The 100 Butterfly Quotes


A butterfly is such a magnificent creature for it beholds a beauty incomparable to others. It is not only just a mere creature of beauty but it also symbolizes hope and a reminder that each struggle has a lovely ending. Here is our list of one of kind quotes which is inspired by the butterfly itself. Be mesmerized as you read through the list and do not forget to share this charming list.


Top 75 Blessed Quotes


This morning, you woke up and you saw the sun rise, and is that not enough to feel blessed? We should be thankful for every breath that we take, for every food that we eat and for everything that happens to us because the one above made it possible. So here are some quotes about feeling blessed and thankful for it.


75+ Quotes about Forgiveness


What is forgiveness? We use this term almost every day, and it is applicable for almost every situation. Is forgiveness just simply saying the words ‘I am sorry’? I don’t think so. Forgiveness goes much deeper than just those three words. It means to completely forget what wrong has ever been done to you by someone. Written down below are some forgiveness quotes which hopefully would give us a much better understanding of the true sense of the word.


80+ Drama Quotes


Life is full of ups and downs, like a big roller coaster ride that we are all riding in. We are all unsure of what the future holds us and drama is the perfect way to express life. So here are some drama quotes that you might be able to relate to and share with your friends and loved ones.


70+ Divorce quotes


Some people just aren’t meant for each other, some just not fitted together, but mostly just get apart due to circumstances. Due to this, couples opt for a divorce, a legal way of separation. During times like this, you might want to tell someone an advice about it or maybe find something relatable to: here are some quotes that might help you with that.


40+ Sympathy Quotes


There will be times when you want to tell someone you care about them, that you can sympathize with what they are going through. During these moments, if you cannot think of what the right thing to say is, these quotes will help you.


60 True Romance Quotes


A romantic quote can make a huge difference and create a good impact to your special someone’s day. Nothing can make them any happier than receiving a beautiful and romantic quote from you. Here is our list of meticulously handpicked romance quotes just for you and your special someone. Feel the love as you read through our list and please feel free to share. …More

75 Dance Quotes and Sayings


Dancing is ephemeral, something that lasts, that can be taught to other people that can be shared. This is why dancing is such an important thing to culture. There are so many ways you can tell the world about dancing and make them like it as well. Here are some quotes that might help you do that.


Top 100 Sarcastic Quotes


There are moments when you just have to say things in a sarcastic way to emphasize your point or to not hurt ignorant people when you are just so annoyed and want to speak your mind. Sometimes, you do it just to annoy other people or tease them or just express yourself at that moment. But there are some sarcastic remarks that are hard to think of so for those times that you want to say something in a sarcastic way but cannot find the right way to do so, here are some sarcastic quotes that might be useful to you.


40+ Romantic Love Quotes


Most men struggle how to express their feelings verbally most especially when it comes to the special women of their lives. It is great task to put the right words together without making things more confusing, thus making it more difficult to do it. If you have been redirected here to our amazing website, consider yourself lucky because we have just the right and perfect compilation of romantic love quotes that you can use to express your feelings to your special woman. Have fun reading through the list and of course please don’t forget to share this gem. …More

Love Quotes From The Heart


Sometimes, you find the person who will truly love you and accept you for who you are. When you find that special someone, you want to be able to tell him how grateful you are and how much you truly feel about them. But there are moments when the words seem to be gone, like you cannot even say a bit of how you truly feel. During those moments, these quotes will truly come in handy. These words will say the things you want to say to him, straight from your heart. …More

75 I Love Him Quotes


These days, women can freely and passionately express their feelings to their special men compared to several decades ago. There are so many avenues that can be used to express one’s love, most especially with the advancement in modern technology today. One can simply send a sweet SMS, loving email or quotes or even post in social media; with this in mind, we have an awesome compilation of sweet and loving quotes that will definitely bring delight to your special man. Check out our list and feel free to use and share it! …More

40+ I Love You So Much Quotes


Sometimes, there are things you want to express to the people you love, there are emotions you feel that you want them to feel as well. There is this wanting to connect to their heart and to show them that you love them. But there are times when you do not know just how to say that you love them, that you love him or her, and that is where these I love you so much quotes comes in. These quotes will help you to tell the person you love just how much you treasure him or her and just how much you feel whenever you are with that person: …More

70 Attractive Quotes – Law of Attraction Quotes


There are times in life when you feel so insecure about yourself even if you are truly beautiful. You need to remember that being beautiful is not just about your appearance but also your personality. When you let the real you shine, you become more beautiful but when you get afraid to show the world who you are, your light dims and everything seems a whole less beautiful. Here are some quotes that will keep on telling you how beautiful you are and tell you that you only need to be yourself and no one else to be the most beautiful person you can become.


40+ Smart Status


Smart is the new cool. Being smart not only means that witty, it also means that you have the ability to go with your guts alongside using your knowledge to guide you through tricky situations. Here are quotes which you can use in your social media as a status to keep your cool shining:


35+ Cool Status


Cool has a different definition to different people. For some, it could be being updated with the latest tends whether with fashion or technology, while for some it could be being comfortable in your own skin no matter what other people thinks of you. Here are cool statuses you can post on your social media:


105 Happy Quotes


Wondering how to wish someone with some happy quote to make their day? It is not always about your presence or some cute gifts; even few special loving words will make a lot of difference. Don’t be hesitant to share your message due to lack of words. Make use of these quotes to share happiness and love! You can personalize these quotes with few memorable messages, pictures, video clips and more.


45+ Marriage Status


Marriage is more sacred unlike any other commitment that a person will have, it takes a real man and a patient woman to make the marriage work and last. A successful marriage is not guaranteed by how grand and splendid your wedding was, rather a well balanced combination of love, trust, respect and loyalty is the key and of course it is the husband’s and wife’s choices as well . Marriage is a lovely and wonderful journey for both people who are in love and who chose to be together. Our collection of marriage status will truly bring and add an extra sunshine to all the married couples out there, even to those who are still planning or about to get married. …More

70+ Happiness Quotes


There are moments when you want to capture the feeling you have because it is pure happiness and you are in this awesome state of bliss. When this thing happens, you want to write it down so you can look back on it a couple of decades from that very moment. Unfortunately, not all people are gifted with writing. You need not worry because these quotes on happiness will help you to express yourself better so that you will be able to tell the world your story and make it last, forever.


35+ Sad Thoughts


Love is special, happy and inevitable. But just as much as it is associated with the positive things, love is stained with sadness when heartbreak occurs. Here are some of the excerpts people can relate to when heartbroken and sad: