Crush Memes

Everyone has a crush or two, the one person who makes you lose your breath, the one who makes your heart flutter, increases your heart beat and brings butterflies inside your stomach. A crush makes you blush whenever he or she is near and a whole lot more. Only a friend would easily figure out who your crush is and why you are having a crush on that person remains a mystery. However, should you be able to figure it out, you are going to have a good time. When you are with your crush and you find yourself in the middle of it all, maybe you might as well just say it to him or to her. And what better way to do just that but to send him or her a crush meme? Here are some crush memes that you can use in order to confess to her and see if he or she likes you back as well.


Hey Girl Memes

You might as well call your favorite sister or maybe your favorite girl friend, there are a lot of reasons to call a girl. To confide in her, to tell her your secrets or maybe just to be happy for her. You can call a girl for a lot of reasons but make sure you address her properly. After all, a girl is a very delicate creature, but never a fragile one. She is strong and she knows how to handle herself. She has been through a lot and she is going to go through a lot more but she will try her very best in order to set things in order, in order to set things right to the place where they should be. Here are some hey girl memes to call out on your special girl and tell her that you want her attention right on you right now.


Heavy Breathing Memes

After a good run, you are going to have to catch your breathe and then count to ten and tell yourself everything is going to be alright. Sometimes life fucks up with you in the time you least expect it to so you should always be prepared. Well, there are different reasons why you should be breathing heavily, may it be exercise or other things but the bottom lines is that if you are used to it, your lungs will sooner adjust as well. When you are tired of everything and the conversation seems to be just dragging on and on and on, here are some heavy breathing memes that will help you to figure out what it is that matters the most in your life and how it will help you to express just how you do not want any more of the conversation you are having so try them out.


Suspicious Memes

There will be people who will follow you around, some stalker that has yet to be found. Or there are some hookers that are willing to lure you around and then leave you at your peak. There are those who will look at you with malicious eyes, as if telling you that you need to be careful of what you do. Well, with that said, it is hard to trust anybody, especially to those people who are watching you when you are not looking. You have to be more wary of your surroundings and you should always take care of yourself. Now, here are some suspicious memes to show to people that they need to take better care of what they have and to be careful especially of girls that go home at night. They might be able to help out those that have anxiety and are too afraid to say one that.


Forever Alone Memes

It is okay to be alone, there is a time when you need to realize that some people are just not meant for the life together with someone and you can be one of those people. You have to realize that you are not always going to be with someone and that is totally okay. Who cares if you do not have a family, you have other things with you, books, anime and all that other things that you might like, hobbies that you can be married to. You need not a guy or a girl in your life, you can handle things all by yourself and that can be the truth of it. So let the world know that you are more than happy and comfortable on being alone. Here are some forever alone meme that might help you out to express yourself more in order to let people know.


Crazy Girlfriend Memes

So, you have a girlfriend, you have someone who is willing to be with you even through all the possible moments in your life, the good and the bad. You have someone you can hold hands with when you feel alone, when you think that you have no one else but yourself or when you are feeling a bit blue about something else. There is something about having a girlfriend that is soothing. Now, having a crazy girlfriend is something else and you have to be careful with that. You have to take into consideration her feelings all the time in the hopes that you might actually find something that matters. Here are some crazy girlfriend memes that will hopefully not piss off your girlfriend but will actually make her love you even more because you tend to appreciate her a lot because that is what good boyfriends do, love and care.


Wedding Sayings

A wedding is one of the most important day of the lives of the groom and the bride. This is the start of the happy ever after. When you attend a wedding, you want to be able to say something to the people who will be involved in the wedding. Or if you are the one having the wedding, you have to be prepared on what to say. Here are some wedding sayings you may wish to include in your speech or message to the bride, the groom or to your guests.


Sad Relationship Quotes

When you are in a sad relationship, you cannot help but wonder what you are doing wrong. You do not want a sad relationship, what you want is a happy one because that is the one that will be healthy for you. There is a lot of joy in being with someone you care about and think about. Here are some quotes about a sad relationship that might help you relate and feel good about you.


Rest in Peace

Sometimes, the people we love passes away way too early. And all we want them is to rest in peace, to have that sense of peace that we know they deserve. For those people, who had someone they love pass away, do not worry, here are some rest in peace quotes that will help you to express your feelings for them. Rest in peace quotes will help in making you feel better.


Pisces Quotes

Being a Pisces is a good thing, there are a certain sets of personality traits that are associated with it. Now, that you know you are a Pisces, you should read more about it and how you are going to deal with it. If you are a Pisces or you have a friend who is a Pisces, you might want to find some things you can say to him or her. Here are some Pisces quotes that you can opt to tell him or her or may want to suggest to your friend.


Little Boy Quotes

Your little boy is growing up, slowly but surely, he is turning into a fine young boy. It was as if yesterday when you were still running around your garden, trying to catch your little boy. It was such a joy watching your little boy grow up. Now, here are some quotes about a little boy that you might be able to relate to. Enjoy them and find a way to make yourself feel better about it.


Firefighter Quotes

A firefighter is someone who has dedicated his life to save people from fire and prevent it from spreading. It is his duty to always serve the people affected with hire above all else. A firefighter must be loyal. He must be someone who people can respect and be proud of. There is a certain standard that a firefighter aspirant would go through, several training and conferences that is bound to boost your knowledge about the topics themselves. Here are some quotes about a firefighter that it would be better.


End of Relationship Quotes

It is not always a nice moment, that end of relationship feeling. Sometimes, you reach end of relationship in the most unexpected ways. It is sad, it can be a bit disorienting as well. Sometimes, end of relationship just feels so surprising and so painful as well. If you are going through a breakup, here are some end of relationship quotes that might help you get better.


Cuddle Quotes

With the person you love, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world, to be able to cuddle. When you cuddle, you feel so close to that person, you can easily fall asleep as you lay your head on his or her chest and listen. When you cuddle, it just brings you to another level of closeness. There are so many reasons to cuddle, so many ways in which you can do so as well. Here are some quotes on why you should cuddle, about being in a cuddle that you might like.


Pissed Off Memes

True enough, there will be times when you will feel left out, when you will feel annoyed, mildly irritated or maybe when you will feel really angry. Sometimes, you just have to tell yourself that it is going to be alright, that sometimes, it is okay to be mad because you cannot keep it all bottled up inside you so you might as well find a way to release your anger. With that in mind you also have to tell yourself that sometimes, it is for the best that you vent out all that strong feelings within you. On the other hand you can also express it to the one you are talking to through chat or text using some memes. Now here are some pissed off meme that you can use when you just want to shut the whole world down into pieces and feed it to the dogs at that.


Say No More Memes

When words fail, there is nothing more that you can do but to show through your actions how much you truly love the other person you have, your significant other, your spouse, your loved one, Mister or Miss right, or whoever it is that you would love to hold hands with when everything else seems to fade away. Now, you do not really need to say a lot of things to understand that you are in love and you are being loved back by the other person, for there are so many ways in which you can show that love. Now, here are some say no more memes so that you can show to your friends that they need not say any opinion of the one you love because only you can feel it, the love that is being given to you as much as you are giving it as well.


Love of my Life Memes

There is nothing wrong with loving someone to the point that you find it hard to live without him. There is nothing wrong with giving a hundred percent of what you have in loving a person because after all, what is the point of loving if you are not going to give it your all? Well, the point is there is nothing wrong with falling in love especially when you feel that you are being loved back. For the times when you think that being in love is the best thing that happened to you, you must say it to the person that you love. Here are some love of my life memes that will help you to do just that: to express your love and show the world that love can still beat the odds that fate will throw at you anytime that it wants to have a match with you.


Memes for Her

There are a lot of memes in the world and the truth is that each one of them means something to someone and at the same time a meme that might mean something to you in particular may mean something else to the other person. It is through memes that you can see that there is so much more going on that you can use written language for. The best thing about memes is that they have these ‘expression’ that you can entitle to each of them. Now, for the girl of your dreams, you might as well have these certain types of memes that you can use. You should try out these memes for her that you can use when you do not have anything else to say and you just want to live out the life you want and still impress her all the same and show her that you do care.


Laughing Memes

There is nothing wrong with being happy as much as there is nothing wrong with laughing and just having fun. There is only so much a person can do and laughing is one of the best possible solutions that you can try out in order to be happy. Sometimes, when you fake laughter, it actually becomes a real one. It is really hard to fake one but you need to try it out sometimes just to help you to breathe especially when life gets too stressful for you. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things you can do with laughing. There are so many expressions you can make with a laughter. Now, here are some laughing memes that you can use out in order to show just how much you like a good laugh or to just tell your friend that you are so happy to the point of laughter.


Cowboy quotes

Being a cowboy is one thing, being attracted to a cowboy is another. Whatever it is you are feeling, whether you are a cowboy or you have taken a liking to a cowboy, I hope that you know who he is and what you want to do with him. If not, get to know more about a cowboy or what to say to a cowboy with these cowboy quotes that will surely help you out to express yourself better so that you would not stutter around. After all, confidence has always been the key to all things.