Top 43 Upset Quotes


The nature of a person’s heart and mind can sometimes be very chaotic.
These two are often the opposing forces that influence our decisions when falling in love or falling apart.
The heart upsets the mind, and the reason bothers the heart, and I guess that is nature’s way of revealing to us the hidden mysteries and magical wonders created by this silly little thing called love.
So I bring you to a list of quotes that will match the feeling of upset that most of us feel when we are under the magical influence of love.


Don’t you feel upset after I have won another woman’s heart? Well, you should be.


Is your name ‘upset’? Because your face tells me so, and it makes me feel upset as well.


We are often upset with the wrong person, and it just messes it all up.

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You should be upset with that person who keeps on telling you goodbye.


I do not know where it began, me being upset with you, but now I can no longer stop it.


Should I tell you that you upset me even when you are not doing anything at all?


How do I even begin to list all the things you upset me with because there are countless.



I am very sorry, but I cannot help smiling because you are still pretty even if you are upset.


I feel so upset that you were my everything when you did not even know that I existed.


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Are you some electric field? Because you upset the rhythm of my heart.


Let me be extra upset with you tonight, and so you will experience how I am when I am upset.


Maybe I have not been upset with you that you are not scared when I say I am upset.


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You must be some chilli flakes because you are extra hot, especially when you are upset.


My brain was so upset when my heart was caught in your cast magical spell, baby.


You upset something in me that I cannot even comprehend; I think I love you.



You must be so upset today, aren’t you? Because you still do not find yourself lovely as I do.


Would you please stop being so upset about her baby because you rest assured that you are loved?


Are you upset? Well, you should not be because that attitude is not so attractive to me.


There is no such thing as pretty upset because nobody is pretty when they are upset, baby.


When you hit that adorable bikini, you upset something unique and magical in me.


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Your mother must be so upset when you were born because your beauty had beaten hers.


You should not waste your beauty in being upset over something ridiculous. Cheer up, baby.


I want to agitate you like a real shaker, something that you can’t go on without even noticing.


Do you want to stop feeling so dismayed? Look at me, and I will tell you how beautiful you are.


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Upon the sight of your face, I already knew that your favourite colour would always be blue.


You can always look up whenever you feel so down and rejoice that you are still alive.


My ego felt so distressed when I stumbled upon the crossroads of our hearts, and so it does.


I bet you were created like a mosquito because you sound so annoying, and I’m not too fond of it.

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I only want one person to annoy me for the rest of my life, and that is you, my dearest kiddo.


Did you feel the pain when you fell from heaven for me because I think so?


I think your voice sounds like that of a snake because it rattles my fragile heart.


I can sail through the turbulence of your emotions because I know that there is a calm centre.


You must be some phobia because your presence is so terrifying.


Are you some ancient relic? Because you look so petrified.


Want to go on a frightening adventure? Marry me.


I find it so strange when I was not even hurt when I fell in love with you.


My brain was a little shaken up when I realized that you had conquered me with that beautiful smile.


I want to be your blue in this world full of a different hue.


How do you manage to keep me so in love and so agitated at the same time?


Your love works wonders like that of a magnet because you keep my mind upside-down.


Your presence is like a recitation session because your beauty rattles the hell out of me.


Your beauty is like poison because it makes me so sick, yet I still like you all the same.


How can one so beautiful make someone else feel so antsy just by being around?


You can never be mad at people that don’t matter since you should not even care about them.


It is so hard to be annoyed and annoying at the same time. Do you not think the same way?


By the moment you look me in the eye, something in me was disturbed, and I do not know.


Your beauty psyched out my dead soul, and I can no longer wish for anything more than you.


It would help if you were a factory overrun because you are still OK even with the slightest damage.


I was petrified when I learned that you are coming too soon in my life, my dearest friend.


Your anger must be a ghastly figure because it spooked the hell out of me that it did.


Personally, talking to you scares me to death so that I will seduce you with my wit.


I thought death was the most disturbing thing of all until I learned how to love.


I would not dare to take the damage unless you are also willing to risk things for me.


Let us gamble in the game of love and get the hype and craze that is always meant for us.


If my absence does not terrify you, I don’t know what else is the truth.


You must be a ghost because your mere presence bothers me a lot, but still, I love you so.


I can bear the feeling of being constantly annoyed as long as you are the one doing it.


Without your love, there will be an unbearable pain of my existence and my presence.


You are full of surprises because you shocked me when you left me all lonely.


You are like a high voltage current because you never fail to shock the hell out of me.


Did you just air bend on me? Because your looks are so hyperventilating.


You are like a gore movie — sometimes disturbing but always thrilling.


I am still in awe of your looks and your love because they are both amazingly blinding.


I bet you gamble a lot because you put me in a state of freight when you played with my heart.


My heart has not yet recovered from the damages it gained when you broke my heart.


Why does your love cost so much trouble in my heart when you cannot even return my love?


I can’t find the exact words to tell you how afflicted I was when I fell in love with you.


Can you help me describe the feeling I am on? Because it’s like joy and distress at the same time.


Your humour never fails to sway me every time, and I kept being swayed by you so much.


Do you know what your most outstanding talent is? You can impress and annoy me, my darling.


I would instead be pissed off every day of my life than not have you by my side.


I will piss you off so that I’ll have more reasons to have you hit me on.


The goddesses must have been so offended by your beauty and grace.


You know what, we’re like the action movie, I am fast, and you are always furious.


It would help if you were from the fire nation because you are always acting outraged.


I can no longer handle your rage because, baby, you are too hot that you are.


The angels must have been so offended when you were brought into this world.


You must be some form of allergy because you irritate the hell out of me.


Why does my heart feel so angry when I am in love with you with all that I am?


Your humour is very nonsensical, but I still find it outrageous and hot.


I feel so sick whenever I am not with you. I wonder if you also think that way as I do.


Does thinking about losing me terrify you? Because I hope that it does.


Can you be upset to kill someone, even those that are important to you? What do you think?


You are like a herbal medicine — good but always bitter and somehow exciting as well.


Composing the right words to tell you can sometimes be so exasperating.


I am so torn and confused about whether to let you in or let you go, so just maybe let me know?


I never thought that I could handle so much of your hotness and rage, baby.


There are some things you think you can do until you no longer feel the right way.


I wish I could tell you that you are so annoying, but I love you too much to do that thing.


I am honestly not sure what to do with you, but I will do what I can, my dear.


I love the way you look when you are outraged because you are killing it, baby.


I think we are a match because I am so unbelievably cool, and you are undeniably hot.


You never fail to annoy me, but you also never fail to interest me simultaneously.


How is it even possible to adore and disgust someone at the same time?