Top 45 Sisterhood Quotes


There is always a space for a sister inside a person’s heart because a sister is someone who will keep you safe no matter the consequences.
Sisterhood goes way beyond the blood you share, and it is a relationship between women who are willing to do everything for their sisters.
It is a choice to join a sisterhood; it is a commitment to join one and be true to your word on every oath you partake with them.
Here are some quotes about sisterhood that you might relate to.


Sisterhood is a bond you make with the women you want to keep in your life forever, my dear.


A gathering of women is compelling, and it has a lot of things that can be said about it, girl.


If you want to grow up to be a woman of brains, beauty and power, link hands with others.

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Find friends when you least expect to, in the company of the ones you genuinely adore the most.


Have some faith in your friends, for they only want what they think will be best for you.


If you can be the woman who can push others to be a better version of themselves, do so.



Joining a sisterhood is a choice you make. It is not easy, but I swear it is going to be worth it.


The best friend you can ever have is the one who knows everything about you: your sister.


What matters is that you did your best to try and be with your family.


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And one day, you will realize that family is not in the proximity nor blood but the bond.


It is okay to have differences with the women in your sisterhood; it is even healthy.


Keep making bonds with people who matters in your life; it will be helpful later on.


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I hope you get to have people surround you and share tears and laughter with you.


In this life, lucky are those who have had people to support them and guide them through.


Share your life with someone who is more than willing to share their life with you as well.



Strong people are those who try to build up others instead of tearing them down, remember.


You need to have your sisters with you because they will pick you up when you fall.


Sisterhood is a space where you can improve yourself and be a better version; that’s the truth.


Go ahead and have some challenges within each other in your sisterhood; it will be fun.


For now, it is enough to understand that a bond so strong connects each of every woman here.


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You should smile and be happy because there are people who will accept you no matter what.


You will find strength in the beauty that is the bond that you share within the group.


You cannot assume anything but that everything they do is for your best interest; that is it.


The good thing about being in sisterhood is having someone to stay with you for life.


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And I tell you, it is about the moments you will treasure in this life that will truly matter.


It is sacred, be part of the group because you get to share everything with them, believe it.


You have to believe that they are more than capable of withholding their promises.


Sometimes you will find that your sisterhood will matter a lot to you; that is the truth of it.

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I know it is not easy to trust you, but these women are worth it; they will never fail you.


And when you need them the most, call them, and I assure you they will be there for you.


You get lasting friendships once you are a member, even with the unspoken rules about it.


I have the best sense of being in sisterhood, and I like practically every member we ever had.


Have you ever thought about loving someone just because they will be there for you always?


The dreams and the goals that you have dreamt together, you will achieve everything, girls.


Now there is no need to carry the burden alone because you can share it with other people.


There is something about sharing a bond with a girl that makes sisterhood so much fun.


Put all the secrets behind you and welcome yourself in a place where people care a lot too.


You will never be alone; if that is what your fear is, you will be with lots of people.


You do not have to do things by yourself ever again; they will be your support system, girl.


Helping one another is the best part of being in a sisterhood. I have to say that now.


I think women in a sisterhood are the best; they are unique and very well behaved.


It is pretty funny, being able to be with people who matter a lot to you, and exciting as well.


I am not done; I will be with the people who matter the most in this life I have right now, girl.


And when you meet them, you will recognize them even though it will be hard to explain it out.


I know you are going through some tough times right now, but they, too, will pass.


Joining up a sisterhood is genuinely one of the best decisions you can ever decide in your life.


We are in this together, and I swear I will not leave you behind, not now, not ever.


There will always be someone who will be there for you, and I would as much as I can ever be.


Being around these beautiful girls has been the best thing I have ever experienced in this life.


Maybe I should have joined a sisterhood long ago, and it seems so lovely to be part of a family.


Everything is as it seems to me; I love how we are all thinking of one thing, the best of it.


This group of people had saved me from the times when I wanted nothing but to stop living.


They have shown me the true meaning of family, which it seemed I knew nothing about at all.


You have a place in my heart and trust me when I say that you will always have a home there.


Sisterhood means having a bond with all the women around you, with all your sisters for life.


And your battles are mine as well, and it is ours; we will carry your burdens together with you.


It is a dream come true, finding people who keep their promises to you, is that right, dear?


You have to believe that miracles do happen. That is how you will survive the life you live in.


How wonderful a sisterhood can be, with all those women trying to stand beside you for real.


They may annoy the heck out of you at times, but they will always be there to back you up.


There is no need to worry when you are in trouble because they will always be beside you.


Forever seems to be such a long time, but they will prove to you that it can exist in friendship.


It feels so nice to know that you have a sisterhood ready to support you through your choices.


And now that I realized I will always have a home within people, I can live more freely now.


Maybe the truth is that people will hurt me, but I want to believe in them again.


No matter what happens, if I can have people beside me, I gladly accept the pain.


Sisterhood is a place where you will always feel welcome whenever you visit back again.


I want to be someone who will try their best to conquer this world; I want to be that one.


Together, we will embark on a journey where we can all come together and become happy.


All I wish for you, my sis, is that you become the person you have always wanted to be.


For now, I want you to realize that life is tough, but you are more rigid than anyone else.


There is a bond that only those who belong to the same sisterhood will ever understand.


Sis, you can do this; you can become whoever you want, whatever you want to be, whenever.


Listen to me when I tell you to believe in yourself. You have to do that to yourself most.


For now, belief in yourself, believe in what you are capable of doing; that’s about it.


I can only wish that this sisterhood will last for the next generations to see that I do.


Now, all I have ever really wanted was to be with you guys, so please let my wish come true.


No matter how long you last see each other, I’m sure things would be just the same, right?


For now, you should remember to be happy as long as you can; that is the way it has to be.


Sisterhood is a place I can call home; it has shown me light in the darkest days of my life.


What a wonder sisterhood is, knowing you will always have someone beside you all the time.


And all I wanted was to be part of your sisterhood if only you would let me join you up now.


For now, what I want you to understand is that sisterhood is a group of lovely women.


It does not matter how old you are, as long as you have the passion for joining a sisterhood.


I truly believe it now; a sisterhood produces some of the best women of the centuries.


For now, I have faith that this sisterhood will last for a long time; it will not waver or shatter.


I stand by the oath of sisterhood that I have vowed to always be true to now until the day I die.