No MakeUp Quotes


Everyone says that a girl who wears no makeup is much prettier.
However, whether with makeup or with no makeup, what matters is the person’s personality.
It does not matter whether or not you wear makeup or prefer the newly fashion statement, the makeup with no makeup look.
As long as you are true to yourself and honest to the people around you, you are in for a treat, and you will see that other people will like you.
Here are some no makeup quotes that will help you to understand just that.


I wish girls would start wearing no makeup and be more comfortable in their skin.


Just be comfortable wearing your clothes and show the world that you know who you are too.


Sometimes, all that you need is your natural beauty along with your charm to be pretty, girl.

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Bring these words with you wherever you may go: you are beautiful through and through, girl.


The person who loves you the most should be yourself and no one else, believe me on this too.


Guys would love to fall for the girls with no makeup and just their natural beauty too.



All cosmetics can do is pretty who you are on the outside, but it is the inside that matters.


You see, you can’t remedy it if you are ugly inside; it will show outside.


You need to understand that makeup isn’t necessary all the time; you can live without it.


The first rule of beauty is to be just who you are and never to pretend otherwise.


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Wherever you go, try to go with no makeup to see the one that likes you.


Stop looking in the mirror to think only of negative things and instead try to believe in yourself.


The lack of confidence in your own makes you look unpretty in the mirror, my baby.


It is happiness that is indeed the one that will make you look better in the end, so be happy too.


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The best type of lipstick you can ever really put on would be a smile; believe me on that now.


Please remember that no makeup would ever cover up your insides if they are hideous now.


Sure, makeup can make you feel powerful, but you have to know you are already powerful.



It is okay, not being made upon the face as long as your mind and heart are.


I wish you would find someone who would love you even when you have no makeup on you.


You may look like a mess, girl, but I will tell you just one thing right now: you are beautiful.


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What you need to work on is not hiding the blemishes but instead going for skincare properly.


Of course, you should polish yourself up, but cosmetics are not always the answer; mark it out.


A beautiful woman has enough life and is full of experience; I believe in that too.


No makeup is the best type of look because it will make you show who you indeed are now too.


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Most of the time, it is enough just to be yourself, show your kindness and let it shine.


You remain the same person you are inside, whether or not you decide to put on something.


I think the most beautiful version of yourself is when you have your face naked; try that out.


The sweetest thing a guy can genuinely say to you would be that you’re beautiful without anything.

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She is wearing no makeup because she knows that she is already pretty on the inside as well.


The best type of cosmetics you can wear is a smile and confidence in who you are now.


Be that person who believes that the beauty that she should be is the natural one.


I look at you, and I see so much potential so go ahead and just be yourself from now on too.


You have something inside you that is dying to be let out; let it go and let it show just as well.


If you stay true to yourself, even with no makeup, you will still look as pretty as you do.


No matter what the world may think of you, the rest would as long as you are confident in yourself.


That means a lot is what is resting inside you; trust me on it, you will be just fine here.


Once you become the person you want to be, you can do anything you want to do then.


If you can just become yourself, then you would be fine; you will indeed survive in this world.


It would help if you had not anything in the world but a smile and a belief that you could do anything now.


If you would remember, no makeup means baring yourself; cosmetics will help you out.


I wish that one day you can look in the mirror with no makeup on and be happy as well.


Being happy would give you a glow that no cosmetics can ever dare even to match, believe it.


Your cheeks turn red when you are angry, and I think that is kind of healthy too on its own.


You get to be in the middle of this life and get to know who you indeed are, meet someone too.


When you find that someone who accepts you for you, I hope you will keep that person.


The truth is that it is not healthy at all; having no makeup is still something to be proud of too.


Girl, even without the hint of anything on your face, I still think you are a beauty; I love you.


I am thankful for those who think I am beautiful, even without a hint of blush or lipstick.


My dear, even when you think you look like a mess, I think you still look your best, believe it.


No one in this world I would rather spend this life with but just you, trust me on it.


Say this new mantra now: no makeup means that you are just being who you indeed are now.


I am still the same person inside, so do not bother trying to please me; I would not care too.


Find that man who will make you feel like a queen when you know you are just one big mess.


Do not let go when you find someone who stares at you like you are the most beautiful one.


You shall find someone who makes you feel you are beautiful, believe in that person as well.


No makeup is not that bad; sometimes, you have to be honest to the world as well, okay?


Just try and be more confident in who you indeed are, and you will survive in the world now.


I think that your smile is your most special weapon in the world, so go ahead and be okay.


The way you look won’t matter much; what matters is that you have a heart of gold too.


Of course, you have been sweating since running, but it is okay; you are still pretty now.


When you wear no makeup, you can go ahead and rub your face, and nothing happens then.


I think that what you need to do now is to try and rediscover who you are, my dear.


You genuinely deserve something better than what you are having, so for now, just keep going.


No matter what you look like right now, believe that I will stay with you as well.


There are countless people out there that are willing to accept you exactly as you are, girl.


I want someone who will never tire of me, who will believe in me and love me for me too.


I sincerely believe that women with no makeup on are as pretty as those who have them complete.


I feel that I look like a rag indeed, but you love me still, so who am I to care how I look like?


You kissed me hard even when mascara was running down on my face; I knew you loved me.


How can you make me feel so wonderful even when I look like a clown with all this sweat?


You make me feel like I am your whole world that I am loved, which makes me sound.


The true beauty is having no makeup and still being confident in yourself; that is the truth.


I think it is but a matter of perspective; you should see it and feel it to believe in it.


There will come a time when you would realize that the ones that love you accept you now.


All I wanted to tell you is that it is enough that you are who you are; I still do love you then.


Having that one person believes in me is genuinely enough; I would not care about anything else.


It is genuinely awkward sometimes when I put something up my face, but I am just fine as well, boy.


You wanted to touch me even when I looked my worst, and I knew then that you loved me.


I was wearing my PJ, and you still looked at me like I was the most beautiful girl in the world.


You were not the least bit ashamed to be with me even when I was at my worst possible state.


I think it must be love that wakes me up, your kiss that makes me realize that I am indeed blessed.


You are my heart; you are the truth; you are the reason my heart is beating fast right now too.


Thank you for telling me I am still pretty with or without anything on this face that I have now.


A girl wants you to tell her that she is beautiful even when she has no makeup on.