Living in the Moment Quotes


One of the hardest things to do even when everyone else thinks it is easy is living in the moment.
Living in the moment requires a great deal of courage and whatnot to help you do the things you need to do.
If you want to know more about living in the moment, worry not because here are some living in the moment quotes that will inspire you to do just that and to learn more about it at the same time.


Living in the moment may seem the hardest thing to do when you’re thinking about the future.


Launch what you have and grab the opportunities as they knock on your door.


It is time to stop looking back on your past and see them now for precisely what it is.

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What the present is but filled with happiness if you finally will yourself to see it.


You should get more experience if you try and appreciate the things you have right now.


Sometimes, before you think ahead of you, you need to focus on just living in the moment, girl.



I believe you will be surprised at what life can offer you, at the things it can give to you, boy.


May you never let the ghosts of the past try to interfere with the things you have right now.


I have everything that I need, and I want at this very moment. I won’t let it pass me.


We must start living in the moment, take risks when necessary and enjoy our lives.


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Do not let happiness get past you, and instead, start chasing for it; you won’t see it coming.


I think there is freedom and happiness in being able to choose the things that you want to.


And when you are allowed to make choices for yourself, you become a lot happier, baby.


There is such a thing as being prepared, but it is in getting ready now that you best will be.


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Living in the moment can seem like an entire eternity sometimes, but we must look forward.


You are right now, so go ahead and make the most of what you can of it.


Today is where you are; maybe tomorrow you’ll die, so do what you need to do as of now.



When you rejoice because there are things present in your life, you feel beyond happy.


We must all focus on living in the moment and try our best on things.


Stop letting your mind and soul dwell in the past. Your place is in the now, in the present.


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I want you to concentrate on what you are doing now instead of what happens next.


That should be enough if you are happy right now; stop trying to need so much more, my dear.


The real purpose of life is to try to make the most you can get out of it, eventually.


You won’t live another life but this one, so you might as well try living in the moment today.


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We are all bound to die, but if we can live a legacy by doing what we can now, that’s better.


It is okay not to know what the future brings but to have faith you can finish this day.


Every single day that passes you will make you feel something will make you just pretty okay.


Be attentive, living in the moment, and you will realize there is more to things than you see.


Some things never change, but you need to be prepared now if you want to see that change.


The thing is that there is no second take in life, so stop treating as if you can do rehearsals.


What if today is your last? It would help if you remembered to do the things you wanted to do.

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In living in the moment, you learn more about the things that you have right now.


There is no guarantee of what will happen tomorrow. Even in the next second, it’s exciting.


Just like you spend every cent wisely, you might want to spend every moment wisely too.


It would be best if you did right now to think before you ever act upon what you’ll do.


If living in the moment is the best you can do now, you better start and give it your all.


It is the moments we tell ourselves is not essential that matter the most, after all.


I want you to finally be able to let go of the things that are holding you down, like your past.


He’s not there anymore, so you have to realize it’s over and finally start moving on, my girl.


For now, just living in the moment will do, take things one moment at a time, I’m telling you.


You are bound to be surprised living in the moment than living because of the past or the future.


If you keep living for tomorrow, you will resent yourself when that day finally comes, boy.


You need to be perfectly aware of what is happening right at this very moment.


If you can play things right, you will get along just fine and live a comfortable life.


You need to prepare for what is ahead by taking care of the present, of the now, my darling.


Keep living in the moment, and do not let your past try to meddle with what you have now.


Some things are meant just to be left behind like the past, while some stays in the present.


The best thing you can do now is to live your life fully, knowing everything in life.


Every good thing has its downside; you just need to learn to bear with it; that’s it is.


You need to enjoy what you have now and let other things brew and stir themselves, girl.


Baby, living in the moment counts the most to be present in the now.


You can wish for some things in the future you can expect for, you can wait for, that’s just the way it is.


If you can seize every day, you can expect to be surprised and live a happy life.


Think of what you need to do instead of sulking through and through that I can say to you.


You need to do, darling, to try living in the moment and be happy with things.


If you ever need a lending hand, you can tell me, and I will try to set things right, dad.


Some people say that a person of your calibre is bound to be happy, why wait, start now.


It is okay to think people depend on another person, but it doesn’t; it’s in your whole blood.


I think it is one of the greatest gifts to humanity to be living in the moment instead of anything.


We should try to stop getting ready to live our lives and start trying to live them today.


It is undoubtedly up to you how you would want to discover the things that you have right now.


You are so busy trying to make your plan works, but fate decided against this.


Anything else would not matter but what you have right now if you are living in the moment.


Be thankful for what you have right now and try to live a little; that alone is fine enough.


I hope that your present will be filled with nothing but happiness; I sincerely wish it.


There is no magic greater than being able to wake up and then muster up what you’ll do.


If you can be in charge of your own life for a change, that would be a good start, my dear.


If you try to create the best experience of a lifetime for yourself, you’ll be just fine.


You never get over with; it is time to start on it now, finally.


Don’t try to be someone you aren’t, and instead, focus on the ones that make you.


Wherever you may land, know that you can eventually find yourself; you need to believe.


Focus on yourself and keep on living in the moment. That is all you need to do now.


I never thought there would come a time when you needed to do this, but now you might as well do.


If you live now, you need to understand that the world has so many different ideas.


There is so much more about women than men. Never understand more than you can.


The secret is to have a healthy mind and a healthy body to live a long and happy life.


The thing is that someday, you will need to do things your way, so why not start this day?


It is okay to be wise in making decisions but never be afraid to take a risk, is what I tell you.


The best thing about children is that they know precisely; they have many ideas to try.


Some people don’t realize it until it is staring them right in the face, but life is remarkable.


No fool will even dare to live by the past if he wants to come on the next day in a piece.


But baby, what you need to do is to keep on living in the moment, and you will be just fine.


Three are some people in the world who do not know what they have ‘til have had it.


I want to see you and understand that I love you; I hope to see you soon, okay, my dear?


For now, make yourself know that there are better things now than in your damn past.


Maybe you need to have all the funds you can get; believe me, baby, I know it now.