when you are being filled up with the desire to the brim.


May you always remember that it is but a trap that you must never fall into, be vital for you.


You crave it as your body does, but you must fight against it like your mind tells you to.


It is easier to fight lust rather than be on the face of true love once more.


Please do not fall into that pit, into that trap where they can easily take your soul once you do, boy.


Hastily giving oneself is not the correct answer; the right one will come right along for you.


One day, someone will take you off the path you are in, swing you into his arms, and wait for it.


It would help if you were patient. Not everything should be rushed. You need to learn to listen to the heart.


One of the seven deadly sins that I most likely don’t like is lust, and it truly sucks it does.


Do not wield sex as any consolation because you cannot have the love you want.


True enough, the body is a work of art, but it must be appreciated, not touched if it is not yours.


There are demands that you might not be able to fulfil if you start succumbing to desire.


Lust and a combination with forgetfulness are bound to lead you to the wrong path in this life.


Sure, there is passion in it, but it’s cold and still burning, unlike love’s desire; they differ.


Do not get screwed over, especially when you are not sure they are all but betting against you.


I think it is but another empty experience, going to bed with someone you barely even know.


As empty as it comes along when you try to be with a boy you do not love at all, girl.


And when a thing happens, and you feel like lust is no longer enough, you better act on it fast.


May your first time be filled with passion instead of just desire; may it be romantic enough.


There is so much room for romance when you least expect it to happen, make room for it too.


I believe that you need to make the other person feel important, not lust over.


Lust kicks you in the groin when you least expect it to, and you need to deal with it like that.


When you let your hunger for a body take over you, not many good things will happen, girl.


You need to behave yourself and realize there is so much more than this right now.


Just have faith in what you have, and the rest will come to their rightful place eventually, dear.


There is no better thing to do right now with your lust than to keep doing what you want.


Honey, what you need is to be able to fend yourself off through all the seduction that’ll come.


It can give you a short amount of pleasure now, but in the long run, it’ll fill you up with regret.


Of course, it will be dirty and untamed, and that will make you feel dirty later on too.


I think that instead of letting lust take over her, you must do what you can to keep her.


You keep forgetting that some things in life are just not meant to be taken action upon, boy.


Learn to settle down a bit and enjoy life as it is given everything that follows on it, too.


There is a far more significant reason why you do what you do and desire is genuinely one foe.


Stop letting your lust rule over your head and be okay from now on, okay, believe that.


In the end, the choice is up to you whether or not you will scratch your itch because it wants you to.


If it is nothing but pure pleasure, I think you should forget it and focus on what you love, dear.


Look for the meaning instead, and you will have what it is that you genuinely need in this life now.


But I think it is looking for something to hold a place that wakes you up from that very dream.


When the time comes, you need to believe you have more love than lust to stay just fine.


Do not substitute desire for love because it is nowhere close to the truth; that is the gist of it.


When you least expect it, someone will come and make you realize what love truly is about.


Men want a woman who is good in bed and will fulfil their dirty dreams for them.


May your lust never stop you from finding the person you are truly meant for in this life, girl.


I want to stand on equal grounds, and now what it is that makes your heart flutter, that I do.


When the time comes when we are finally facing to face, I hope we get to be the best we can be.