Better Days Quotes


There are moments when you feel like they are the worst time of your life as if the world gets surrounded by darkness that you never wanted to be in.
There are days like that when you do not want to get out of bed; you do not want to get out of the house when you want to be left alone.
The only hope that you are holding on to is that you know that one of these days, things will be better.
Better days are coming indeed, and once they do, you will realize that everything that happened to you happened due to a reason.
Here are some better days quotes that will help you understand that feeling of believing and hoping for the better tomorrow.


Do not fear, for I can assure you that better days will still come your way; wait for it.


If you stick with the truth now, you will need not repent but enjoy your life later.


Say what you have to say now, and do not keep hoping for what will happen next.

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The thing is that you have the capability within you to make tomorrow a much better one, okay?


You have to believe that you alone can make a change in your life, and then you will.


Better days are yet to come, so just calm down and believe that the sun will shine soon enough.



Let us all make sacrifices for this time so that the children of tomorrow can have a better one.


When you start to change, everything around you begins to change as well; it is the key.


Today can seem so arduous, but it will be okay; it will be just fine; you have to trust me.


It is all about being the best person you can be so that your days will also be your best days.


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What I have been trying to tell you is that better days will come if you stay calm.


You control what happens with your life, so you might as well try and get the most out of it.


Getting better with each passing day should be the goal you have in life, so go ahead do it.


The future is near, so I hope you realize today that you must start the change you want.


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There is no better time to place your hopes and all your dreams but tomorrow, believe it.


If you remain patient, better days will soon grace you with its presence; learn the art of it.


You need to understand that you can become better; it all starts with you too.



I tell you, not every day will be your best day, but there will still be some better days.


If you want to see the most beautiful day of your life, you must endure the worst one.


It is not always filled with butterflies, but it can be filled with your hopes by now.


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Stop putting off the things you can do now and instead start taking on some action.


The only way to change the life you are living is when you start to do something.


Open your mind to the possibility that the better days have yet to come, so just calm down.


You must open your eyes and see the possibilities that you will do by this time.


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There are some things that only your heart can recognize, so go ahead and do what you can.


Tomorrow will be a bright and sunny day, so go ahead and calm down, trust in yourself too.


The greatest blessing that everyone gets is that they wake up to the next day of their lives.


Would you please tell me that you believe me when you say that better days are still coming your way?

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Today may be the worst day of your life, but is it not a blessing that there is a next one too?


When the day is finally over, you close your eyes, and you wake up to a new one indeed.


Never should you give up on the belief that everything will be so much better one day?


Those bad things that are happening to you happen for some reason you will know later.


You should believe me when I say that better days will soon show themselves to you, okay?


Most likely, the bad days that you have had make you realize there are good ones.


Sometimes, you hurt so much that you forget that there are good things in the world as well.


Every day is indeed a good one; there are just some better ones, so keep on trying hard.


Go ahead and buy some flowers and know that there are still going to be alright. Trust Him.


Forget those people who say only bad things about you and focus on yourself by today.


If you stick to what you do best soon, better days will be there, so stop worrying now.


What you will establish now will be there in your tomorrow, so be careful about it.


What you do today will affect your future, so you might want to try your very best.


Each day is different from another; you might want to believe in yourself and do things right.


Some days are good, some are bad, but you have to deal with it and keep alive.


If you sacrifice something now, then the future will undoubtedly be filled up with better days.


Whether today was a good day or a bad one, the point was that you had to keep living it.


Only the people who have seen bad days will know which ones are the better ones indeed now.


Once you see a good day, you will only realize its actual value when you visit a bad one then.


You are not always going to win, but there are days that you would just believe in yourself.


When you start to change yourself, then you are preparing for the better days that will come.


Every person must genuinely get a taste of being defeated at one point, but you can still strive to.


It is not the end; just because you lost does not mean giving up but instead trying again.


If you have done your best today, you need not regret it but keep on trying repeatedly.


When you do your best, you can look at life and not be sad but look forward to things.


It should start from you, learning how to be better so that better days will come too.


Look at life with that optimism you have within you, and you will be fine, I k; I it.


The best preparations you can make for yourself are the ones for your bright future. Do that.


I wish that I could be with you when you face your tomorrow, that will be so great.


I will share my blessings with you; things will be much better by tomorrow, so keep going.


Believe this truth when I tell you; better days will come to you too, be actual patient.


The thing is that you should have faith in your tomorrow because that will bring you better ones.


Yesterday has passed by, so keep looking to the future, not the past that you should forget.


If you start accepting your responsibilities, then you will have better days.


I close my eyes and count to ten and wish that things would be so much better once again.


Believe that today will be the best day of your life, so you might as well think so too.


You should close your eyes and pray to Him, and hope that things will be okay again.


Do not keep waiting for a better tomorrow but instead make a better today; keep loving too.


It would help if you started trying to overcome the temptations in your life and have better days.


If you have no idea where to start, I suggest that you keep enjoying this life too.


You say you were not a quitter, so you should not give up on the life you live now.


You are still alive, and kicking will prove that there is hope for a better day now.


If you were a quitter, then you would have given up, but you are still alive and kicking, too.


It seems so tricky now, but later, you will see that better days will soon come to you.


Do not ever lose your hope and your will to live because tomorrow is going to be better.


The old days will never come back, but you can bring your essence and have some fun too.


I tell you that the good news is that you will be so much okay, you will be just fine.


The most excellent song is still not yet to be sung, but you have to believe that you can do it as well.


If you want better days for tomorrow, you may need some hard-earned sacrifices for this day.


You will be just fine, believe that today will be the best way of your life, do that too.


The very second you start to doubt what you know is the moment you should stop things.


If you try your very best for this day, then the better days will soon come as well now.


Today may not be your best day, but there will undoubtedly be some better days that are yet to come.


Repent your mistakes for today, and you will have better days for tomorrow.