30+ Cute Sayings About Love

If there is one thing that everybody will agree upon, love is tough to channel into words. There are millions of dishes to choose from; mixing and matching the phrase is neither a piece of cake nor a walk in the park. With this in mind, we have compiled and listed collective sayings about love that will surely help you express your love through words. No more unexpressed feelings if you use some or all our expressions here. Have a lovely time browsing, and please feel free to share the love.

I was only able to understand because I was able to feel the essence of love.

The moment I felt the love, I was suddenly able to understand everything, even the most complicated ones.

Yes, it is possible to love the person even if you have not seen his face yet.

You should love yourself first before you can love another person.


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I am my soul self whenever I am with you, my love.

All are vulnerable to pain and heartaches of love; no one is exempted.

Love is indeed a beautiful and blissful feeling, but it also can be hazardous.

It is hard to bear a minute not being in your company; how much more if I will be apart with you for years?

I did not see this loving forth, but I just felt it, felt in my heart and soul.

Love is indeed generous, but it can also be tightfisted at times.

What makes me love you, darling, is the fact that you are not perfect.

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You can only make yourself happy and contented once you do the same thing to other people.

The heart will eventually get the things it always wanted, maybe not today but someday.

Inspirational Quotes About Love

Love welcomes everyone at its table regardless of a person’s ability or disability.

I know deep in my heart that I will love you more when tomorrow comes.

I do not want to live a single day without you by my side; I can’t bear it because I never will.

If you love someone because they are perfect, you do not love. You are just infatuated.

Long-life does not matter if I do not get to spend it with you, my love.

All love begins in friendship, but it does not mean that they will all end in it.

You are like my walking dairy, for you know almost anything about me.

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Love is my teacher, for it had taught me that some people would make you happy one day then make you weep the other day.

I am just a woman wishing to find my own man.

I loved you before. I still love you now. I will still love you tomorrow and all the days that are coming.

I have chosen you before. I still decided on you now. I will still choose you tomorrow and all the days that are about to come.

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Unhappy and failed marriages do not lack love; it lacks friendship, or the company was not maintained.

Unique Sayings about life and love

Love is crazy. It is also mad and foolish. But love makes us happy and complete.

I realized that I could not move on with my life without you the moment I thought I would lose you.

Love has the magic to make everyone and everybody a poet.


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I never thought that I was going to love you this much as I do right now.

The pain of love lasts longer than the happiness that it brought.

Your love for me provided me with the strength that I seriously needed. My love for you gives me the courage to pursue what I have to do.

How does love work? No one knows because it remains a mystery.

Love is a lot more like a battle. It begins so swiftly, but it isn’t easy to put an end to it.

The thought of you is like coffee in my veins; it keeps me awake.

Dreaming about you takes me to a place I do not want to part with.

We are molded and fashioned by the people whom we love.

Yes, love is wild and crazy. But it is the wildness and craziness that make things exciting and authentic.

Love is indeed magical and miraculous at the same time.

You enchanted my heart, my mind, and my soul into its deepest core.

Love has the power that can’t be wielded or controlled by anyone or everyone. Those people who dare end up hurting themselves pretty bad.

Love is a force and a power that cannot be tamed and restrained.

It can make you lose your way, but it will also help you find your way. It is called love.

A minute of love will take. How many years to forget that minute.

It gives us burden and pain, but it is also the one that lifts everything up and away. Its name is love.

I want to reset the time so that I will find you sooner and love you for a longer time.

Love can be both selfish and selfless at the exact moment.

Selfish and selfless-these are the two main characteristics of that thing called love.

Love is important not because we want it but because we need it most, especially at some point in our lives.

Most of the time, it is the little things that give out big love.

I love you to the point where the words I use in my sentences are already stealing other words’ meanings. Like when I say takes care, sweetie, I mean I can’t bear to lose you.

When I tell you not to be late, I want to say that I can’t wait to see you, babe.

Hate is not the opposite of love, but it is the absence of understanding.

If you love a person because of all the material things he possesses, well, it is not love. It is greed.

Love is worth every risk. It is the most rewarding thing in the whole wide world.

It is much better to experience how to love than to have nothing at all.

I love you more than all the trials and challenges that will come our way.

I love you more than the awful days ahead of us, and I mean it.

If I lose myself in loving you, please do tell me because I know that if I lose myself, I will also lose you.

People say that all we need is love, but all I need is pizza in my case.

Life exists where love exists.

Do not expect to receive twice the amount of love you give because sometimes there are no returns.

Love sometimes can make our brain’s processing action slow and delayed.

Love brings two lovers to a dimension only both of them can exist.

A loving heart is the greatest treasure one can possess for a lifetime.

If there is no love, then there is no life at all.

There is no accident in love because everything is meant to happen in the first place.

When you are in love, all doors seem to be wide open, no need to knock or force your way in.

It takes two persons to dance the tango, likewise in love.

The heart’s kindness and love are more swayings than brute force.

In old times, love could be the fruit of forced and arranged marriages.

Love can’t be called if it is shared with others or given away.

If you love me, please make sure that you also know how to love your dog.

Love, no matter how difficult things are, will always find its way.

Not all people who make love will also make marriages.

If you marry a person because of love, expect some bad days to come, but the rest will all be goodnights.

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Parting is comparable to torture for all the lovers.

Love is one of the many things that money can’t put value into.

When you find love, do not expect it to last long because it is love that is meant to see you, not the other way around.

The heart can see things that the eyes can’t and refuse to see.

To love is to put your happiness aside and prioritize others first.

Love makes human lives a magical one.

Love is when a single soul resides in two humanly bodies.

This thing can transform people in a moment and give bliss to any existing item. It is called love.

It is much better to feel love than to see it. Because love is meant to be felt and not be seen.

When love seems to be having a hard time finding you, then initiate to give love.

Love is like a blank canvass; it is pure and simple. It is up to us to make it colorful and give it texture.

Love is like colored textile, which does not fade, no matter how bleached it is.

One added with one will result in everything, but one minus one will result in nothing. That is the arithmetic and numbers of love.

Love is a genius and designer, and beautifier.

When there is something simultaneously attacking your mind, heart, and all of your senses, you need not see the doctor because it is the thing called love.

Love is to love someone despite their flaws that you can see and the flaws that they will have while they are with you.

It is love that makes living things more alive and full of colors.

The epitome of happiness is to experience how to love people and be loved back by the people.

It is not the absences that will make the heart grow fonder, but the longing for each other makes the heart fonder.

The purest essence of love is not something that you can be subject to change.

Love reflects what kind of heart a person has.